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Today’s incoherent, vaguely apocalyptic rant about the evils of “Gynocentricism” comes to us courtesy of the MGTOW subreddit

The Gynocentricism Monster

Attention, readers! A Man Going His Own Way seems to have dumped the content of his brain onto Reddit. Let’s see if we can make sense of it.

It doesn’t help much that the first word of his screed, posted recently in r/MGTOW, is a misspelled version of a ridiculous word that only MRAs and MGTOWs use.

“Gynocentricism is pointless in the modern era,” he begins.

Uh, I think the word you’re looking for here is “gynocentrism,” and it’s kind of sad that I know that.

The only reason women were accorded as a privileged class is because of the womb – she is a necessity in the survival of human race: the abundance of sperm count Vs one egg.

MGTOWs and MRAs have convinced themselves that women were actually the privileged gender throughout history because men held doors open for them and whatnot.

But then the modern woman who chooses activism over this nature assigned task and self harms herself mentally and physically and is in no health to bear or raise a child. Why should she be seen so special?

Wait, do you really think that if a woman does any activism her womb shrinks up just like that?

‘The powers that be’ instead of setting this right is choosing to side with the women again. Police, law, politicians, corporations – we see them turn a blind eye to what is to be done and try to come across as politically correct; and them having the cake and eating it too; the special treatment of the classic era and the equality benefits of the modern era.

It’s all some big conspiracy, I tells ya.

Maybe MGTOW is the last bastion of men with self respect who can’t seem themselves exploited in the guilt/shaming tactic of ‘manning up’ before a war or some crisis sets us back to a balance; we may see that happen in our active life years, or we are doing something for the men of future generation.

I’m just going to sit down for a minute because reading this mess is making me feel a bit lightheaded.

Or it is that male-female dynamics that had a balance for all these thousands of years are reset permanently and the degeneracy keeps amplifying.

Er, what? There was some sort of “balance” between the sexes back when women couldn’t vote or own prpoerty? And that ideal world has now been replaced by “degeneracy?”

Pro Tip: If a person use the term “degeneracy” without irony they’re likely to be a Nazi or at least someone who spends a lot of time around Nazis. As I’ve pointed out before, there seem to be a lot of MGTOWs who fit into one or the other of these categories.

Let’s see how far the show goes.

Nah. I think I’ll be watching this show instead., and you can too, if you’re looking for a way to clear all this MGTOW nonsense out of your head. (Just be sure to stick with this video until the end, if you can.)

Well, that was something, huh?

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13 replies on “Today’s incoherent, vaguely apocalyptic rant about the evils of “Gynocentricism” comes to us courtesy of the MGTOW subreddit”

A TERF take I’ve seen on this is that gynocentrism represented the Matriarchal Golden Age when fertile cis women reigned as avatars of “The” Goddess and her Uterine Cauldron of Birth; it still all revolves around the Almighty Inside Plumbing.

Yes, one lesson we learn from anthropology and history is that in the old days women said “I don’t feel like gathering/ working on the farm/spinning wool and flax / going into factories or working the mines 12 hours a day, I’ve got to sit around because of my one nature-assigned task of sitting around and protecting my womb.”

I’d say something about the article, but my brain is still stuck on how the heck people can be that bendy?

Are they sharks in people suits? How are their legs and arms and core so strong? Do they even have spines? Do they have like 20 extra vertebrae?

I’ve been stumping around like an Ent that’s sat too long because my back’s been made of pain (cramps from hell + first kidney stone = yay) and I cannot fathom the level of flexibility.

I’m freaking out over here.

If you are that flexible and balanced and strong, you have my utmost respect because How Do You Even?

@contrapangloss: Wishing you a less-painful future SOONEST. I hope you have some good meds.

Not too far off-topic (and still mostly lurking) … I had opportunity for an up-close and personal walk-around of a brand new Dodge Ram pick-up yesterday and am ambivalent ~ of two minds ~ to report with pleasure the success of (perhaps) many’s efforts to draw attention to and sadness at the loss of late-night material … there are no (longer) icons on new Dodge Ram pick-ups the perfect rendition of the human female reproductive system.

Guess I’ll have to retire ‘Jacked-up, de-engineered suburban assault vehicles with tires the size of Volkswagons and the hood ornament a perfect rendition of the human female reproductive system’, come up with something new … maybe how the hood ornament is now as tall as most people. Sad, I was kinda’ proud of that.

Maybe MGTOW is the last bastion of men with self respect


@Full Metal Ox

I just… what. How? Are there really that many bored, horny people sitting around looking at things like that?

Oh wait, never mind.

OMG that video would have been scandalous back then, and still is…sort of. Ya know what is these MGTOW’s problem? Do they hate themselves so much that they cannot let others just live? What a sad existence.


Flexibility is a constant state to have. You don’t wake up and are just flexible as an adult. You have to stretch and keep stretching everyday. I stretch for a half an hour ever morning right when I wake up. I roll out of bed and do the stretches even on days that I don’t work out. The I also stretch before I work out and before I dance. Then I work out six to five days a week. and one of those day it’s always and hour and a half of yoga. as a frame of references, it would take someone who moderate exercise about 7 months to be able to do a full split after stretching like that. Now I have bad joints so I am less naturally flexible then the average person but the stretching does help keep them loosen up more and helps keep my core strong. Because of that I can do splits and bend all the way backwards, put both legs behind my head, all of that kind of bullshit that impresses people but its hard work. If you don’t constantly stretch everyday you’re going to lose it and going to hurt yourself. It’s not feasible for a lot of people so that why I always tell people that stretching for 10 minutes when you wake up in the morning can help you feel more limber and cut down on pulled muscles from everyday thing.

@GSS ex-noob

Thanks, me too. I am an ow. Not the worst ow, but an ow. Hope to be less ow by the end of the week!

I am impressed at the flexibility of the Ross sisters, but I am even more impressed at the raw strength. I couldn’t even begin to do a whatever you call a drop past the ankles, even if I was flexible enough to do it, because I wouldn’t have the strength to get back up.

Wait, do you really think that if a woman does any activism her womb shrinks up just like that?

I am cursed with the ability to understand terrible people, and I suspect what he’s saying here is that instead of getting distracted by activism, women need to get to baby making while they’re still teenagers and their eggs are as fresh as possible. Any delay makes them less fit for the task.

You see what I mean about it being a curse?

Re: Flexibility

I didn’t know what you guys were talking about at first, but then I watched the video.

I don’t know whether I’m impressed or disturbed. It’s like some actresses were trying out for a horror film, but found out it was a comedy instead.

I used to be pretty flexible, but I have joint problems now too. They also tend to bend and move in places they shouldn’t.

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