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Pledge Drive! Ten Year Anniversary Edition

Your donations will help free this kitty from its orange prison. (Well, not literally.)

It’s pledge drive time once again! We Hunted the Mammoth is ad-free, and depends entirely on support from people like you. If you appreciate this blog and its one-of-a-kind perspective, please consider donating by clicking the button below.

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You can also donate by Venmo at David-Futrelle-1.

This September marked the tenth anniversary of We Hunted the Mammoth, which began as a little side-project that became the blog it is today. We were way ahead of the curve in tracking the rise of the new misogyny over the past decade, and we hope to keep providing nuanced reporting on all the newest developments for many years to come.

Which is where you all come in. WHTM is not only ad-free; I also don’t pester you with nag screens asking for donations every time you visit. I try to limit my pestering to these pledge drives, which raise the bulk of the money this blog needs to survive, supplemented by the regular/monthly donations that are also essential to this blog’s continued survival.

I know, as I have said before, that this is a difficult time to ask for donations, as many of you may be as financially strapped as I am at the moment. But if you can afford to donate, please do. And if you can donate a little extra to make up for those who can’t donate now, that would be even better. You don’t know how much I appreciate it.

My financial situation is still, I’m sad to report, pretty dire. In addition to all the regular bills, I’m still struggling with considerable medical expenses, and have unfortunately had to put off necessary dental work due to lack of funds. So every little bit you can spare would help a great deal.

Thanks in advance for your support, and for all the support that some of you have been providing between pledge drives!


21 replies on “Pledge Drive! Ten Year Anniversary Edition”

Oh yes, there wasn’t a space to write anything in the Paypal donation form, but I just want to say I appreciate your blog. Writing comedically and coherently about what’s going on isn’t easy, but you’re good at it, and WHTM has one of my favourite comment sections.

Take care!

The work you do here is amazing.
Have set up a (small, alas) monthly donation. Hope the drive does as well as you deserve!

Hey David, it’s weird to think it’s been ten years, but I did start reading this blog at university which was – weeps – a decade ago! I’ve made a small donation, hope it all adds up.

What a depressing 10 years, manosphere wise. I remember in the early years you asking us to comment about whether we’d encountered an MRA outside the internet and almost everyone saying no. Now we are just hoping we can kick them out of government without having to literally fight them in the streets.
I wish this could still be just a humour blog. Thanks for keeping on as it got darker and darker.

@Naglfar: Wasn’t that what was on the gates of the Auschwitz concentration camp? I’m beginning to think our gov’t doesn’t seem to care about us, only that we pay our taxes.\s


Wasn’t that what was on the gates of the Auschwitz concentration camp?

Yes, that’s the main reason I found it so alarming.

I’m beginning to think our gov’t doesn’t seem to care about us, only that we pay our taxes.

And if you’re rich and/or a politician, they don’t even care about the latter part.

@Naglfar – Lewandowski was trolled; he gets paid to read out short messages on one of those sites for low level celebrities and some comedians requested this. I can’t believe he doesn’t know the reference though, he must have thought he was being asked to record a very special message for some neo-Nazi fans.


I can’t believe he doesn’t know the reference though, he must have thought he was being asked to record a very special message for some neo-Nazi fans.

Of course, he’s got no shortage of those.

Re: donations (quoting my own recent comment on another blog)

Three months ago, after lengthy procrastination, I started a personal PayPal account, mainly to support my favorite blogging networks and international news outlets, For that, I shelled out some personal info and my debit card number. I even tried to read the highlights of the user agreement.

My donations caused 1.99 euro transaction fees specifically and only when I donated to PZ Myers. I never figured out the logic in that pattern. Overall, not too expensive I guess?

Now, the account is asking me to verify my identity by downloading an electronic copy of passport or other formal ID (lol what even are those ???? sounds like a security risk?). Unless I do that, my account will be apparently locked at some soon to come date. At least now I was able to spend the ca. 20 euro I had there as a leftover stash.

Does this behavior of PayPal sound familiar to people here?


Never experienced anything like that, and it sounds extremely weird. I’d withdraw any remaining funds back into your bank account.

I’ve never seen that before. Don’t do what it says, try taking all funds and personal info out of that one and create a new account.


I’d say take screenshots of these messages and send them to PayPal support. This could be a phishing attempt. The phishers have gotten very good at spoofing the forms of legitimate business these days.

Thus far, I’ve sent an email (from my PayPal account) to the support, asking what’s going on. The notice and download form appeared on my account, as well as actual email.

Conservatives: “Jade Helm! Black helicopters! Obama plans to impose martial law on Phoenix, Arizona! It’s the end of freedom as we know it! We have to stop him! AIIIIEEEE!”

Also conservatives: “If Trump wins, let’s lock down the streets of Phoenix, Arizona with our paramilitary goons, to keep the filthy leftists out. No-one will be able to come or go without a pass.”

They’re not even waiting for him to win. Because it takes time to count mail in ballots, they’ll be locking down long before any winner is announced since Trump will declare victory.

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