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A 4chan anon makes the case for cuckoldry: “It isn’t a fetish; it’s the natural order”

4Channers are so obsessed with calling people “cucks” that you can’t help but wonder if some of them are just projecting their own secret — or perhaps not-so-secret — fetishes on the world.

But today one /pol/ anon breaks the silence — suggesting not only that there is nothing shameful about cuckoldry but that it’s also, just maybe, a way to save the world?

Let’s take a look at his argument. (If the wall-o-text below looks daunting, skip ahead to the part where I break it down into more manageable chunks.)

OP here begins his little manifesto by asking “Is cuckoldry a good thing?” And then he answers the question with an enthusiastic “yes.”

“Cuckolding has got to be the most based fetish to come forward in the last couple of decades,” he declares.

It’s absolutely not degenerate and if normalised will be an immeasurable force for good in society.

Well, he’s partially right here; cuckoldry isn’t degenerate, whatever that means. It’s a rather common fantasy (58% of men fantasize about sharing their partner with another man, according to one Kinsey Institute study), even if most of those who get turned on by the idea don’t actually try it out in real life. It probably would be good for society — if not immeasurably good — if more people were open about their fetishes, including this one.

/pol/ constantly complains that high quality people are breeding less than the low quality people, well this is the best method for dealing with that.

And now we start going down a deep dark path into eugenics territory.

Evolutionary psychologists have proven that women want a masculine alpha male to impregnate them but they also want a sweet kind beta supporter as well to raise the baby.

Evo Psych hasn’t “proved” shit about fuck. But do continue.

With cuckolding we could allow this natural dynamic to play out, only high quality males can impregnate females while the rest of us can support our partners the best we can. It isn’t a fetish it’s the natural order reasserting itself.

No, it really is a fetish, and it’s best treated at a fetish rather than as some sort of weird master plan to bring humanity to a new level. You can’t foist your fetish onto other people and declare that the world’s been saved.

Monogamy is a deeply patriarchal social construct which limits women’s choices. They either marry the beta who can’t get them wet or get pumped and dumped by a bad boy who they’ll never see again. Now they can have their cake and eat it too, it’s eugenics in action and its fantastic.

True, some people just aren’t wired to do well in monogamous relationships. Other people are. You can’t impose cuckoldry — or any form of nonmonogamy — on the world and assume everyone will like it any more than you can impose any other fetish, from spanking to furry sex, on people who don’t want it. It’s not everyone’s piece of cake.

Also, there’s nothing fantastic about eugenics.

Imagine marrying [Lana Del Rey] while she carries the seed of a superior male, what an honour.

That is your weirdly specific fantasy, dude, not mine and certainly not Lana Del Rey’s. She isn’t going to marry you under any circumstances, even if you promise to be a good cuckold and never pester her for sex, because you’re a weirdo creep who hangs out on 4chan and thinks eugenics is ‘fantastic.”

Let fetishes remain fetishes. And leave poor Lana del Rey out of it.

H/T — I found this screenshot on the IncelsWIthoutHate subreddit. The commenters there were pretty “meh” on Anon’s idea, although some of them liked the eugenics of it.

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1 year ago


Meanwhile, what’s with the blank post from Alan Robertshaw? Is there supposed to be an embed there that failed to embed, maybe?

There’s a YouTube video.

Full Metal Ox
1 year ago

@Surplus to Requirements:

Alan Robertshaw’s link,which came through all right on my device, was a YouTube clip of Bart Simpson desperately ad-libbing his report on Treasure Island from the details on the book jacket; he was responding to my account of a Jean Shepherd scene where a child who did some unsupervised adult-level reading is confused about the word “cuckold.”

Chris Oakley
1 year ago

He thinks cuckold fetishes are only a couple of decades old? 

He also thinks the earth is flat, the moon is made of green cheese, and Charlie Manson was framed.

1 year ago

Except for the conspicuous lack of reference to penis size, this sounds like it could have been written by Walter.

Also seconding (or fourthing, technically) the opinion that this is an alt-right Poe of what they think liberals/feminists think. Way too much inherent misogyny.

1 year ago

just wanted to add the word “based” is not from 4chan, it was invented by the prolific & eccentric Bay Area rapper Lil B, who is definitely not alt-right and actually reps pretty progressive politics.

they just stole it from him sadly.

1 year ago

Why do so many people with kinks feel the need to prove that their kinks illuminate “the natural order”?

Shouldn’t people with kinks know better than that? Firsthand, so to speak?

Asking for a friend…who is not kinky. I swear.

1 year ago

you know, the nazis and their ideology what they so vehemently want, would actually very likely “cuck” them. the nazi government and its eugenics would forcibly decide for you, through their sperm banks, that only certain types of preselected government-approved dudes get to spread their genes.

which means, that the average nazi´s bride would be impregnated only from specific nazi sperm banks from specific donors with genetic and other backgrounds checked, which would mean for them, that they are raising another man´s child.
which to them would actually literally mean being systematically, forcibly, cuckolded.

not to mention that children whose male parent died in inevitable expansion wars, would be placed, you guessed it, into your family house, for you to raise.
for the good of the race… certainly, you understand, small führer man..

so. the thing they wanted to avoid in their fever dreams in the first place, would actually be literally brought to fruition by them to them… it´s like poetry.

of shittiness.

Last edited 1 year ago by redmanticore
1 year ago

Also, even outside of the tolerance, 4chan is almost entirely fascists and cryptofascists. The non fascists left years ago at that point.

@Ohlmann Sometimes I think about my college roommates, and if they suspect I fell down the alt-right rabbit hole after college

Last edited 1 year ago by
1 year ago

Sometimes I think about my college roommates, and if they suspect I fell down the alt-right rabbit hole after college

There are people I went to college with who I’m also fairly certain are alt-right now. I haven’t had contact with them in years, but given that they were obsessed with edginess in the veneer of ironic humor, they would be right at home on the alt-right.

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