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The only people MGTOWs hate more than white women are black women

A MGTOW’s worst nightmare?

MGTOWs — most of them white — spend more time talking about white women than they do any other demographic group. And what they have to say is not exactly flattering:

In his “gagging” post, templesthataum spelled out his case against white women:

The entire lot of white women are repulsive. From destroying the nuclear family in both their own and African American communities to openly admitting to selling their children for drugs – white women have become the worst of all women.

Go ahead and say that black women or Arab women or even Hispanic women have their issues, I guarantee that they do. However, there is no way in hell those problems hold even a poorly lit candle to the ones white women have caused. Every last one of them is disingenuous as all shit, lacking in both authenticity and respect. A white thot (reduntant, I know) will lie cheat and steal to get whatever she wants. She’ll sell out her family, her friends and anyone who stands in the way of her immediate gratification.

The only saving grace is that white men are slowly waking up to this fact, and are leaving these rats to the cats who are low enough to get with them. Really, I have no clue why any man of any race wants a white woman, especially after all the shit we all know they’re prone to do. Go your own way.

In a post titled “White Women — The Karen Epidemic,” a commenter called Magnolia0008 sets forth his not-altogether-dissimilar complaints about the fair sex:

Currently, most of the rioters, protesters, occupiers are WHITE WOMEN. When is somebody going to call this out with consequences? I don’t think Metoo is the problem. I don’t think BLM is the problem. I don’t think the COPS are the problem. I don’t think COVID is the problem. The problem has always been women. white women. women have proven over time that they lack accountability and self awareness for their actions, that the rules DO NOT APPLY TO THEM … .

It’s pretty clear from these and countless other posts and comments on MGTOW forums that MGTOWs absolutely hate white women.

But they’ve got plenty of complaints about black women as well.

Most of the commenters on these and other anti-black-women threads reply with a combination of racism and sexism.

sardinemanR has this to say about black women:

They are generally disgusting and very aggressive, and in the US mostly obese so they’re usually a lot bigger than you. You could still probably handle them with effort, but they have the law on the side as well as black men that will run up to white knight them too.

Very dangerous as a result. Best to not be around these animals.

A commenter called ForestHobo885 offered up a racist explanation as to why black women get into “cancerous: ideologies:

Black women are easily brought into extremist ideology … becuase objectively, they are the least desirable women on the planet. Imagine being a woman and having a large, masculine frame, undesirable skin tones, undesirable hair, loud, obnoxious by default, etc. And then, seeing your female counterpart of every other race as exponentially more desirable. That would drive you mad.

In another comment, he added that the (black, female) inventor of the #MeToo hashtag “literally looks like a silverback gorilla.”

Even black MGTOWs — yes, they exist — think that black women are the worst. As OhioDiver explained,

I’m a black man, I grew up in a black family, any group of 2 or more black females talking start making me pissed off, they yell and scream, their need for attention is beyond any reasonable limit, their bullshit is extreme, I know that AWALT, but I can say clearly looking at my family, mother, aunts, cousins, black wymyn are the fucking devil. They are always up to some shit, they can’t just live in peace, they are magnet of problems, they are always fucking up shit.

When MGTOWs compare white and black women head to head, they generally agree that black women are worse.

According to one anonymous commenter

Black women are just the most blatantly worse part of shitty women overall.

White chicks aren’t much better. Best to just ignore all of them.

Anonymous-Samurai contends that

It is a confirmed fact that black women are the worst kind of females. They are the most disrespectful and destructive among females

Even templesthataum, author of the first long screed against white women I quoted above, the guy who can’t look at white women without gagging, agrees that white women are “[n]ot as repulsive as black women, but a close second.”

Still, there are some who think white women are worse. “Not to simp for black women, but on their own they couldn’t accomplish much,” wrote Guitardude70. “All waves of feminism and the destruction they’ve caused are the products of White and Jewish women primarily.”

Jewish women? MGTOWs don’t much like them either, but I think that will have to be the subject for a future post.

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35 replies on “The only people MGTOWs hate more than white women are black women”

For a group that is suppose to not care about women, they spend ever waking minute and probably ever minute that they sleep thinking about women

No one else is even competing for second place

Is it really a contest then? Somehow I missed the announcement for that one.

A white thot

For some reason this just seems grammatically incorrect. If “thot” is an abbreviation for “that ho over there”, then isn’t this sentence basically “a white that ho over there”? I get how he was attempting to use it as an insult, but the grammar feels off.

yes, they exist

I wouldn’t be too surprised if there are black MGTOWs, but I am skeptical because white alt rightists have a bit of a history cosplaying online as black or other minorities to try to cover for their ideas.

Jewish women? MGTOWs don’t much like them either

This is very unsurprising, given that MGTOWs are almost all Nazis and Nazis are not big fans of Jews.

“…but they [black women] have the law on the side”

Ummmm… Look buddy, if you examine the front or back of whatever house, apartment, basement, whatever you live in, you will most likely find a flat panel thing with a knob, lever, or other assorted doohickey attached.

Now, if you properly manipulate said doohickey (as well as potentially an additional bolt or chain mechanism), this panel, which is commonly referred to as a door, will open.

Once it is open you can actually go out into the world and observe the things you are babbling about online.

You should try this. You may find that some of your theories on shadows and light on your walls are not, in fact, valid.

Knowing how it’s an actual thing that white people pretend to be Black or another race while on the internet because they think that gives them permission to act out their racism, I’m skeptical of that “I’m a black man” quote.

No race is full of nothing but perfect people. There are black asshats. But color me skeptical.

You should try this. You may find that some of your theories on shadows and light on your walls are not, in fact, valid.

Nice invocation of Plato’s Cave metaphor there. 🙂

The most likely outcome of them going out and meeting people will likely be them hating all the women of other ethnicities and cultures too and fleeing back into their Dunning-Kruger ensured safe space.

You could still probably handle them with effort, but they have the law on the side as well as black men that will run up to white knight them too

I can’t help but read this as a gripe that white men have historically been able to treat black women however they want as they had little to no legal recourse, and that is no longer true (even if in the real world, that may only be in theory). It’s disturbing that anyone thinking that “they have the law on their side” is somehow a sticking point in how you might “handle” another person.

Black woman seek to parody white women, so they permed their hair straight

Well, now my feelings are hurt — even though, like Frieda in Peanuts, I have naturally curly hair. (And people expect more of you when you have naturally curly hair.) But back to the topic at hand: Black women, please don’t pull elaborate pranks on white women by perming your hair just to mock us. It’s not nice. Also, won’t you consider the fact that some white women — take me, for instance — have naturally curly hair.

Regarding the Plato’s Cave metaphor – not saying it isn’t good, but the thing that most people usually miss about it (because of how it’s usually portrayed) is that it’s actually meant to be a metaphor about education, and specifically the futility of trying to educate the masses.
See, Plato was all about the unchangeable hierarchy between the different kinds of people; only certain people could actually be philosophers, could raise their minds to see the truth of the world (which are the Platonic Ideals, those abstract things that everything in our reality is just a reflection of). The rest are still in the shadows. When the man in the parable manages to break out of the cave and see the light and the truth of objects, after some time he seeks to go back to the cave and share this with his former friends. But when he goes in he is no longer accustomed to the dark, and can’t tell apart the shadows as well as the other prisoners, and they think he has gone mad, and they kill him.
For Plato, this was an explanation of how there’s no point in trying to teach philosophy to those who won’t get it anyway. Which is kind of an ugly, elitist moral, but hey, the guy wasn’t perfect. Far from it. (Although at least he had no issue with women being philosophers and leaders, unlike Aristotle, that ass.)
And yet, it also sadly depicts the situation in a lot of these extremist groups. If a MGTOW or an incel would actually educate himself about the world, and see how wrong his former ideology was, and try to go back into the forums and share that, well, he probably won’t get killed, but definitely derided and booted out.

…Not sure I actually have a point here. Just can go on about the Parable of the Cave sometimes. Sorry.

…Go on, do deformed rabbit, it’s our favourite!

A lot of Jewish women, myself included, also have curly hair. Maybe that’s another part of why they hate us, too.

The problem has always been women. white women. women have proven over time that they lack accountability and self awareness for their actions, that the rules DO NOT APPLY TO THEM … .

… umm, I think that’s white PEOPLE, not white women….

Can we point and laugh at the whole “black women have the law on their side?” Because seriously. Again, I just really need to know what universe they live in.

@ surplus

That was interesting. Reminds me of my penal policy course days. Thanks for posting.

One minor issue I’d take. It’s a bit of a myth that the Versailles Treaty was especially harsh. It was pretty ‘fair for its day’ by the standards of the time; and ironically was modelled on the settlements Germany had forced on other nations previously. It was of course part of Hitler’s stratagem though to play up on that though; to go along with the ‘stabbed in the back’ narrative.

That doesn’t really detract from the article though.

So obsessing over MGTOW the way MGTW obsess over women is… ironic? Hypocritical? Definitely laughable.

Black woman seek to parody white women, so they permed their hair straight

Ah yes, that’s why you see news stories about workplace discrimination in the form of telling women their hair is insufficiently parodic of white people.

Trust me y’all, there are Black MGTOWs. If you can stomach listening to his garbage then check out the Youtube videos of Tommy Sotomayer, a man for whom I have nothing but utter contempt.They’re out there, although that’s not what Black women call them, and although all their beliefs are the same, they generally don’t have a name for themselves, or align themselves with their white counterparts very much.

Black women call them by several names like, Hoteps, who argue that Black Queens need to be subservient to their Kings, and insist on calling Black women who sleep with white men bedwenches, and the other type, called Ashy N*gg*s, who, given even the slightest opportunity, love to argue the merits of other cultures of women over Black women, whom they insist are angry and bitter because Black men like white women more.

These two types of men (there are probably more though), love to use any opportunity, even situations in which Black women are entirely absent, to mention us, and argue our worthlessness. Needless to say, such men are not proponents of Black Lives Matter. Black women keep telling these men to leave us out of their conversations about how much they love white women, because really, we dont actually concern ourselves with who they’re f*cking, but they can’t seem to make themselves stop.

Its almost like they only like white women because they can use them to spite the Black women they claim are so angry at them for dating them…

For Black MGTOWS, the situation is a little more complicated, but the sentiments expressed by both groups are exactly the same and completely align with the usual racist stereotypes of Black women, so no, they’re not any more imaginative than the white men who created the stereotypes in the first place.

@Penny Psmith

Well, shoot, it has been a long long time since I took philosophy. I didn’t realize Plato’s Cave there was such a good metaphor for MGTOWs.

@Surplus to Requirements

That was an interesting article. I was surprised it never once referenced a loss of respect or humiliation over your rival having cooler business cards than you and/or solving things by secretly fighting other dudes though. As I kept reading it I was expecting such things to pop up.

@Some Chick

Again, I just really need to know what universe they live in.

They do a very good job selling that universe, it sounds like a much better place to be than the real world. Women’s rights and LGBT rights are supported there, for instance.

@Lakitha K Tolbert
Thank you for adding that. I’d heard of Hoteps, but I didn’t realize they had that much in common with the predominantly white manosphere.

MGTOW really spend too much time thinking about women…

Also when they say “extremist ideologies” they mean “feminism” right. It’s mind blowing to me how they continuously think that wanting equality is something only “objectively” [sic] unattractive women want.

Incidentally when you say “black MGTOWs” exist, it’s not surprising / their are tons of them and their misogynoir is not surprising either. Sadly my own personal experience through childhood and adulthood is that the worst and most frequent misogynoir comes from black men.


Absolutely and yes Sotomayer is pond filth.

There is also the SYBM (Save Yourselves Black Men) movement which lives to shit on black women, and posits the theory that the “black community” is in a dire situation and that is 100% the fault of black women. There is a thriving black manosphere (if you Google Aaron Fountain he is a writer who tracks the black Manosphere), there are black MGTOW, there are hoteps. And just generally given the trend for hyper masculinity that is an issue in many black communities, this results in more run of the mill misogyny which has black women as its focus.

I know it may be comforting to think of misogyny as primarily for white men and assume a lot of black men commenting in these spaces are just white men in disguise but that ignores the reality of misogyny among black men.

A.) although there are certainly bound to be non-white mgtows, let’s not forget that white dudes *love* to play online dress-up pretending to be the voice of sane Black men (and others). The guy above may just be another white dude wearing virtual Blackface.

B.) as for Black women, xorgate’s claim that the feminist/MeToo, etc., movement’s “ringleaders” are all Black women, well I remember something on WHTM about fake Twitter accounts with various women of color avatars saying some nasty and untrue ish about feminism, men, racism, et al to encourage infighting and back-pedaling from white women. Some of it was #YourSlipIsShowing and #OperationLollipop.

C.) I just wish for the billionth time that the He-Men Woman-Hater Clubbers could just choose something to love so they could talk about <I>that</i> for the rest of eternity instead of what they purportedly hate. (I know, I know, we *all* wish that.)

No offense but I guess it’s been longer than I thought since I clicked on this blog, and… you’ve redecorated. I don’t like it.

(Sorry, it just looks too much like a Tumblr mobile layout, and I thought the old layout was clearer and more visually interesting/full.)

@M K,

The old code for the site wasn’t updated on WordPress’ end, and it eventually broke beyond repair. This current code is close to what the original site looked like, but this is as close as it’ll get to the previous layout.

Still miss David’s Twitter feeds and the link boxes to assorted resource sites, though. Those were neat things to have lying about.

@Kat, ambassador, feminist revolution (in exile):
Of course, there are men, even white men, with naturally curly hair as well. (One fellow I knew in University who was primarily of Danish ancestry still had hair that could pass as an afro.) It’s often a bit more of a cultural issue for them due to macho attitudes. Not everybody can pull off the Bob Ross look.

And then there’s my family, with such straight hair that when my mother tried to get a perm it would be pretty much gone in less than a week no matter how she tried to reinforce the look.

It did not take long for misogynists to jump all over “Karen” as an insult they level against any and all women. Racist misogynists REALLY shouldn’t be using it ever.

Asian women are notably excepted, especially the long-haired submissive “hawt” ones of their pornographic fantasies.

Thinking some about this, it seems that it may relate to the five-factor personality model. Each factor has an opposite of sorts.

Extroversion <-> introversion;
conscientiousness <-> narcissism;
openness <-> closedness;
agreeableness <-> stubbornness;
neuroticism <-> phlegmatism(?).

Guilt would obviously strongly drive conscientiousness; the opposite of conscientiousness, which involves concern for the impact of an action on other people, would be putting oneself first, which taken to the extreme would manifest as narcissism, linked to shame.

However, my own personal experiences suggest that there may not be a simple see-saw here, where if one trait goes up the other must decrease and vice versa. I myself seem to be strongly affected by both guilt and shame. When able to think about and consider a matter in a non-pressing situation, I lean strongly to conscientiousness and to liberal and left political positions. I have a strong moral compass about harms and fairness, but also about freedom regarding choices that don’t demonstrably violate fairness or cause harms. I find any outside obstruction of free inquiry or consensual relations by individuals to be downright offensive, though I don’t extend that to large organizations, so am not opposed to privacy and antitrust regulations that would limit the free inquiry and free association of giant megacorps. That’s because I recognize a fundamental distinction between sophonts, such as human beings, and mere things, tools and such, into which category organizations like business firms fall.

Yet when my own interests are directly threatened I am quick to anger and to feel aggrieved, and much more likely to be willing to rules-lawyer and exploit loopholes if necessary to secure my own position. This especially is the case if my access to basic necessities (e.g. shelter, or my food supply) is under threat, there is a threat or the actual fact of withholding something from me that I have earned fair and square (i.e., the “other side”, such as it is, has moved the goalposts; I have indeed earned it under the rules that were communicated to me in advance, but when I held up my end of the bargain, the other side of it nonetheless reneged or is threatening in some way to do so), or there is any attempt to portray me in any way as either stupid or incompetent (whether to an outside audience, false-light defamation, or back to me, gaslighting).

These seem like traits of a more narcissistic, shame-dominated personality, whereas the rest of the time, a conscientious, guilt-dominated one.

It’s not that the latter is just something I tell myself to feel better about myself. I do walk the walk there, when not feeling under threat: I recycle, even carrying recyclable waste all the way home if need be to ensure it doesn’t just get tossed in the landfill waste stream; I vote left, or strategically to keep the right out of power; I will spontaneously, without expectation of reward, fix broken stuff I find that I have the knowledge and tools to fix, and pick up litter and suchlike, to leave things a bit better than I found them. Including when there are no witnesses and there is some inconvenience involved, at least up to a point.

Perhaps, though, as someone with an ASD and assorted comorbidities, I’m an exception to the rule? The article is likely based predominantly on neurotypical people, and outside of that subset of people maybe all bets are off.

Both mgtow and mgotw2 just need to go already. It’s so tiring to read over and over and over again how women shouldn’t be considered human like being able to vote, own a home/land and work because mgtows want to own sex slaves that are forced to stay in the kitchen.

How do they keep this energy saying the same things about women so much over and over again?

Also this reminded me how intertwined mgtows are with white supremacists

“All waves of feminism and the destruction they’ve caused are the products of White and Jewish women primarily.”

so… Countdown to when mgtows begin to fight each other? because like with every group that begins on hatred, it’s only inevitable. There are mgtows of different races, religious backgrounds and ethnicities, and with how closely a majority of mgtows like to mimic nazi jargon, it’s just a matter of time.


I get what your trying to say, but rape has nothing to do with attraction to someone. It’s about power and wanting to hurt someone in the most intimate way they possibly can.

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