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Well, here’s the worst incel meme I’ve seen in a long time

Caution: You may throw up in your mouth a little bit.

With a title like “The true reason why women HATE RAPE” you know it’s going to be just awful, but somehow the rest of the meme manages to be worse than my lowest expectations.

Also, the meme maker said he was going to give us the “reason” but in fact he gives us two “reasons.” (I’ve pasted in the text below the meme in case the meme itself is unreadable to you.)

Here’s the text:

Do you want to know why many women hate rape? It’s for two reasons.

Rape doesn’t allow a woman to monetize her pussy. Objectively rape is merely inserting an object into her body. Something that she has done already a hundred or a thousand times. The difference is that this time around she gets nothing in return. Rape is heist!

Rape ignores a woman’s princess status. Usually a woman relies on male admiration and male willingness to fulfill her wish. just because she’s a female.. this time her wish (that the man stops) is ignored. Rape is lese-maieste!


Now you know what “Rape Culture. means. It means we live in a society where pussy is cheap (or even free), pictures of female flesh are easily available and men don’t treat women as princesses anymore like they did in all previous centuries.

“Rape is horrible’

It’s important to understand that women don’t hate being raped ‘because rape is so horrible’. Men hate it far less being raped by a woman. Why? Because men don’t arrogantly consider themselves aristocrats, and men know that their value consists of more than just holes and body part

“Boo-hoo, rape is so anti-privilege!”

If you need me, I’ll be here, slowly and repeatedly banging my head against the table.

H/T — found on r/IncelTear

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Alan Robertshaw
1 year ago

@ bookworm in hijab

Hi!. Nice to see you back. I hope your enforced offline break was relaxing rather than annoying. But anyway.

eeeevil moozlums

When you posted this on the other thread it remined me of an artist here. London Hijabi lass who goes by the handle Moosleemargh

But she drew up this jacket design; which there seems to be a market for judging by the feedback.

comment image

This is a bit atypical of her stuff. The bulk of it is sort of Muslim Daria, if thats not too crude a comparison.

Although she also does really interesting pop art; which the stuff I’m into. Even though I don’t get half the references.

Last edited 1 year ago by Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
1 year ago

interesting pop art…Even though I don’t get half the references.

Like this for example; it just really appeals to me. I don’t get every reference; but I understand the underlying issue; and I love how it really gives off that sense of frustration (I think it’s the henna one that really sells it).

comment image

Last edited 1 year ago by Alan Robertshaw
Bookworm in hijab
Bookworm in hijab
1 year ago

@ Alan,

I LOVE her stuff! The first image you posted, I have as a sticker on my laptop! I think “Muslim Daria” is a great description.

Alan Robertshaw
1 year ago

@ bookworm in hijab

I have as a sticker on my laptop

Well, you know what they say about great minds… 😀

She does do some cool stuff though.

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