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A stroll in the fetid swamp that is the Twitter hashtag #BidenWillNeverBePresident

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Sometimes I can’t bring myself to dive headlong into the swamp that is the misogynistic internet. So today I decided to take a look instead at a different sort of swamp — the Twitter hashtag #BidenWillNeverBePresident, where an assortment of Trumo dead-enders have decided to congregate and enjoy their collective delusions together.

You might think that, what with the Electoral College confirming Biden’s victory and all that, the MAGAs would have at least started to accept the reality of their situation, namely the fact that their God Emperor is a huge loser. Not a chance. It’s like they’re trying a sort of do-it-yourself version of The Big Lie — repeating their favorite lies about the elections endlessly and hoping this will transform them into the truth.

More than a few suggested that Biden’s alleged “treason” should be punished by a stay in Gitmo — or worse. Many thought that Biden’s supporters should also face jail, fantasizing about QAnon’s long-promised mass arrests.

Some called for Trump to declare martial law:

A few directed their wrath at, of all people, Mitch McConnell — for belatedly recognizing Biden as president-elect.

Others directed their ire at far-right “news” outlet Newsmax for its crime of accepting the results of the election.

Some worked their pet issues into their #BidenWillNeverBePresident rants.

Other Twitterers seemed to suggest that elections should be decided on the basis of who has the most Twitter followers — though if that were the case then Barack Obama, with more than 127 million followers, would easily push Trump out of the top spot.

And of course there were those who blamed the whole mess on — could it be? — SATAN.

It doesn’t matter if you “surrender” or not, MAGAs. Joe Biden was elected president fair and square and will be sworn in on January 20.

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33 replies on “A stroll in the fetid swamp that is the Twitter hashtag #BidenWillNeverBePresident”

They were calling Mitch McConnell “cocaine Mitch” today. I never did figure out why.

It’s a nickname he were given in the 2018 Senate race by Don Blankenship

Turtle used it to sell T-shirts this year. Made a decent wedge off them, too.

It seems like colombian authorities once found cocaine in a shipping container on one of the ships owned by his father in law’s company.

Someone is going to get killed over this. Someone is going to decide to “Fight back”. And since Biden and Harris are rather well protected now, it’ll be some mid or low level person…or someone not even involved in the slightest…that will get murdered because these death cultists are convinced they’re fighting for freedom or some such bullshit.

Oh jeez, that “stop the steal” logo sure isn’t subtle, huh? Sadly I can’t say I’m surprised.

Am I wrong to be fearful for Joe Biden’s life? Or Kamala Harris’? Because these people have made enough blatant… oops… I mean “vague” threats to their lives and I am not 100% sure they’re just talking out of their asses.

Donald is a master at stochastic terrorism, and maybe he thinks if they’re dead then he can just hold on another X years.

*Off topic, but still by the way — the trumpkins are witnessing Donald doing *precisely* what they swore up and down that Obama would do in 2016, namely try to fabricate reasons to remain in the White House and stay in power despite the election.

He is a creepy pedo elite. How y’all just look the other way is evil.

In the first sentence, you describe Trump. By now, the world knows about this:

[I]n a 2005 appearance on Howard Stern’s show, Trump bragged about doing exactly what the women describe. “I’ll go backstage before a show, and everyone’s getting dressed and ready and everything else,” he said.His position as the pageant’s owner entitled him to that kind of access, Trump explained, seemingly aware that what he was doing made the women uncomfortable. “You know, no men are anywhere. And I’m allowed to go in because I’m the owner of the pageant. And therefore I’m inspecting it… Is everyone OK? You know, they’re standing there with no clothes. And you see these incredible-looking women. And so I sort of get away with things like that,” he said.

In the second sentence, you describe yourself.

OT, but who else is getting annoyed at the incessant Amazon propaganda? It’s on every TV channel, seemingly every single ad break, and all over mobile advertising as well. And there’s no other way to describe it but “propaganda”. The ad doesn’t attempt to sell any identifiable specific product or service. Instead, it’s all like “Please don’t hurt us, even though we’re a giant profiteer with abusive working conditions and terribly low wages, because you’ll also be hurting small businesses that have our stuff delivered to them sometimes!”

I suppose they’re in fear of being slapped with some sort of regulations or something to be basically asserting that they’ve got human shields like that.

Do you know who else was fond of using human shields to deter attack? Saddam Hussein.

OT, but who else is getting annoyed at the incessant Amazon propaganda

Never seen any. Don’t have a telly and use a couple adblockers.

@Surplus to Requirements
I haven’t seen the Amazon ads, but I’m sure they’re hideous.

OTOH, I’m jazzed about what Jeff Bezos’s ex-wife, MacKenzie Scott, is doing with her money:

MacKenzie Scott: ex-wife of Jeff Bezos gives away $4bn in four months
The 50-year-old, who was married to Amazon boss for 26 years, donates to Covid groups

My main fear is how these people will react come January 20. It seems likely that unless Trump is sent to prison, he will try to present himself as some sort of government in exile and incite rebellion. I’m not particularly worried about Biden or Harris being killed because they have Secret Service protection, but I am expecting domestic terrorist attacks from Trump fans during the first few months. As a result, I also expect security to be at a maximum during the inauguration.

Re: Mitch McConnell, he’s now reaping what he’s sown. He helped build the GOP into a death cult, now he’s turned against that cult and is facing their wrath. I’m not sure if this will cost him re-election come 2026, it probably depends on how long of a memory his constituents and party have.

The Twitter followers argument is only the second-wrongest argument I’ve seen about how voting works, because I’ve also seen a number of videos where angry Trump fans explain that because most of the land on electoral maps looks red that therefore almost all the states are actually red states. It doesn’t occur to them that people, and not land, vote.


I haven’t seen an ad with that exact thrust, but I have been seeing a lot of “Amazon is such a force for good! We make people happy by existing, and are responsible for basically all the innovation ever, from space to cyberspace to meatspace!” ads that are not specifically selling anything.

I reckon it’s because FB is getting looked into for anti-trust reasons and Amazon is clearly next on the chopping block. It’s probably propaganda to stall the monopoly legalities in the first place, and in the second do a background boosting job on the opinions of any potential judges/juries.

Okay, I just saw the best description ever of the ‘Kraken’ mess of lawsuits over at Fred Clark’s Slacktivist blog:

The Coup Klutz Plan.

(The actual article, White Christianity, the First Amendment, and the intolerant barber, is about a case that attempts to claim that the Black Lives Matter plaza in Washington D.C. is a violation of the Establishment Clause because BLM is part of the ‘religion’ of Secular Humanism.)


Thanks. I’d missed that story.


I’m more worried for Harris than Biden actually. The Q anon people think that the deep state plot is to kill of Biden after he’s sworn in and make Harris president and unsurprisingly, they hate and fear her more. Because they’re racist and misogynist.

I’m an old, still watch a lot of cable, and I’ve seen the commercial that Surplus is referring to. It pisses me off every time I see it; all I can think of is a non-funny reference to that one National Lampoon issue with the dog being held at gunpoint.

Here’s the kind of insanity Trump’s election fraud claims can lead to. A former Houston PD captain has been arrested after he forced a vehicle off the road and held the driver at gunpoint. He claimed the vehicle held 750 thousand fake ballots. Police found nothing but air conditioner parts and tools.
Former HPD Capt. Mark Anthony Aguirre charged with holding repairman at gunpoint in fake voter-fraud conspiracy – ABC13 Houston

You may soon be hearing talk of “Canada’s Jeffrey Epstein.” Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard has been arrested on an extradition warrant to the US. He’s been charged with multiple counts of sex trafficking, racketeering and conspiracy.
Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard arrested in Winnipeg under Extradition Act | CTV News

A job agency once offered me an interview with that company; then I looked it up and noped out. I hadn’t even come across the sexual accusations against Nygard: it was his obsession with funding research into human anti-aging tech and his boasts that he was going to become immortal that made me decide “not going to work for a Bond villain, even if I never have to meet him directly.”

Ah, I thought Nygård’s name looked vaguely familiar. The Guardian mentions he was born in Finland (but lived in Canada almost his whole life). No wonder if I’ve sometimes seen his name mentioned on Finnish media.

@Lumipuna, I obviously don’t know about Finnish media, but Canadian media often emphasises whatever Canadian connection, however tenuous, a celebrity might have. For example at the height of her fame you’d see mentions of Paula Abdul’s mom being Canadian, even though Abdul herself grew up in San Fernando in California.

@tim gueguen

I would think in this case there would be some pains taken to maybe not claim him too eagerly as Canadian… be like all, oh, that’s the Finnish Jeffrey Epstein. Definitely the Finnish Jeffrey Epstein, haven’t you heard how Finnish he is, having been born in Finland?

And Finland would be like, not cool, man, not cool. That’s some Canadian Jeffrey Epstein right there.

Depending on what % of Republicans actually believe this, it could be nonsense, or it could be the “stabbed in the back” myth of betrayal of 1918 that German right wingers used to great effect, and lead to more violence than we’ve already seen.

They want all of our children indoctrinated to Satan’s service

Cool, they can form a KISS tribute band!

Speaking of QAnon, I stumbled across this article by a game designer a day or so ago who looked at the whole Q thing as a variation of (amongst other things) an Alternate Reality Game. He comes up with some ideas on how that whole thing managed to sink its claws into otherwise reasonable people and how it might not be possible to break the cult’s hold on them.

Amongst other conclusions, he declares that QAnon cannot be the result of a ‘Chan thread gone viral like others think; all clues instead point to one or more DMs running things instead. Which is actually a lot more disturbing in a way than everyone believing a ‘Chan post at random and creating an alternate reality from that.

I read that article previously and although I am by no means an expert I concur with the conclusion that it is not random. I have also seen speculation that Q is in fact Jim Watkins, the owner of 8kun, who has a vested interest in increasing traffic to his website, but it’s unclear if he (or whoever Q is) ever expected it to get this large. What remains to be seen is what will happen to QAnon under a Biden presidency. Given that a number of QAnon supporting representatives were elected to the House in November, it seems that QAnon will likely be a part of the Republican Party for the foreseeable future.

That’s cute, they still think “we the people” ever had a voice in the first place.

Between gerrymandering, a Constitution hobbled by a nonsensical institution meant solely to get the slavery-dependent states to join the Union, representatives who are under no obligation to actually act on behalf of the people they allegedly represent, and the absurd idea that the state could be trusted to police itself, it’s a small marvel the US has managed to preserve even the illusion of “democracy” (such as it is) for so long.

I assume all this “President-Elect” Twitter usernames I’ve been seeing are some sort of dig at Biden? Just what is the purpose?

Yes, that is what they are. I think they’re trying to say Biden isn’t the legitimate president-elect by declaring themselves president-elect as a way of mocking the title.

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