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Milo goes on a rant against nurses — yes, nurses — calling them “barren, vicious control freaks” who want power over men

Milo: A shadow of his former self

Apparently Milo — the disagreeable human, not the comforting chocolatey drink — has seen One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest too many times.

Over on Parler — the Twitter clone for people banned from the real Twitter — the once-infamous, now just-sort-of-pathetic Milo is having a little bit of a meltdown over, of all things, nurses, or at least those of the female variety. At a time when nurses are risking their lives to care for COVID patients in the midst of a deadly pandemic, Milo thinks they need to be knocked down a peg or two.

I will leave it to the psychoanalysts to figure out what is really going on with Milo here.

Milo has been in a pretty cranky mood for some time. It seems like every few days I read about him lashing out against some new enemy on Parler. Including some you might have thought were his allies.

He’s not exactly happy about Trump or the Republican party these days:

We should note that it wasn’t his support for Trump that cost him his career; he was abandoned by many of his supporters for suggesting that pedophilia was sometimes a good thing.

Anywhoo, he’s also pretty darn mad at the North (of the US).

Ironically, though, the thing he’s the maddest about is Parler itself. Apparently he misses the good old days on Twitter, when a single rude comment of his directed at a particular person could unleash an entire army of his supporters on them.

Also, he’s now willing to admit that at least some of the people he’s allied himself with over the years are actually a bunch of dunderheads.

Wow. People on Parler are treating him like his fans used to treat people on Twitter. What goes around, comes around, I guess.

H/T — thanks to @parlertakes, @Mikanojo and @PurpleGimp on Twitter, from whom I borrowed the above screenshots.

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59 replies on “Milo goes on a rant against nurses — yes, nurses — calling them “barren, vicious control freaks” who want power over men”

“Nursing degrees are some of the easiest to get”?

Uh, the (very low) admission rates would disagree with you. So would the (very high) fail-out rates. Nursing school doesn’t mess around assuming that people should be adequate. And no, I’m not a nurse.

I know I should just roll my eyes at this and move on; but this seriously pisses me off. I hate how nurses are portrayed as either sexy, overly controlling or not smart enough to be doctor. Nursing degrees are extremely competitive and you have to get at least bs in classes like microbiology. Nurses are also the ones that are usually actually there taking care of their patients.

Fwiw, Milo *does* have some serious issues with his mom. What little we know of his family life suggests it was a raging hot mess. Milo once wrote (for Breitbart) that moved in with his grandma as a teenager because she was more supportive (as he relates it, his grandma was also very mad at his mom). He also wrote (again, for Breitbart) that his parents stayed put in a very unhappy relationship because of his birth.

Milos early life is quite interesting, and it’s certainly the thing he hold closest to the chest.

Eh, lots of people have fucked up childhoods and don’t turn into toxic shits.

Uncle used to say “You can sympathise all you like with how the pup were misraised, but you’ll still have a dog that bites at the end of it.”

He’s just desperate for the attention. You probably shouldn’t give him the signal boost. He’s so needy that he’d have a pop at puppies if he thought it would get him noticed a bit.

Dogs that bite can be retrained. Humans have to want to change, and Milo seems pretty invested in toxicity.

@ C A Collins

Dogs that bite can be retrained

That was my holiday task. It was pretty interesting from a doggy psychology point of view.

We were told there was no point trying to address the actual biting itself, as that was just a consequence of fear. So even if you could use negative conditioning (which I wouldn’t on principle), all you’d be doing is suppressing the response, but not remedying the underlying cause.

So weirdly I had to give her treats and do nice things even as she was gnawing my ankles off. I did ask whether I was just rewarding her for trying to eat me, but there was a great comment: “You can’t reinforce a fear”.

The idea therefore is that eventually she realises I won’t try to murder her, so she doesn’t need to defend herself any more.

I think that’s a goal worth a nine quid pair of jeans and some TCP.

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