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The Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Open Thread

Feeling terribly sad and angry at this tremendous loss for our country. Say goodbye to (safe) abortions, say goodbye, most likely, to the ACA. And vote in November.

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Glad your situation is stable right now – but please, make a note of Clever4aGirl’s suggestion and keep it somewhere safe, not just bookmarked (you can lose all sorts of valuable info when your computer/phone decides it’s time to fry.)

Aaaaaand Mitt Romney has said he’s fine with the seat being filled this year, so for anyone who thought he had any integrity whatsover, I hope you’re not all suprised-pikachu right now.

Son of a witch on a switch. I can’t say I’m surprised Romney caved, but I’m sure angry about it.

Canadian here. I’d heard of RBG, so when I saw the news of her death, I was thinking what a shame to lose her, but I didn’t know it meant anything immediate to U.S. politics until I started reading up. I’m worried about health care, it’s already a big problem. Virtual waves of encouragement to everyone.

@Lucy Montrose – I don’t know if this will help, but the govt. of Canada has a tool to calculate “points” for immigration:

I’d looked this up earlier as part of work, doing some peripheral research on a consultation service for international students.

Oh yes, I’m back in the tutoring centre’s administration team this term – that’s why I’m so busy all of a sudden. It’s not my favourite thing to do, but I need the money because I had basically no work this summer. (Just doing tutoring alone won’t let me catch up on bills).

Back to @Lucy: yeah, I hear you about corporate expectations. Even in the business I’m at, which is a fairly small educational one, I caught some flak from a boss earlier about the clothes I was wearing. He said something about style; I got defensive and said I had a style, but I think he meant looking as if you spent money on clothes. Sigh.

I’d suggest you tell him that if he wants you to look like you “spent money on clothes”, then he ought to pay you enough to be able to spend what he’s expecting you to spend on clothes.

I was curious to see what romney would do, seeing as he was the only one of them to impeach trump. Not really surprised it came to this, though.

The Democrats kinda did something to prevent the Republicans from ramming through another nomination! Schumer is invoking the two hour rule. Republicans are furious of course.

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