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Tall men “make short roasties’ holes quiver with the thought of eradicating short men” and other insights from Twitter’s Daily Blackpill

Shaq and then-girlfriend Nicole Alexander genociding short men

By David Futrelle

The fellow who runs the Daily Blackpill account on Twitter is the very model of a modern incel — bitter, angry, hopelessly confused, and probably a few inches short of 6 feet tall. He hates Jews, “roasties,” Chad, and men taller than him.

And he’s not just mad at tall men for scoring with the women he’d like to be scoring with. No, he’s convinced that tall men are not-so-secretly working with, er, roasties of all sizes to eliminate short men from the gene pool.

See, because when “tallfags” mate with short “roasties,” their children will all be tall, I guess? At least in his version of genetics.

Daily Redpill is sort of obsessed with “breeding,” though his opinions on the subject, while strong, are helplessly muddled and self-contradictory. He’s mad at Teh Jews — or, as he puts it, (((They))) — for supposedly pushing population reduction, but he also thinks it’s ludicrous for any man to father children in this allegedly gynocentric times.

He complains that short and ugly men — or at least men who think they’re short and ugly — can’t find women who want to date them, much less have children together. But he’s outraged when he sees “low value” men in relationships with women he sees as out of their league.

And he’s also outraged that women he considers ugly are having children.

He thinks that “short jokes” justify mass murder.

Here he seems to come dangerously close to justifying violent rape for “scientific” reasons:

Adding to the long list of qualities that would make him an exceptionally un-fun date, he also thinks women are “repulsive” for wanting oral sex.

He thinks “white knights” go around killing other men who disrespect women, concluding that “[e]mpathy towards females has caused murders too numerous to count.”

Some of his takes are rather original; he thinks the government should supply girlfriends to incels to … protect them from dying in traffic accidents due to their own reckless stupidity..

A consummate incel, he celebrated last Christmas by Tweeting out a picture of incel spree killer Elliot Rodger.

So hard to figure out why no woman wants to date him.

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2 years ago

Yes, I can see how a total unwillingness to try anything new does tend to limit one’s options.

I hope that you’ll find an option that’s suitable for you eventually.

Alan Robertshaw
2 years ago

@ surplus

You posted this:

At this point, if it’s not either freely available on the web…then it’s as out of my reach as if it were on Mars.

Catalpa found this for you.

There are some online crisis chat options. This is one that I could find.

You responded:

Online counseling chat options? Who on Earth thought that was a good idea?…I guess though I should have expected that level of idiocy from someone.

Can you not see the problem there?

I’m not trying to have a dig here. I don’t think you’re deliberately setting out to alienate people; but I think that may be a reason why people give up on you.

You seem to have sunk into a permanent state of hopelessness. I’m not suggesting you don’t want help; your desperate pleas here would indicate you do. But it’s like a confirmation bias thing. You perceive the world as to to get you, or you situation as beyond remedy. So when someone does present a possible solution you find a way of dismissing it out of hand.

That would seem to be a fundamental block to ever changing your situation. As I said, I don’t think anyone here can remedy that. This is a job for professionals. I know you have all sorts of hardships and obstacles; but do you think you could at least make some tiny incremental step?

You’ve expressed your unease about seeking counselling online; but how is that any different from what you do here? You can presumably begin the process anonymously; and you wouldn’t need to give any more details about yourself or your life than you do here.

Surely it has to be worth a shot? If the only other option is to continue as you are; what do you have to lose?

Please at least consider it; no-one here wants to see you continue to suffer.

Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
2 years ago

I’m not suggesting you don’t want help; your desperate pleas here would indicate you do.

I don’t see, though, how spilling my heart to the NSA would help.

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention (other than by implication): most therapists are no more immune than most other people are to the “misolexia”, or whatever the fuck it is. I was covered by parental insurance during childhood, and did have some. And psychiatrists. They rarely lasted longer than a few weeks before transferring their practice somewhere else or retiring or otherwise finding an excuse to drop me as a patient. One even died rather than continue to see me as a patient. The sole instance to hang on longer than perhaps one month prescibed Haldol, which made everything worse and also made me sleep 16 hours a day.

My experiences with the “professional help” profession do not leave me with a great deal of confidence that the solution lies in that direction …

At the same time, of course, the same thing affects every single other profession staffed by humans. Consider how I no longer have a regular ordinary GP physician, and how HealthCareConnect quietly sat on my request for a new one. Or how, when I was fresh out of university and emailed my CV around, not a single business showed the slightest hint of interest in hiring me in the field in which I’d graduated with a 4.0 grade point average or so. Not one phone call, not one interview, not even so much as a “We regret to inform you…” form letter. Nothing. I might as well have sent every one of them straight to /dev/null for all the effect they had.

The near-universal response it seems is to ignore me, and if I do any slightest thing to make my having some unmet need difficult to ignore, to start thinking “How do we get rid of him?” Apparently I’m not allowed to have any needs met other than the most fundamental ones of food and shelter now, and I’m sure someone in a position of authority will start questioning those too soon. After all, they’re about the only things left to take away from me.

Of course, I now have no family physician and no means of dialling 9-1-1 in an emergency, during an outbreak of a lethal plague. Maybe they just figure the problem will now take care of itself in a fairly short amount of time?

Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
2 years ago

Oh and also, what’s even left to salvage at this point? Half my life is over and I’ve got nothing to show for it. I don’t have any of the usual desiderata of financial or career success. I have relatively few physical possessions, all in gradually deteriorating condition, and thanks to the coronavirus no future prospect of ever replacing or augmenting these again. The rest of the world outside of my home seems to be going to shit at an ever-accelerating pace. And, as of last week or so, I have fewer substantial relationships with other people than I had on the day I was born, and of course no way to ever meet anyone new ever again, between my everpresent transportation difficulties, the virus, and being shunned now by social media for unspecified and vague reasons that no doubt boil down to “because fuck you, that’s why”.

What would be useful is for this entire tale of woe to serve as a warning of some kind. I doubt I’m unique. Other people have run afoul of whatever fucked my life up. And not all of them are too old to save yet. Some haven’t even been born yet who will be affected if nothing is done.

Research this. Figure out what it is. And don’t let it happen to anyone else!

And do give me the satisfaction, if possible, of knowing, once you do figure it out, if I’m still around by then.

Rhuu - apparently an illiterati
Rhuu - apparently an illiterati
2 years ago

@Surplus – Freaking seriously??

One even died rather than continue to see me as a patient.




None of us can help you. You don’t even actually want help from us!

You want to make yourself feel better that there are no solutions to your problems, because our suggestions will take some work for you to adapt to your needs.

Stop dumping this on us, we don’t deserve it.

Three thoughts I’d like to leave you with: I’m sorry you have it tough, in ways that do honestly really suck.

Maybe you could think about how others also have it tough, in different ways than you?

Finally: YOU DON’T HAVE A NEMESIS. This is red flag #1 on why you NEED a therapist. Honestly ask yourself why a *world wide magical consortium* would target you, specifically. You aren’t a gary stu chosen one to save the world, you’re just a person, like the rest of us.


2 years ago

Surplus, I’m sorry for the distress you’re experiencing.

By the end of childhood I’d lost count of the times that someone had, apparently, spent a good 20 minutes or more furiously thinking at me to do something, or sometimes to stop doing something, without uttering a word about it out loud, getting more and more frustrated when I naturally did not respond to their unspoken request, until they’d eventually just explode like a pressure cooker with a faulty valve. Most likely I’d have responded positively to a politely-worded request but no, in my case they refuse to be seen speaking to me so telepathy it was … which, of course, didn’t work.

As someone with an ASD diagnoses, I do sometimes inadvertently offend, usually through omission of some bit of politeness, and will try to avoid future such omissions when one has been pointed out.

It is absolutely true that very often a lot of social rules go unstated, especially among children, and then those who do not naturally pick up on what isn’t said are often punished and ostracized. This is deeply unfair. However, I want to remind you that you have been repeatedly asked here by many people not to dump all your problems on us and then treat us with scorn when we do not solve them for you. Nevertheless, when Catalpa suggested online therapy, you said this:

Online counseling chat options? Who on Earth thought that was a good idea? People won’t open up without the guarantee of confidentiality, to the point they have to disallow even cops with a warrant from being able to pry into therapy sessions … and then someone thinks they can just offer something like that over IRC or the web where any Tom, Dick, or Hacker can listen in (and the NSA certainly will) and expect that to work? Yeesh.

Who on Earth thought it was a good idea? Well, Catalpa, obviously, since she suggested it to you. (I do too, fwiw.) So when you go on and on and on about how only the very worst person could think that was a good idea, you are calling Catalpa, the person who is trying to help you despite your repeated unkind behaviour, the very worst sort of person. That is not nice. That is a behaviour that I don’t like, and I wouldn’t put up with it from someone I spend time with.

I am sorry you have lost your connections to some of your family. You talk a lot about how they could help you. You do not talk much about what you do for them. Your one relative that you are still in touch with, the one you mockingly call “Mr. Reliable,” do you ask him about his day? Do you thank him for his help? Do you like him? How about the relatives that don’t reach out to you anymore? If instead you treat them with the same entitlement to their time and dismissive sarcasm that you use when describing them here, I’m not sure why you would have expected them to keep coming back for more.

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