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4Channer: We need a Manhattan Project for big dicks

Everyone loves a massive hog

The world has had enough of small penises. We need our top scientists to get to work on the problem immediately so that in the future every dick-bearing human will have a massive whanger.

Or so says this 4Channer:

Don’t listen to the naysayers like that dude at the end there. We desperately need a new Manhattan Project to make future dicks huge. Though preferably not explosive or radioactive. Unless you’re into that sort of thing.

H/T — I found this screencap on Reddit but can’t remember where.

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7 months ago

though, I have yet met a woman, who was not pleasantly surprised by the sizable bulge, when actually dating. some even look in public while on the metro.
I am sure, that let’s say, a moderate nudge from 12cmeters to 18cmeters and similar moderate nudges in widths would be quite welcomed among the majority of women.
it might even make men sexier when the majority would no longer have any anxiety.

It is like with butts and breasts with women. sure, some men may _ONLY_ prefer totally flat butts, but they are the very extreme minority. and it is not just fair to not do something, because of the vocal extreme minority.

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