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Women’s “most desired political agenda” is to show off their ass cracks, laments ass-averse incel

It’s Saturday night (where I live anyway) so let’s play a little drinking game. I’ll post a long rant about “ass culture” I found on the forums. You drink every tune the author uses the word “ass.” Easy peasy. Let’s begin.

Why should w*men be allowed to show off their bodies and reveal cleavage and wear skintight pants to show off ass and pussy lips?

Men don’t walk around with their chests visible to everyone. Men don’t wear pants that show off their butt cheeks and raging bulges. So why should w*men be allowed to do that?

I guess w*men are treated like retarded children so they can’t be hold accountable for their behaviour. You know maybe there is nothing else in w*men except their biologically attractive bodies. Maybe cumrag is the thing they want to be. Showing off their tits and ass is their greatest achievement it seems doesn’t it.

It’s the only thing they worry about. They want it to be safe outside so they can walk around showing off their ass cracks and tits.

Even female athletes wear skintight ass crack “clothing” because female sports is a joke and nobody would ever watch it without the soft porn aspects.

It’s their most desired political agenda to show off more ass crack. So many of them are now obsessed with working out their ass cracks. You can see millions of holes on instagram who have a dedicated their lives to working out their asses.

They buy new gym clothing to show off their asses for the general public. It’s ass culture. When w*men are liberated and free they become obsessed with their own ass holes and they want to show off their asses to everyone.

Their entire existence revolves around ass hole. They don’t produce high culture, fine art, new inventions, discoveries. They produce instagram photos of their asses. All of the gym toilets identify as their ass crack. Yoga pants are a symbol of female liberation and empowerment.

Imagine if men were equally obsessed with showing off bulge. All men would wear skintight pants to show off bulge and post a new instagram photo showing off their bulges in their new pants. “Omg guys look I bought new BulgePants the fabric is really nice! It shows off my bulge nicely! I’m a liberated and empowered man!” But that is exactly how w*men behave and think.

Not even soy “men” believe w*men are human. They don’t question the ass culture at all. They don’t think w*men are human and our equals. If they did then they would ask why is it so important to show off cleavage and ass crack?

Even the “allies” of w*men, the simps, the soy cucks, they subconsciously believe w*men are retarded subhumans. They don’t hold them for same standards. Whatever w*men do these soy simps accept it because they know w*men are not human and they shouldn’t be expected to behave decently and have any moral standards. W*men are expected to do as they as please (show off ass crack, wear war paint, reveal tits to general public) without any standards or consequences.

If men went in public wearing skintight clothing, reveal chest, have a visible raging bulge and their ass cracks were wide open, people would be “shaming” them and these men would get arrested.

I guess it’s natural for w*men to identify as their tits and ass because there is nothing else in them. They don’t possess any intellectual value. Their only value is a visible pair of titties and skintight yoga pants.

Sorry. That was too many asses. Too, too many asses.

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81 replies on “Women’s “most desired political agenda” is to show off their ass cracks, laments ass-averse incel”

This guy is proof comfirmation bias is a thing.

The guy who wrote this rant can best be described as what celebrated British war hero David R. Lister would call “a smeghead”.

To sum up :

  • Revealing outfits in real life (but only when worn by women) : no no no !
  • Publishing rant online to reveal your assholery : yes yes yes !

Anyway, at least, we know what is the first thing the poster looks at when meeting people… Quite creepy i think, but maybe it is just me.

For what it’s worth, I wouldn’t complain if men were as often bare chested as women. I *am* on the prude side, but I do think it happen quite often to just show off.

@FMO : I do think theses photos are more about fat shaming than anything, since he choose only men on the fatter side. I know american are a tad bigger than europeans, but that seem non coincidentals. Also, I suspect that when it happen to conventionaly attractive men and women nobody bat an eyelid (even if they may ogle a bit)

I see topless blokes at football matches all the time. Even in December, which I can only assume involves alcohol somehow. But my favourite topless bloke story was when a bunch of sexist dickheads started telling a young woman to get her tits out, and the middle aged man behind her peeled off his shirt and waggled his pecs at them.

Men don’t wear tight fitting clothing to sow off their bodies? Has this guy been to a gym?

They want it to be safe outside so they can walk around showing off their ass cracks and tits.

Does this make any sense? ANY? Wouldn’t women want to be safe for the same reason men and non-binary people want to be safe? Just to, you know, avoid harm of whatever sort?

It’s like saying “Canadians want to reduce the impact of global warming just so they can walk around wearing hats in the winter.”

Very narrow, virtually meaningless, and while some Canadians may like wearing hats not all of them do (I speak from experience here; my partner actively dislikes them). But anyway.

I know this is OT, but there was just an active shooter at the grocery store near my house.


I’m sorry that there was a shooting so close to you, and glad you are alright.

@contrapangloss: thank you. Me too!! He’s been apprehended thankfully. I don’t know anything about it beyond that because I’ve been disallowed by my friends from looking up any more info on it today.

@Nicholas: At, as the semi-immortal phrase has it, “the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field”, Green Bay (Wisconsin) Packers fans are often shirtless and painted green in winter with a high of (at most) freezing down to 10-15 F, with occasional blizzards. Yes, they are very drunk.

@Ohlmann: you’ll note the man who took the photos (and is in them) is a large fellow himself. But he wears trousers of the appropriate size, while the pictured ass-owners don’t. It’s not so much fat-shaming as cluelessness-shaming. And he’s very careful not to show the faces of the butt-exposers.

@Dave: that was a rhetorical question, right?

@Yutolia: yes, do stay away from the info. Your friends are right. “This just in” news is so often wrong and sensationalized.

Or perhaps poverty-shaming. Not everyone can afford to have their stuff tailored, and it’s notoriously hard to get stuff in your size if you’re either unusually big or unusually small in any dimension. I myself can’t seem to find jeans that aren’t either too tight or loose enough to need a belt to stay up, and dealing with belts is in turn a pain in the ass …

@GSS : I am unconvinced :

  • bigger than average people can absolutely participate in fat shaming, just like some women are misogyne and a lot of non-white are racist against other non white. Including their own outgroup at time
  • proper pant size and posture absolutely is not a foolproof way to avoid that.
  • the fact he only choose biggest size for that when it happen to, well, everyone who wear pants and is sitting or crouched, is still highly suspect to me.

It probably happen more often to people who have a lot of volume (including muscular strongmen), but that’s not a reason to reinforce the stereotype that big people are gross.

@Surplus to Requirements
I’m 5’1, i weigh a hundred to 90 pounds depended when it is. my morning weight most of the time is 95 pounds. I have c cup breast though. they are huge compared to the rest of me. Trying to find clothes is impossible. So I’ve learned to sow and either make my own clothes or tailor them myself to fit properly. I can give you some points to start learning and how to do your own pants as well.

Also keep in mind, I can fit into children clothes. I do wear children’s clothes a with some things or shoes. They do make a lot of petite women clothes but most of the time it is unbelievably expensive.

Obese guys who don’t buy appropriately-sized clothes?

Shopping while fat is a fucking nightmare, especially if you don’t have a lot of money (and poverty and fatness are connected in the US). If a lower waist is the current style in pants, there’s not a lot that can be done about that.

@surplus, Ohlman- I wonder if there is an element of poverty shaming in fat shaming? Like, ‘food deserts’ are a thing- maybe the Western class consciousness has adapted to that.

It’s a connection I personally hadn’t made before. Sorry if it’s something everyone else has already chewed to death.

Add: I just googled ‘poverty and obesity’ and found one article from the ADA (American Diabetes Association) on the subject- but I hesitate to post it because the article contains a section speculating on the cause of that correlation that anyone who has been fat shamed might find triggering. Should I post it with a trigger warning or just leave it off?

I am a skinny SOB, and have been known to get a bit too excited to find slim fit options on the $5 clearance rack at Walmart.

The thing that bugs me about all of it is that whenever I bring up any difficulty in finding fitting clothes, anyone who is, shall we say, carrying extra, basically tells me I shouldn’t be complaining because I am thin.

Anyway, pants such as khakis in particular are a problem. Slim fit options are too slim fit (in my opinion, as others disagree and it is a style now), but regular straight fit khakis are a bit baggy. I have found jeans look a little better simply because the stiff fabric doesn’t loosely drape and empathize my stick legs. However, I understand excessive wearing of jeans is an American thing and is considered low class by other countries.

and is considered low class by other countries

I am actually low class and I say who cares. Worry about looking “low class” is a way to keep people on the capitalist hamster wheel.


Well, in case, why bother looking for clothes that fit in the first place? Just grab the nearest cheapest stuff, throw it on and call it good.


I mean, if the jeans fit and look good on you and are affordable…? “Low class” doesn’t mean “clothes that don’t fit,” it has so many subtle things that are meant to separate the riffraff from everyone else. Like, wearing a tank top instead of a shell top (which is basically just a fancier, more expensive tank top) under a blazer at a job interview may mean a woman doesn’t get the job.

@ lindsayirene

I am actually low class and I say who cares.


I remember as a kid seeing Lady Diana wore jeans and being stunned. Like, posh people…and jeans? It seemed such a disconnect.

Of course, I gave away my working class roots by calling jeans, drills.

The irony is, I just googled to see if anyone still did that, and now drills are what all the posh shops call jeans!? It’s gone full circle; like oysters.

I know a number of larger guys (many of whom play Magic!) who wear suspenders. They often work better than belts and you can turn them into a fashion statement/trademark by matching them to your shirt or your mood. They look pretty sharp, more so than belts, and the men say they’re more comfortable since they don’t dig in to their waist like belts and belt buckles do. The guy who took those pictures should have modeled them for his peers. Be the change you want to see, dude.

@ .45: I was a scrawny little person till past 40, and also got the same reaction from large people. No, I do not want to wear clothes from the girls’ section, I’m a married woman with an office job. I couldn’t find clothes of the right size and maturity in cheap stores *at all.* No point in going to Walmart or KMart, for instance. My larger friends (up to a certain size) had a much better selection. Petite clothes were always overpriced; my mom would buy them for me in the specialty stores when I visited.

Nowadays I can buy clothes anywhere thanks to middle-aged spread. Yay?

This past year has not been kind to my ass. I ain’t showing it to anyone. Of course, I didn’t show it to anyone when it was flat either. Because I’m not a figment of this miggie’s imagination.

Jeans still have class distinctions baked into them — remember the designer jeans of the 80’s? And there are still high-end bespoke fancy kinds of jeans, and generic ones, and everything in-between. It’s just a bit harder to tell at a quick glance.

BTW, have been meaning to say that I love the final pic of the kitty falling over.

In other news, you remember the Fox lot saying the voting machines were rigged; and the voting machine company suing them all for defamation?

Well Sidney Powell, one of Trump’s former operatives has filed her Defence. She’s going down the Tucker Carlson route of ‘No reasonable person would believe anything I say.’

From her own lawyers’ argument…

“Indeed, Plaintiffs themselves characterize the statements at issue as ‘wild accusations’ and ‘outlandish claims.’ They are repeatedly labelled ‘inherently improbable’ and even ‘impossible.’

“Such characterizations of the allegedly defamatory statements further support Defendants’ position that reasonable people would not accept such statements as fact …”

@Alan: I read that. I bet the MAGAts don’t realize she’s just called them all unreasonable idiots. Talk about throwing people under the bus. Tr*mp must have stiffed her on the legal fees, like he does to them all.

“I am not guilty, because I was only riling up fools on behalf of a delusional manchild to get myself on TV!” is… I mean, I’m not even surprised at this point.

The first thing I wonder is, has this man never watched a ballet with male dancers? Or seen a body building contest, maybe a boxing match, or male gymnasts? And has he never considered that yoga pants might be better for, I don’t know… doing yoga effectively?

It seems he’s also never considered that he views women wearing “revealing” clothing as provocative because he’s been conditioned to think of women’s bodies as sexual objects. I don’t speak for all (heterosexual) women of course, but I think the majority of us don’t assume that a man in a tight shirt is wearing it to get our (specific) attention. When a guy posts a shirtless photo on social media, we might think he’s showing off, but isn’t he allowed to do that? And maybe it’s just because he feels proud of the way he looks and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a woman, or another guy, or a non-binary person who sees the picture and also thinks he looks good.

One of the most interesting things to me about this is that women’s breasts and butts are only considered sexual things because people have been conditioned to think of them that way.

I’m from a country where people have traditional celebrations with topless women, and while there are many people here who view breasts as being exposed to create sexual arousal, there are also many people who simply see them as another part of the body, or as assets in childrearing. People take family photos in traditional garb with men and woman shirtless and post them on social media. (I should add though that when the traditional garb is taken off and replaced with a low-cut top for instance, the same thoughts that it is done for the male gaze come back. Weird how the context changes people’s thought patterns about what a person is allowed to put on their own body and how we should view that person’s body and character.)

But I stand by my point: It’s a social construct that this guy is getting upset over. Even in Edwardian times in England for instance, women’s legs were considered much more sexual that their breasts, because people we conditioned to think that way. It was not uncommon for women of respectable homes to have paintings done with a nipple showing. It was not titillating or scandalous.

I’d almost put money on this long-ass ass rant being inspired by those Brazilian scrunch butt/booty scrunch leggings that are all the rage these days, thanks to a TikTok trend that’s since hit the mainstream, causing the internet to go wild about them. What do you all reckon..?

I feel like the standard for “are those clothes appropriate” should be:

1. Does the person wearing the clothing in question like what they are wearing?
2. Can the person wearing the clothing in question do the activities they want to do in those clothes, while wearing those clothes? (Thinking of, say, athletic clothes).

Everything else is cultural norms, both positive and negative.

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