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12 MORE reasons the MGTOW subreddit deserved to be banned. And some of these are worse than the first 12.

As you may have heard, Reddit recently took down the MGTOW and MGTOW2 subreddits for promoting hate.

This post, and my post yesterday, offer some examples of this hate, in case any irritating internet babies try to tell you that the MGTOW subreddits were just safe spaces for men to discuss their independent lifestyle, share recipes, and so forth.

These two posts are, I should note, merely the tiniest top of the iceberg when it comes to MGTOWs and their assorted hatreds. I’ve written roughly 650 posts in all about MGTOWs over the past ten years, and have only quoted from 24 of them in these posts.

Here are some of the topics you could have found being discussed in the MGTOW subreddit when it was still a going concern.

Equality between men and women, which for some reason involves women being bashed in the face with a lead pipe.

This lovely fellow has a number of other, well, interesting opinions about women and men.

You may have noticed that all of these comments, including the genocidal one, got multiple upvotes from other MGTOW subreddit users.

Why hating women is good for you.

Ever since embracing misogyny my life has become something I can be proud of. My career has taken off, I’m in great shape, my finances are solid, I’m more well rested, better fed, my sexual gratification became better*, I’m more focused, happier, and more philosophically grounded in reality. …

[H]ating women … is the best thing to have happened to me because, I think, that women are a disappointment regarding virtues. …

Hating women has made me a stronger person… because, let’s face it – there’s a lot to hate, and women make you weak. …

The freedom and strength is too great of a reward not to raise a middle finger toward those cucks and tell their whores to fuck off.

My life is too great to give up. And hate (toward such an ugly thing as woman/white-knights) can be the most healthy response a man can have.

This post got 94 upvotes.

Rape is just using a vagina for its intended purpose:

Well considering rape is just using a vagina for its intended purpose, what’s the big deal? It’s not like women care about virginity, so that’s not an issue right?

This is why you really can’t believe women talking about rape. It’s like an Uber driver complaining they didn’t get a good enough tip.

Women are a virus:

If cats and dogs don’t deserve the vote, then neither do women.

Forget the dog and cat thing. Women shouldn’t vote because they’re too sympathetic to non-white refugees.

Giving the right to vote to women was the single worst catastrophe in history.

Look at Sweden, the “world’s first feminist government” … aggressively ignoring the floods of feral rapists they brought in because no woman in power will ever admit she is wrong somewhere.

Despite all the alleged oppression they allegedly face, MGTOWs are psyched about being white:

I’m feeling absolutely great about being white. My ancestors were kicking ass all over the globe. Only thing I feel bad is that they left too many of those other people alive. Now we have to hear that screeching until we dust off the old trusty battle axe and wield it once again

If semen is deposited in a woman’s mouth or vagina or anywhere else on or in her, it stays there forever.

Usually my first thought when talking with any potential partner is ‘whose cum residue is on her teeth?’

30 year-old women are exactly the same as 16 year-old girls, except for being worse:

Seriously, all I see nowadays is men being called predators for dating legal 18 year old girls. …

Women, simps, and the new generation practically bombard any post about a legal age gap and call the older party a predator. Teenagers are not children, they are adolescents.

The man responsible for this post went on to boast about his own (alleged) experience with some of these “younger *legal age* chicks.”

I’m 31, live in the UK, age of consent is 16. Fucked and dated plenty 16, 17, 18 year old girls. They’re in their sexual and thoughtful prime.


A woman my age is not. A woman my age also cannot be taught anything. Men are supposed to teach. I taught those those young women about being feminist indoctrination [sic], the natural roles of men and women, and liberal brainwashing. I gave them some sense of values. Much better than the “I don’t need no man!” 31 year old cat lady.

Another commenter in the same thread added:

Women never really mature past a certain stage,

What for? The are pampered by the world around them,

This is why there are no real differences between a 16-year-old girl and a 30-year-old woman, other than the teenager being more attractive and less damaged.

Actually, women are more like tyrannical 12-year-olds.

The reason why women are tyrants is because they have authority without responsibility. It’s inherent that they are incapable of taking responsibility for their actions. Therefore women with any authority or power will be tyrants….

Give a 12 year old girl power over you and see how that ends. Just look at spoiled children how they behave. Women are children, they stop developing physically at 16 and mentally between the start and end of puberty. Ask yourself what a child will do and you will start to read women like a book. …

Men are capable of ruling and being kings, women always are either controlled heavily by counsel or turn to tyrants.

This is why women shouldn’t vote or have anything to do with politics, and certainly not rule.

Women are lambs who become mutton after a single penis eats their virginity peanut.

This one is a little confusing.

The cuck lords of crony capitalism have made an unholy marriage to the feminazis.

Honestly, this one is a little confusing too.

I think it’s fair to say that these guys belong in the trash.

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1 year ago

Seconding epitome on hair elastics. You could also try ribbon, if you have something like that lying around. I don’t know about where you live, but here grocery stores often have a shelf for hair stuff, so they can be bought without having to go to anywhere additional.

Experience helps too, though your mileage may vary. I’ve had long hair for a couple of years now, and I basically stopped having it down outside home after the pandemic started, since I was always having to brush it out of my eyes and touching my face in the process. No matter how I try, I’m pretty much unable to braid, so that limits my options. I usually only use an elastic to keep my hair out of the way when I sleep, and otherwise make one of the two buns I’ve got somewhat down.

Sinkable John, 100% resunk with fresh ingredients
Sinkable John, 100% resunk with fresh ingredients
1 year ago


As recommended above, hair ties/elastics. Those are trickier than they look, so here’s an attempt at a tutorial. Assuming you are right-handed (if you aren’t, mirror these instructions), put the tie around your right wrist. Then gather your hair into a ponytail and hold it with your right hand, and use the left to pull the tie off your wrist and onto the ponytail. Do not let go of your hair with your right hand yet, it’s not over.

From there, use your left hand to pull slightly on the tie and twist it around, then move your left fingers through the new hoop thus created and grab onto your ponytail, and use your right hand to pull the tie across again. That should tighten it enough to hold your hair, but depending how large or loose your tie is you might have to mirror and repeat that second process to make more hoops.

Not too tight ! And make sure the tie doesn’t rest directly against your skull, give it a centimeter or two. Too tight/too close to your skull will pull on your hair in a way that will eventually become painful, and may cause headaches, along with damage to your hair itself.

This is probably the simplest way, and I didn’t figure it out on my own either ! I’ve kept my hair long since age 12, and I only learned this after a year or so of loose hair troubles. And I still have trouble doing anything more complex than that. Hair is difficult. You’re right about the decades of practice 😀

1 year ago

Re: Long Hair Management Junk

1) Actual hair ties. Don’t do what I do of forgetting and then using rubber bands. Rubber bands pull, and do bad things. Like make the breakage in #2 20x worse.

2) Expect some breakage. Some people don’t have much, but I shed all over when I have long hair. So if you see hair in your brush or wrapped around the hair elastic/tie, don’t freak. My shedding may or may not be related to end note, but since it’s not shedding ON me, I’m okay with it.

3) shoulder is still pretty short for long hair. When it gets to 2 in past shoulder, you can do emergency buns held in place by pencils. I used to do that a lot in yon olden days, because I always sucked at remembering hair ties. To do emergency bun, grab all the hair behind your head. Twist it into a tight helix and wrap the helix into a bun shape. Insert stick/pencil under flat hair pre-twist on one side, up and over the bun, a s down through another lock of the pulled flat stuff on the other side. Stick another pencil through the bun if you need to.

Actually an official way to do hair sticks? Nope. Did it get me through half of high school? Yes.

4) do not fear the loose bun. Go for a ponytail, and then give up halfway through pulling the hair through somewhere between twists 3&4. Keeps pesky hair off the neck.

5) falling out of ponytails all the time because the front is too short to stay put? That’s okay. Half ponytails are my bread and butter for that awkward stage between short and long enough to do mediocre stuff with. Basically, ponytail for just the hair on the front half of the head. Can also modify to half pig-tails (just both front quarters to separate clumps).

Also, if you really hate your hair and it keeps escaping elastics like mine used to…

I ditched using conditioner a few years back, and it’s been better for me? Yeah, hair is a bit less silky and tangles a little more, but it gets greasy slower and the tangles help it STAY WHERE IT IS PUT.

All this advice comes from someone who pretty much ignores hair except to make sure said hair is not somewhere annoying (in eyes, in mouth, tickling the back of the neck like it thinks it’s a creepy spider or something) and should be taken with a generous serving of salt.

Basically, try some stuff until you figure out the thing that works for you. Good luck.

I’m so looking forward to hacking mine back down to 1”; sitting at just above shoulders right now.

1 year ago

I was going to get my hair cut up to my shoulders just before the lockdown. Now it’s waist length again because it grows really fast. If I was a person with facial hair, I’d have 5 o’clock shadow at 2pm.

I also can’t be bothered with much hair styling and wear it up most of the time. Nowadays that means pulling it back to my neck, twisting it up and around in a figure 8, and fastening with a barrette big enough to attach it to the back of my head. When I get tired of that (because it sometimes gets loose during the night), I do the braid thing.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

A woman my age is not. A woman my age also cannot be taught anything. 

This just isn’t true. People of any gender and any age can still learn things from other people. This guy, on the other hand, has nothing to teach anyone his own age because he’s an ignorant dolt and he knows it. Adult men who are into teenagers always tell on themselves in this way. They know that adult women can see through their bullshit and are too mature and competent for them. They’ll never admit that. But they so clearly know it deep down.

Ninja Socialist
Ninja Socialist
1 year ago

Mr. Ninja read that one over my shoulder and I’ve rarely seen him so horrified. He was shocked that people think that way but it led to an interesting discussion about things he’s heard other men say over the years and as I’ve worked in mostly male dominated fields I’ve witnessed and been the victim of extremely sexist attitudes. I kept hoping that one man would take a stand against it but they never did (as the lone woman it was hard for me to say anything). I believe this is an issue men need to address as they are the one’s doing it. The onus of ending these attitudes shouldn’t ever be on the victims, men need to do better and parents need to raise their sons to understand that girls and women are people because clearly there is a failure somewhere along the way. It’s exhausting.

1 year ago

I think we can safely say that these MGTOW types are sleaze-balls. This boasfulness about 15 / 16 year olds from men in the 30s is actually quite sinister. I’m sure that the police in their local jurisdictions should be taking an interest in this stuff.

I think a lot of Incels and MGTOWs have porn-addled brains wherein sadistic, violent fantasies are the order of the day. And yet in real life, they can’t bring themselves to be capable of basic social skills with women. This is perhaps acceptable in some measure among the teen ones (so long as they grow out of it), but looks a bit bad from 20 on up.

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