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The Week in Woke: Unhealthy Woke Mask Mandate Edition

Boldly resisting the culture of wokeness

It’s time for another of our weekly looks at the world of “woke” — the all-purpose insult that’s the right-wing’s new version of so-called political correctness. Right-wing ideologues (and Bill Maher) are still railing about the allegedly “woke Olympics” and the evils of “woke capitalism.” But there are a few other examples that caught my eye this week.


The headline of the week comes from Fox station KTVU:

Medical Fascism Update: Disneyland to Abuse Customers With Unhealthy Woke Mask Mandate Regardless of “Vaccination” Status

(They seem to have changed the headline and toned down the rhetoric a little. But this was the original neadline.)

You may find yourself wondering what exactly is this new “unhealthy woke mask mandate” that Disney is forcing on parkgoers? Uh, Disney wants everyone to wear masks indoors, which is exactly like fascism except in every possible way.

The Deep State

Perpetually wrong political pundit Candace Owens is convinced the “woke” Deep State is out to get her and her buddies on the hard right. And she’s not kidding. Well, she was at first, but she got better.

At first, the very notion of a woke “deep state” seemed funny.

Still does.

But this is really no laughing matter. The deep state’s commitment to “wokeness” is spilling over from how it staffs its ranks to how it does its job, and — make no mistake — if you’re not among those who think correctly, you could find yourself in their crosshairs. …

According to recent reports, suspicion of woke movements like Black Lives Matter is evidence that you might be a problem, and if you’re a problem, you can be rooted out and replaced — by the woke. …

That is what being woke actually means. It’s a radical approach to thinking, morality, ethics, even basic biology. Everything can be suspended because the woke believe in a greater idea, like men can be women and we need people transitioning while in the military. …

Wait, you think the military is being destroyed from the inside by … trans women?

This is a recipe for disaster, a recipe for atrocity. It’s setting the stage for the kind of society where horrible atrocities against humanity can take place.

Well okey dokey then.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

According to an ANALYSIS/OPINION piece by Peter Parisi in the Washington Times, the beloved Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has now been perhaps irrevocably broken.

“In a nutshell,” he wrote,

the 2021 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, released last week, is what you might expect if Mother Jones magazine produced one.

Why is he so angry at the swimsuit issue’s “woke makeover?” Because M.J. Day, the woman in charge of the swimsuit issue since 2014, has a somewhat larger conception of female beauty than he does. Over the past eight years, you see, Day has been adding … plus size models! Women with tattoos! And even a couple of trans women!

Parisi seems to be especially bothered by the latter.

[T]his year, as if to flash a big middle finger at the swimsuit issue’s primarily (straight) male readership, the 2021 edition not only brought [trans model Valentina Sampaio] back but also another transgender “woman,” Leyna Bloom. Day put “her” on one of the three different available covers. …

Ms. Bloom is by far the least attractive—let’s just say it: The homeliest—cover “girl” in the 57-year history of the annual SI swimsuit issue.

For what it’s worth, Bloom looks …. fine. There’s nothing “homely” about her. And maybe that’s the real problem for Parisi; you can practically smell his homosexual panic from here.

Actually, that’s just my cat’s litterbox, never mind.

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39 replies on “The Week in Woke: Unhealthy Woke Mask Mandate Edition”

WTF is medical fascism? I’ve never heard of a med school requiring students to read Mein Kampf.

Well, in modern times, that is.

Also, that Parisi dude, like anyone else who elects themself Judge of Human Aesthetics, should post a photo of himself that others might analyze his appearance, part by part if necessary.

@Katherine: you just know he’s not that high on the conventional attractiveness scale.

That is what being woke actually means. It’s a radical approach to thinking, morality, ethics, even basic biology. Everything can be suspended because the woke believe in a greater idea

This is really the heart of it here, and it’s always sort of a surprise to me when they just come out and say it.

Their problem isn’t with what you believe, it’s in the concept of believing in a greater ideal at all. That any – any – sort of sacrifices should be made for something greater, seems to be what gets them so angry. Probably more accurately, any suggestion that they themselves aren’t already following the perfect ideal is what does it. Pure, unadulterated arrogance, and they seem entirely blind to it. It’s sort of awe-inspiring, the armour of their ego.

Wait a minute… the deep state ?

Wouldn’t that now just be, like, the state ?

@Sinkable John : they control the state but not everything is going like in their fantasy. So clearly there is another state behind the state.

No I know what deep state means, I’m just sayin’ there’s been an election and the people who were supposedly behind the “deep” state are now, yanno, the actual state.

Right wingers might soon have more reasons to melt down over “woke”: a little birdie told me that one of their bête noires, Megan Rapinoe, is now guaranteed to be wearing an Olympic medal around her neck by the end of the week, with only the color yet to be decided.

God, that Parisi really look awful. Good thing I though his opinion were trash before discovering what he look like.

In fact, I didn’t think that form of head could exist outside of cartoon.

On the Disney Mask thing: When they say “fascism” 99% of the time they mean “tyranny”. And their idea of tyranny is the same kind of thing as kids who hate eating their vegetables, take baths, brush their teeth, or go to bed at 8pm consider to be tyranny when they’re forced to do it. I suspect that a lot of them had parents who also forced them to do things which were very obviously for the convenience and desires of the parents and not for their own benefit… and took the wrong lesson from that. They’re adults now, that means they have the right to use and abuse their social inferiors, treat their kids as tools or trophies instead of people, and eat ice cream for breakfast if they want. So when the government says “wear a mask, or you might die or kill your family and friends” the response is “don’t treat me like a child for your own selfish desires, I am an adult now!” …and then come up with conspiracy theories why it’s really for the government’s benefit and not for theirs.

Tying this to general “wokeism”: being unable to meaningfully use and abuse your “social inferiors” because some of them have been elevated above you feels like a loss of privilege… and perhaps if some people have learned the wrong lessons from childhood, it might feel like a loss of adult privilege specifically. Like, a lot of adults in their lives say don’t be racist, don’t be sexist, don’t be anyone-phobic, but a lot of other adults did it and got away with it freely, so it’s an adult privilege, like drinking beer or something.

This is just speculating, of course. And even if there’s some truth to that, there’s no way it’s an explanation for all of them (and possibly not even most of them), because no single explanation ever covers everyone.

@ snowberry

tyranny is the same kind of thing as kids 

Things you thought were tyranny as a kid; but now you’d kill for the opportunity.

I’ll start with ‘going to bed before midnight’.

Things you thought were tyranny as a kid; but now you’d kill for the opportunity.

Getting dragged to a clothing store.

Notice Owens use of the word radical. It’s to denote a given towards irrationality. Reminds of the Prager u video which described John Brown as a radical abolisnest.

I just saw a disgusting response by a woman in regards Morgan Freeman’s accusations.
She blamed the women for not speaking up for when they were being sexually harassed.
She noted Just because they feared reprisal doesn’t mean they would have suffered it. For all they knew freeman could have felt bad and stopped it. How was supposed to know lifting up women’s skirts can be uncomfortable for them?

The worst part came when she cited her own moment of getting sexually harassed in highsch to attack the women speaking out. Unlike the women she explicitly said she didn’t like it. And unlike the women She contacted her abuser privately years and was content with just having an apology for her harassment and proclamation by her abuser that he was now a good man. And that’s the standard that all victims need follow presumably.


If you have folks getting on your case for that, send ’em to me, I need all the help I can get 😉

Been a while, how are you doing ?

“Medical Fascism”.


No, seriously, WHAT.

I don’t think that’s a real term. I don’t think that means anything. But if it did, it would have to mean the horrific human experimentation conducted in the nazi concentration camps.

You’re not referring to that?

You’re referring to WEARING A MASK WHEN YOU’RE AFFLICTED WITH OR MAY BECOME INFECTED BY AN AIRBORNE DISEASE? And of that being mandated since you’re so determined to murder yourself and others you’d never wear it willingly?

Fuck off.


Things are going well. Job hunting right now though so that sucks (a combination of my grandboss having recently been rather unsupportive and my company having been acquired and knowing there will be layoffs but not who). Reaching another pandemic burnout point, too, but who isn’t?

How’ve you been?

Leyna Bloom is homely?? I wish I had been that homely on my best day.

And speaking of which? Us homely folks wear swimsuits, too, sometimes. I know Mr. Parisi probably thinks we should wear them at home, preferably in a windowless room. I think he should dig out his battered Christie Brinkley swimsuit issue and take it into the closet and do whatever. (And now I’ve looked at his picture and I’m going to walk away from my comment now, whistling and trying to look nonchalant)

If we really had what they call “medical fascism” in the States, we wouldn’t be seeing the Delta variant surge now. I’m not saying doctors are perfect – we have a history of doing horrible things to patients – but what they call “medical fascism” seems to boil down to “I don’t wanna do anything to keep COVID from spreading.” Some of these bonkeyheads won’t even cover their mouths when they cough. My baby sister was more courteous when she was a toddler.

Dammit, these people are making my job harder and I don’t like it. Thirty years in healthcare and I’ve been under the worst job stress of my life for the past 2 years.

@VP : I could understand people calling “medical fascism” something like willingfully inject diseases like Syphilis to people that come to be treated, so to have long term studies group without their consents.

Of course, that would more likely happen to poor, shunned minorities than to what is still the most numerous and more importantly richer ethnic group in the USA.

@gijoel: That’s the best photo he could come up with? Sure, he’s no model to begin with, but a little styling and Photoshop would have helped him look less like, I dunno, a dweeby troll. But considering his thing seems to be trolling, I guess that’s appropriate.

Ms. Bloom should be proud of not appealing to this loser. And I too would love to be as “homely” as she is, particularly in a swimsuit.

First of all, I wish I had ever been half so beautiful as Leyna. Secondly, am I the only one who wonders if part of the manosphere anger at the SI swimsuit covers is an unspoken resentment that they’re all black women? The manosphere also trends racist, no?

And that guy Parisi? Ugh. Okay, worst round of Marry, Fuck, Kill *EVER* — Parisi, Giuliani, and Trump.


Yes, just about every specialty has something shameful in their history, ranging from at best ignorance in how the human body REALLY works to cruelty to patients who are seen/treated as subhuman. Generations from now will undoubtedly look back on us and point out things we are currently blind to. I’m okay with that – it’s far preferable to the alternative of chants and prayers coming back into fashion.

@ Dana C.

Wow. Thanks for that. I just want you to know you are a horrible person and I am going to suffer for the rest of my life from thinking about those choices. ;D

Indeed. I remain convinced that one of the world’s biggest problems is that the people who should be confident, aren’t, and the ones who shouldn’t be, are. As a mediocre white trans man, I wish I had just half the confidence that these mediocre white cis men and women have.

I see all those woke lesbians on the US Women’s Soccer team were defeated by those traditionally feminine ladies from…Canada. Who will now face the girly girls of Australia or Sweden.


I went and right-click-googled “grandboss” and… don’t do that at work. And I’m gonna assume what you meant was CEO ? 😀

I hope the job-hunting and pandemic-dodging go well for you. If not, I might be able to find you someone who could make you a good spear, I heard those help a lot.

And I’ve been, uh, in a weird place ? A good one though, and I’m trying to ride that and make some change happen, and so far it’s been working out in all the strangest ways and it feels nice.

@Dana C.

Okay, worst round of Marry, Fuck, Kill *EVER*

… I just woke up, read that, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep again.


Haha I don’t want to know what those results were. It’s what Ask A Manager uses for your boss’s boss. (Like how grandfather is your parent’s father).

I hope things work out for the best for you!

Hi Kupo! Great to see you! I’ve missed you!

And Scildfreya! And Sinkable John! This makes me so happy!!!

Dammit. Another clinic needing to reschedule things because they are getting overwhelmed by COVID.

I hate this. I hate this. I hate this. Fucking Delta variant STILL not being taken seriously by idjits who think “99% survival rate” means that patients will just bounce back to normal after the virus has run its course. Fucking fuckheads.

(Now wondering how many of the regulars are thinking, “Whoa, Vicky P is dropping f-bombs.”)

Rapinoe now has her bronze. Right wingers, feel free to melt down now. (The only team to defeat hers seems to have been ours, guaranteeing Canada at least a silver in the same event. And that’d be our women again, though we do have some male medalists now, including golds in the men’s decathlon and men’s 200m dash I believe.)

@Dana C.

Okay, worst round of Marry, Fuck, Kill *EVER*

Nah, there’s a simple enough solution: Arbitrarily decide which of the three to marry, fuck, and kill — it isn’t going to matter. Then as your response state that you’d marry the “marry” one before getting them all to the same secluded area at the same time — this is certainly plausible, to judge by the “Four Seasons” debacle — and choosing a bomb as your method of choice for killing the “kill” one. The other two would therefore get caught in the blast radius, “’til death do us part” would end the short-lived marriage, and things could be finished by skullfucking the third one. End by noting that this way there would be three fewer fascists in the world. 🙂

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