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Incel: Western women should be tried in the Hague for genocide against “manlets”

The International Court of Justice in the Hague

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Ladies! Has it ever occurred to you that your alleged lack of interest in having sex with short men is a form of genocide? I’m guessing not.

But one inventive incel, fueled by resentment and aided by an exceedingly expansive definition of genocide, has declared it so — and is demanding that women (or at least western women) should be tried in the Hague for their alleged acts of genocide.

As he sees it, by allegedly refusing en masse to have sex with short men, women are making it impossible for short men to reproduce and pass their genes along to future generations. They’re also causing these so-called manlets “serious … mental harm” by refusing to fuck them. And so these dastardly sex-denying women should be packed up and sent to the Hague to stand trial for their non-sex-having crimes against humanity — or at least those portions of humanity that are short and male and sexless.

“Women are not allowing manlets to procreate,” he declares.

They’ve set uniform height requirment for all sperm donors, so manlets can’t reproduce. Short women don’t like short guys, because they don’t want their kids to be short. Taller women hate short men and call for their death on twitter. The suicide rate is higher for short men As a result of all this europeans are getting taller and height at which one is considered manlet is rising…but they’ll prob say women have the right to choose so its okay…bla bla bla.

Apparently the right to say no to sex is hardly a basic human right at all. Who cares about the bodily autonomy of women when set against the sacred right of incel manlets to get sex from the woman of their choice? In the OP’s view, an incel’s sexual frustration outweighs the right of a woman to control what happens to her own body.

Most of the commenters agree with the OP here, with some suggesting that all women, not just western women, should be sent to the Hague. But a few raise awkward questions.

“Should I be dragged to the Hague for not fancying landwhales?” asks one not-entirely-involuntarily celibate commenter. Not that he doesn’t have what he sees as a good reason for his “no fatties” stance: “Fatties yield subhuman kids,” he writes in a followup comment. “I have science backing me up in court.”

The OP is quick to answer that, no, the fat-hating volcel’s sexual tastes are not the same thing as a woman’s sexual tastes, because in his mind fat women choose to be fat, while short men don’t choose their height.

Nah landwhales can lose weight, plus BBW porn is very popular. Also, westerners are getting taller, not thinner, so no genocide.

It would be interesting to see how these arguments would fare in the Hague, or indeed in any courtroom.

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39 replies on “Incel: Western women should be tried in the Hague for genocide against “manlets””

women are making it impossible for short men to reproduce and pass their genes along to future generations.

It’s a day ending in Y, so incels are inconsistent. If short men are so inferior and are selected against by women, shouldn’t they not exist or be going extinct? At least mainstream white supremacists are more consistent.

They’ve set uniform height requirement for all sperm donors

I highly doubt this is a thing. And why do incels care anyway? Last I checked they were anti sperm banks.

Short women don’t like short guys, because they don’t want their kids to be short.

Citation needed. I haven’t seen many women say they’re opposed to dating straight guys, but I know a hell of a lot of men who won’t date women taller than themselves (I’d guess it’s some sort of insecurity). I’d date a short guy assuming he was a good person and partner, height doesn’t really figure into what I want in a partner.

height at which one is considered manlet is rising

This may be true, since the only people I’ve ever seen use the term “manlet” are incels and they’re constantly raising the definition. Last I heard according to incels, women hate any man under 6’2″.

“I have science backing me up in court.”

I assume this means he saw it in some PragerU or Jordan Peterson video.

Wow! All this is new to me but it’s fascinating! Maybe all of these deluded man are fundamentalist Christians, maybe not, but they certainly have no knowledge of evolution or natural selection, survival of the fittest. For some strange reason I think about cave people when I think about natural selection. Probably because they acted on instinct, not forethought. When it was time to mate, the ‘female’ as they say, looked to find the best sperm for her children to be the best. Best meant the best provider, the best hunter, or even the best lover, whatever she saw fit. But men had the innate urge to fuck, anything, anyone, not necessarily the best specimen, but any vessel in the storm. If the woman would let him, he’d fuck her. Pretty much the same as today, but I digress. Woman got to choose who fathered her babies, unless she was forced, and if the male was a good specimen, her babies may be assholes, but they would be strong.

There is so much I could say, but it’s all been said before and better, but short guys have eternally had bad attitudes because women weren’t attracted to them. They’re lucky they even exist and should thank the whole that is Woman that he got a chance to live. I feel bad for them, but not enough for a pity fuck. Dude, we’re just not that into you.

I’m fat and of about average height (5’5″). I’d have no problem dating a short guy as long as he met my other criteria (kindness, sense of humor, supports equal rights).

@an autistic giraffe

“Women are not allowing manlets to procreate,” he declares.

Some short guys are charming and friendly, and when they find a spider in their shower they find a way to get the spider safely outside. Some of them call their mothers regularly and listen to you when you have a problem. Some of them have both self-respect and a sense of humor about themselves.

Then there’s this guy, who calls short guys “manlets” and wants to charge women with war crimes for not having sex with him.

From my observation short guys do have a harder time dating, and can be subject to casual cruelty and dismissiveness from arseholes of all genders. But frankly this is the same as anyone who is outside looks/weightwise of what we think of as the norm, and generally is only especially bad amongst young and immature people. The trick is not to obsess about the people that reject you.


who calls short guys “manlets”

Once again, I have yet to see any woman who hates men with these characteristics anywhere near as much as incels do.


The trick is not to obsess about the people that reject you.

Of course, then incels wouldn’t have as much to be angry about. Or, more likely, they’d find some new things to be annoyed about.

This, from the same people who consider women over age 25 hags, and throw around insulting terms like “land whales” for women larger than a size 6.

Incidentally, I don’t believe that smaller men are looked at as undesirable by most women, though I can’t prove it. Take a look at the couples you see in department stores, etc. I prefer smaller men, myself.


I prefer smaller men, myself.

I agree. I think this is probably the case for many women, seeing as a significant number of celebrities or other figures considered attractive are shorter than average. For instance, Prince was 5’3” and a lot of women found him attractive at the time. For the most part, I think this idea that women don’t like short men is a projection from men, since a lot of men don’t seem to want to date women taller than themselves.

Being asexual, I’m not interested in having sex with short men. I’m also not interested in having sex with tall men. In fact, I’m not interested in sex at all. Am I guilty of genocide?

From my personnal experience it’s kinda true-ish that a lot of women have a sexual preference for men slightly taller than themselves. They don’t like men shorter than them nor do they especially like to be dwarfed either. Men being on average taller than women that makes this preference an actual advantage.Everybody gets what they want. It’s not hard for a small man to find a comparatively just as small women. I hit every definition of a manlet. I’m 5.6 and a 110 pound who works a pink collar job and yet I have a partner and had others in the past. This is just yet another excuse of the incels that fail to recognise that the only reason they don’t have a girlfriend and never had one is because they do absolutely nothing to find one and emit the “I’m a dangerous lunatic vibe” that even the most stupid women can catch.

Uh yeah, I am absolutely into short guys. A lifetime of being physically abused by larger boys/men, has left me an appreciation for ones who look like they’d have a harder time beating me up.

I also used to be a short guy myself (I’m like 5’7”), and when dating as such it was pretty clear my problem was depression and lack of confidence, not just being short. People would think I was really cute until they noticed I hated myself.

Edit: also hi everyone, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Life has been kind of ridiculous.


I also used to be a short guy myself (I’m like 5’7”), and when dating as such it was pretty clear my problem was depression and lack of confidence, not just being short. People would think I was really cute until they noticed I hated myself.

Same here. I’m about an inch shorter than you and had the exact same thing re: depression and low confidence. A lot of that I can now attribute to dysphoria, though at the time I didn’t realize it.

The only time I’ve ever had an issue with my height was in elementary school and middle school. Since I had a birthday in the summer I was always one of the youngest kids in my class at an age when a few months’ difference in age made a huge difference in height and I was significantly below average height for my age anyway, so I got picked on a lot for being short (and seemed to get passed over for leadership roles in favor of taller students, this might be a coincidence but I’m not sure). This mostly ended around 8th grade when I had a growth spurt and got close enough to average (male) height that it wasn’t an issue anymore.

Oh, and gym class. When you have an elementary school gym teacher who looks like if toxic masculinity took a physical shape, it’s not fun to be the short, uncoordinated, feminine boy who hates sports.

Mr. Parasol is 6 ft 5, and admittedly I find that sexy, but it’s more because it’s him. He’s found his height inconvenient on more than one occasion. If he were shorter, I’d still want to be married to him.

@An Autistic Giraffe
I saw that. And they’ve almost killed a few by hypothermia as well, seeing what happened in Omaha the other day.

And aren’t these the guys who won’t date short women because they loathe the idea of “condemning their sons to manlet status”? As if they wouldn’t hate and envy any son of theirs who was taller. Height is not the problem here.

@Naglfar : I suspect the trick with the “science backing me up in court” is definying “subhuman” as “child of a woman who don’t respect all tenet of my dream woman”.

That being said, short people *are* getting selected against AFAIK (less chance of having children when smaller than average, I mean). The problem is that

A – the effect isn’t particulary big, so it would take a long time

B – even if everyone under 1m70 was totally blocked from reproducing, *and* everyone got enough food to be as tall as they can, *and* if we suppose height is a single genetic trait , you would still easily need 5 generations to make a real dent in the prevalence of the gene. For human, it’s easily 1 to 2 centuries.

More probably, one would need at least 1000 years to see a significant genetic change in human due to sexual selection. In other words, we will probably hit either social collapse or total genetic control of our offspring *way* before sexual tastes would change anything significant.

There’s also a regression to the mean effect that would come into play to reduce any possible impact. And even if we reduce height purely to genetics somehow (it appears to be about 20% genetics) there are at least 500 known genes for height that also relate to other things.

Not only have I slept with short men, but I have multiple friends who married and reproduced with them. My best friend even specifically told me “he’s to short” and then about 5 years later was asking me to be her bridesmaid. This is just an excuse. They just don’t want the women who will have them because they’re not submissive HB10s or whatever. I’m sure they would write Peter Dinklages’ off romantic success as due to his fame/money which is bull. They will always blame someone else becuase they just don’t want to work on their personalities/misogyny. I also love how they think that BBW porn signifies societies fat acceptance. Because porn =real life.

The steady upwards creep of average height in much of Europe a)has pretty much plateaued and b)happened entirely due to improved childhood nutrition and medical care over the latter half of the 20th Century. Reasons why the average height in the US plateaued shorter are left as an exercise for the reader.

On a personal note, while none of us have any desire to reproduce, my husband and boyfriend are both below 5’4″, to my 5’9″.

@ dali

Isn’t there some thing where height directly correlates to calcium uptake in childhood?

Like the Dutch are the tallest people in Europe because they get the most calcium as kids; not because the Dutch are inherently taller genetically?

I mean, there’s presumably some genetic component too, between individuals. I guessing that a height distribution graph would be the same curve for all countries; just with everything shifted up or down comparatively.

Am I on the right track there?

@Alan Robertshaw

Isn’t there some thing where height directly correlates to calcium uptake in childhood?

That might be a factor, I know that malnutrition can lead to people being a lot shorter than they would otherwise be, and that can cause epigenetic changes that can last generations. My great-great-grandparents on my mother’s side were under 5 feet because of childhood malnutrition, and to this day that side of the family is significantly shorter than average.

As for the Dutch, there’s of course the old joke that they need the height because much of their country is below sea level.

I hate to be the pendant, but The Hague is spelled with a capital T.

I have seen some Tinder profiles that specify nobody shorter than [arbitrary height limit] and even saw an otherwise-progressive blog post by a woman who referred to a guy at 5′ 8″ as needing a booster seat. So it’s not like these women don’t exist. But women who are perfectly happy dating shorter men also exist. The one does not cancel out the other. It’s not an incel’s height that is keeping him from a relationship, it’s his toxic personality.

Yeah, I hate to be the pendant too. Your arms get soooo tired and after a while you just want to go lie down with a solid surface beneath you!


There actually is a minimum height requirement for sperm banks, generally only for white donors because there are so many more of them compared to other ethnicities. Donors are marketed based on family health history and physical characteristics (both of which are easy to quantify and very heritable), and height is one selling point. Not necessarily because women are shallow (it’s not like recipients are actually dating these guys), but because people who’ve been dealing with the heartache of infertility and genetic issues want their offspring to start off with the best chance in life, and height correlates to (perceived) leadership and income potential, a situation which is perpetuated by insecure ninnies who call short people “manlets”.

It wouldn’t matter if these guys were 6’6”. Sperm banks would still reject them based on their repellant personalities. There’s no hiding that.

“Fatties yield subhuman kids,” he writes in a followup comment. “I have science backing me up in court.”

Wait, why is litigation involved here? With SCIENCE testifying on his behalf, no less. I hope it’s wearing a white lab coat and holding a beaker, so the judge takes it seriously.

I suspect the “sperm donor” in OP refers to women generally selecting fathers or sperm donors for their children. It’s terminal nihilism (reducing fatherhood to sperm) and/or slut shaming (implying that women these days mostly have children from casual relationships, by choice or by accident).

So some guy in a Halloween costume just rampaged through Quebec City, killing two people and wounding others with a sword.

Wonder if he’s an incel.

We should all go to some lawyer, get a class certified, and then sue Cronus for gross negligence on the basis that his latest product, “2020”, is dangerously defective and harmful. :/

@rabid rabbit
If he used a sword to do it I can almost guarantee that he’s either an incel or some other flavor of alt-right dipshit. They’re very into swords and other old weaponry.

Note that the generation born of mother who had malnutrition during WW2 is smaller, despite them being conceived after the war. The effect was lowered on subsequent generations.

It’s one of the first found example of hereditary trait not alway being genetical or cultural. Also, it remind that improving alimentation may take some time before having any effect !

@Buttercup : the marketing of sperm donor alway make me queasy. On one hand, some level of selection make sense, since it’s a costly operation (and not just in money), but the people who market nobel prize sperms and the like seem to go way too far on the opposite end.

AFAIK in Finland it’s illegal to select sperm donors based on traits like intelligence or looks, because that would be considered eugenics. You can only select traits like height and skin/hair color to “match” the general appearance of the recipient family. There’s general shortage of sperm, so I think tall donors are likely allocated to families that “need” them.

(However, it’s not considered eugenics to screen out inherited diseases, in addition to STDs and poor functional sperm quality.)

Naglfar said For the most part, I think this idea that women don’t like short men is a projection from men, since a lot of men don’t seem to want to date women taller than themselves.

Said this before, but this was my experience. In spades. Got turned down by at least half a dozen guys for this, and I’m only counting the ones who stated height as a reason. One of these would have been exactly my height in heels, a bit taller without. I never wore really high heels because I’ve always been crap at walking in them and they make my feet hurt anyway.

I’m 5’7″ and always gravitated to men who are shorter than 5’9″ and stocky, a bit chubby, or both.

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