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The Daily Stormer rejoices in the death of a Chicago cop, because she was a woman

Ella French, killed in the line of duty

It’s always a struggle, in the head of the Daily Stormer’s top Nazi Andrew Anglin, to decide whom he hates the most — the traditional Nazi favorites (Jews, people of color) or women of any race.

Today, women collectively won this appalling contest, as Anglin went all in on attacking Ella French, a Chicago police officer killed in a gunfight on Saturday night.

“HAHAHAHAHA!” Anglin began.


Reports are that Officer Ella French is “not looking so smug” now that she’s had her top popped off by a roving negro youth.

Anglin is generally not a big fan of cops.

When it comes to police vs. negroes, I support endless conflict.

The more these two groups, both enemies of the White Christian people who remain unvaxxed, fight with each other, the less time they have to oppress me and my people with their equally brutal means.

A raving misogynist on a good day, Anglin hates female cops more than just about anything, and he blames French for her own death, declaring that

I cannot imagine any situation where responsibility for the death did not fall squarely on the female cop. It is the job of a cop to understand the base animal nature of the negro … .

So why does Anglin hate female cops so intensely? Just as the Tokyo train assailant I wrote about on Saturday targeted women he thought looked too “happy,” Anglin is angry at female cops for being so (allegedly) smug. I guess he just cant stand any woman with any authority over him.

A female cop, however, is so high on her own sense of power and entitlement that she is incapable of respecting the pure and unadulterated savagery that the young negro male represents. She believes that by sheer force of her entitled sense of superiority, she can subdue the negro youth not with stern threats of immediate violent recourse against him, but with irate threats of unspecific sanction.

At this point we have zero knowledge of what actually went on during the Saturday night shootout, but that doesn’t stop Anglin from making up his own story, in which French’s ignorance of “the animal nature of the negro” led her to underestimate the danger she was in.

Any cop that would use anything other than the immediate threat of instantaneous overwhelming violence as a means to control a negro in the throes of a bubbling primitive rage deserves nothing less than the barbarous demise they’ve called upon themselves.

And so he concludes that

A female cop is truly the worst creature on the earth. Much worse than a male or even a female negro.

He then makes this remarkable claim:

A male negro is hit or miss, if he’s alone. I’m just as likely to have a laugh with one about “foreigners” or “bitches” as I am to become locked into an atavistic confrontation.

To this I can only say:

In short, Andrew Anglin is simply the worst, as usual.

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18 replies on “The Daily Stormer rejoices in the death of a Chicago cop, because she was a woman”

Guess not-so-dandy Andy is even more cowardly than I thought. He keeps using that euphemism, when he’s perfectly capable of saying the n-word he really, REALLY wants to say.

(Need I say I have no confidence that he’d last very long in any actual confrontations with any actual people?)

Does anybody know why racists so often refer to groups of people in the singular? “The negro”, “The Jew”

At a guess, it’s a way of saying that they’re all the same as each other, as opposed to real people like him who have individual thoughts.

@danielregal: They all look alike to him.

As opposed to his kind of people, who have a majestic range of skin tones from white to off-white to ecru.

Every time I hear Andrew Anglin’s name mentioned, I have to restrain myself from yelling every one of the seven words on George Carlin’s famous list(along with two or three Carlin overlooked).


Because to the hardcore racist, and especially to those of Mr. Anglin’s persuasion, all “negroes”, or “Jews”, or whatever they have targeted this week are alike. All of them. No exceptions possible. It’s far easier to deal in solid blocs than individuals.

True, almost everyone has this failing to some extent, but the farthest Right tends to take it to an absolute rarely seen outside of, well, the farthest Left. (I’m not happy with either, mind you.)

Okay. Anglin hates cops.
And women,
And Blacks.
And Black Women.

I bet if he ever allows himself to consider Black Women who are police, he’ll explode.

Despite being a vile and sincere racist, I think Andy has locked himself into a Baddest Boy on the Internet role that is largely a performance. And I comforted that he is obviously so very, very miserable in it.

What a carrion feeder. And unlike actual vultur, he don’t serve any useful purpose ; if anything because of him there’s more rot out there.

Trying – If I knew where to send them, I would gladly donate my childhood Lego hoard to this worthy cause. They got a lot of wear and tear and don’t stay together very well anymore, anyway.


It smacks, to me, of adopting the trappings/cadences of the clinician—it’s a pose to dehumanize and distance themselves from the target of their hatred.

Lots of these dudes hate cops because they actually take them to jail for domestic violence, spousal r pe and other things they don’t believe should be crimes.

The first rule of atavistic confrontation club is: you do not talk about atavistic confrontation club.

In line with and in addition to all the excellent replies to your question I’ll add:

It’s because to him only one of each exists, and that only in his mind. The Jew, The N*gg*r, The Woman all live in his head and mock him and cower from him and perform all the rest of the actions and reactions he craves and fears. Their existence as living, breathing, people is not unknown to him, but is not the most relevant think about them to him _at_all_.

Its always “Back the blue unless they arnt a white dude or happen to be arresting one of us for crimes instead of arresting black people for having a miligram of weed”

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