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OH NO A SNAKE TORNADO: Twitter takes 5/2/20

I thought I’d start up again with my little Twitter roundups. Consider these to be open threads.


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Wow, the ways in which a hetero male having sex with a hetero female can be secretly gay is a list that just gets longer and longer.
I blame all those Lisa Frank rainbow stickers.

Contraception is literally gay. It functionally turns a women’s vagina into a dudes ass.

Umm, no, not unless your particular contraceptive causes defecation from the vagina (if this is happening, seek medical help).

I can only assume this fellow has never had vaginal or anal sex and/or is doing them very wrong.

And does it go the other way so if a straight dude has anal sex with a condom with another guy the sex is straight?

too many abortions caused god to put the souls in the wrong bodies

Wait, so trans* people do exist now? I thought the consensus among bigots was that we were making it up.

She assured those that she was not a Nazi, and stated, “I have Jewish friends.”

I’m morbidly curious what Ben Shapiro’s defense of that sign would be.

And even then, what happens if a man uses a condom while having anal sex with a woman? Does the anus become a double anus?

Apparently God isn’t very powerful if not only can he not stop abortions, but he is so effected by them he can’t properly insert souls into people.


Is any instance unprotected sex between a cis straight couple that doesn’t end in pregnancy also gay? Pregnancy can’t be confirmed til a few weeks later, so does the couple need to wait with bated breath in order to confirm their heterosexuality? If not pregnant, are they shunned for their degeneracy?

Groundbreaking observation, but more follow-up is required so I know exactly who to call a commie on Twitter.

@An Autistic Giraffe

the gates said “work sets you free” didn’t they? Many victims where worked to death but she’s protesting for the right to go back to work so I’m a bit confused as to why she would choose to put the on her sign.


I’ve got three guesses

a) She’s trying to say the lockdowns are equally as bad as genocide.

b) She’s some sort of Alex Jones type who believes the virus is fake so “(((THEY)))” can round people up in fema concentration camps and exterminate them. (Sort of like the plot of the game Deus Ex).

c) She’s just some Nazi fuck.

@weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

Yes, but have you considered that sodomising your girldfriend could also be gay? You don’t understand anything about science.


Re the Illinois sign – as has been pointed out in the comments there, the initials JB refer to the governor of Illinois, who’s Jewish, so there’s also a level of threat there.

Re Katelyn Burns, she didn’t write that bit of weirdness, just reported it (note that it’s a screencap included in her tweet). Could still be a joke originally I suppose, but could just as easily not be.

@Penny Poe’s law is alive and well, thriving even! Shall we hold a eulogy for the dividing line between sincerity and satire?

I’d like to point out that Nazi lady even used the distinctive inverted ‘B’ which appears at Auschwitz. That’s some special dedication to anti-semitism.

Note that this abortion hypothesis explains the “sudden appearance” of trans* people in the modern age. I can’t imagine how it deals with all of the embryos that abort naturally by themselves. Perhaps those had no souls?

Regarding whether it’s a joke or not, people sometimes say ridiculous things without realising it. I once saw someone say that gay people exist because their “one true love” happens to be the same gender they are. I assume this was supposed to be a sweet sentiment, but all I got out of it was that they sure felt gay people needed a reason to exist. And then there’s the bi-erasure, and I guess asexuals are counted as gay or straight according to their romantic orientation, if any?

@An Autistic Giraffe

Just for the record, the “abortion makes you trans” tweet was a joke. The woman who wrote that is a trans reporter for and a quick glance at her stuff I think makes it clear she’s not a fundie.

I know who Katelyn Burns is, but she seems to be mocking the screenshot of a conversation rather than pushing a message she wrote.

Re: the Nazi sign
It could also be some confused fascists who thought it looked good on a sign because they mixed up their slogans. Fascists aren’t known for being bright or good at planning.


Perhaps those had no souls?

I think fundamentalists think that then it’s okay because Goddidit so it must be for the greater good. Presumably that means they don’t have souls.

@Weasel-Rah : while the restriction to be a “real man” change all the time to make sure most are at least partially excluded, I believe that one is more a way to radicalize thoses unsatisfied men into proper radical conservatives and religious zealot.

If they were secure in their virility, they would joke about being able to make a women on the pill pregnant.

@Masse_mysteria : asking “at which moment someone get a soul ?” is in my experience a good way to expose and embarass that kind of people. Depending on their answer, even more embarassing questions open, like “if all souls are supposed to live long enough to meaningfully embrace or reject god, why the infantile mortality was so high before the modern times ?”

[Meta] I can’t catch up anymore.

Whatever is broken with the “recent comments” at this site is now really REALLY broken.

I reload the current thread and read what’s new. I check “recent comments” and see that a second thread has some new comments. I right click “open in new tab” that and … the “recent comments” on the two tabs don’t agree. New comments were apparently posted in between my reloading the first thread and loading the second. So I reload the first one again … and they STILL don’t agree. So I reload the first one again. And again. And again. And 100 more times. And they STILL don’t agree.

A couple of years ago, this didn’t happen at all. A couple of weeks ago, this would happen, but after 100 or 200 or so reloads the one that was out of date for some reason would finally load correctly, and the two would agree on what set of comments existed, and I could then read the new comments and be done, secure in the knowledge that I had fully caught up.

Now though it is taking more like 500 or even 1000 reloads before the server sends a correct, up to date copy instead of a stale one, AND it will now have comments the OTHER tab doesn’t have, so I have to go to THAT one and reload it over and over … and eventually when that one finally comes out up to date now IT again has comments the FIRST one doesn’t have.



TELL ME how to reload a page here and get a 100% up-to-date CURRENT copy and not a stale one from five minutes, ten minutes, or even an hour ago.

I was willing to put up with occasionally having to hammer reload a few dozen times but I am emphatically NOT willing to put up with having to do it thousands of times for literally 20-30 minutes before I get a correct, up to date set of loaded tabs and can catch the fuck up.

FIX THIS. Or tell me how I can speed up this process and catch up reliably quickly.

I’ve been noticing problems, but it only seems to take me one refresh to fix.

Well now I feel so unrefined for just reloading my tab to see if the thread I have open has new comments.

The number it takes me seems to be increasing with every passing day and it has now passed the bounds of the ludicrous. I won’t accept this any more. How do I do a reload that produces a guaranteed fully up-to-date page in response IN ONE SINGLE ACTION, rather than hundreds or even THOUSANDS of repetitive mouse clicks over 10 or 15 goddamn MINUTES??? And NO, shift+reload does NOT seem to work.

I could have been happily left un-reminded that such a book cover exists, David!!

And how the hell does someone go “restrictions to reduce COVID-19 spread = Nazi concentration camps”? It’s almost as bad as the MRAs comparing men to slaves because, oh noes, women have more rights than they did a few decades ago.

@Surplus – I grant that this is annoying. What I don’t quite understand is why the lag in seeing new comments is a practical problem. When comments are rendered slightly “out of date” by replies that appear before them, the conversation is usually still coherent.

Buuuuut that’s easy for me to say….in this case. ADHD here, and I also have a tendency to get anxious about seemingly unimportant things* (just not this particular thing).

*Example! Once I spent about 2 hours tweeting about a weird error in a mini encyclopedia I found on my brother’s shelf. It was a seriously weird one though; the sentences in each entry seemed to be arranged in random order. My father speculated that maybe it was some software mistake during the layout. SO. FRIGGIN. WEIRD. (Though not terribly “important.”)

Since this is an open thread:

Humanity really likes to build up my faith in it, before tearing that down.

World of Warcraft is played with a keyboard and mouse in tandem. You can play with just one or the other, but it is inefficient. This means accessibility issues for some people who cannot physically use both or even cannot use either.

There are gamepad controllers designed for people with accessibility issues, but at this time WoW cannot be played with a gamepad unless you use third-party add-on programs that can be very finicky and hard to use.

So Blizzard (Wow’s developers) are finally adding optional controller support in the next expansion. It won’t be as efficient as keyboard-and-mouse play due to the nature of the game, but it will make the game available to a lot of people who physically could not play it before. The effect on keyboard-and-mouse play will be nonexistent, just like the “colorblind” option for the graphics.

This made me feel good… until I read what quite a few vocal players are saying about it. They are angry that Blizzard is “wasting development time” on a feature that won’t benefit them.

People are angry about the video game equivalent of an automated door button. It doesn’t affect them at all… and as far as I can tell this is WHY they’re angry – that Blizzard is daring to put time, effort, and money into people who are Not Them.

Draw any political conclusions from this that you like.

I keep seeing claims that some of these Nazi-inspired protest signs are photoshopped – but they can never agree which ones are the photoshopped ones are, or provide the alleged unaltered originals, so I am skeptical.


They are angry that Blizzard is “wasting development time” on a feature that won’t benefit them.

This feels familiar. Whiny gamer bros think every feature must be about them. I wonder if they get similarly upset when a game adds more language options for languages they don’t speak.

What always baffles me about these kinds of gamers is: most games, especially MMO type games, are better the more people play them and you get a bigger community. Although I’m not a gamer, when it comes to my interests in other media like music or books I usually encourage more people to consume that media to expand the community. By being an asshole and opposing diversity/accessibility features, they are limiting the size of the community and their own experience. And that just seems counterintuitive. I mean, I know why bigots want to restrict their game to able-bodied white cishet men, but I just can’t relate.

The photoshop claims seem overblown—every time a terrorist is shown to have Trump/other right wing stickers or insignia conservatives like to claim it’s a photoshop job to try to dissociate themselves. It seems that here a similar thing is happening, in that they’re trying to save face by denying it.


I wonder if they get similarly upset when a game adds more language options for languages they don’t speak.

Oh, in spades!

It’s actually a ton of work to do. It’s something that easily falls to the wayside in a project. On the other hand, if you’re in Quebec, if your game comes out in French from the start you get a lot better tax credit. And you’ll obviously want to publish in English to get an international audience. So everyone does it who’s claiming tax credits.


They seem to throw tantrums about ANYTHING that makes the game more approachable, such as:

Making the GUI more understandable, often by imitating third-party addons that the complainers themselves were using so that, for example, you know WHERE the specific bears whose asses you need to collect can be found. Games should be frustrating!

Making it so that high-level content is not locked behind twenty hours of grinding. Why should people who can’t treat the game as a second job be able to play the whole game?

Adding a matchmaker system for group content so that running a dungeon does not require that you find four other people with a specific mix of roles, and then spend twenty minutes traveling to the dungeon, but instead can queue up in a menu, get teleported to the dungeon, when return to where you were afterwords. Don’t they understand that standing in a city spamming trade chat and then walking for twenty minutes is the BEST part of the game?


To say Alex Jones has a warped view of his fellow humans would be like saying Anchorage can get a little cold during the winter.


The aforementioned “whiny gamer bros” are why I mostly stick to Facebook game apps. That and the fact my hand/eye coordination is atrocious.

Taking the time to de-lurk just to express the sentiment that gun-wielding Nazis, loudly protesting en-masse and mingling with each other seems to be a problem that might just take care of itself on its own. Then again, these irresponsible idiots will undoubtedly interact with other people in public places, so it’s nothing to be celebrated.

On the other hand, looks like we fucked up big time down here. I would pay good money for a reasonable explanation as to how on Earth we went from 71 to 45,000 infected after we declared one of the earliest quarantines in the region (if not the world) and stuck to that for 2 months.

Btw, spoiler alert, I’m still alive but that because I haven’t caught the Rona yet. Who knows, if I keep on taking the same precautions I am taking I might end up making it until the vaccine is ready (I was pre-diabetic the last time I checked but I was doing the whole treatment to reverse it).

World of Warcraft is fifteen years old. Maybe players should be happy it’s still getting support and development?

@Moggie : that being said, it’s a game with a monthly subscription, so continued development is expected.

Like if you rent a car, you expect the lending company to upkeep and/or replace it

The anti-game pad are mostly wankers, but I would point that part of their worry also come from the kerfuffle over Diablo, another of their game. Blizzard miscommunicated and shown a hugely watered down version of Diablo (for mobile gaming) as the new installment, which .. did not go well. Since then they have shown a better sequel in the works, but since that incident a lot of people fear that Blizzard would try to cut whatever they like in the game.

(a lot of word to say that often, far right wankers start from legitimate concerns and blow them out of proportion in addition to inject unhealthy doses of racism, classism and sexism)

@Chris O. : as a former facebook game developers, they have tons of toxic gamers, who in additions are the main income source. I would say to avoid forums about the games you play overall. If you think that kerfuffle about controller was bad, you’d better not see what emails the devs sometime get.


Oof, I remember my game dev email days. Not the best emails I ever got, let me tell you. I had to start going by the male-sounding short form of my name to get anything whatsoever done. Game dev is not kind to women programmers.

Although weirdly the thing I remember as being the most dehumanizing is when I was at a printers with a male coworker, who was there for other reasons than the technical specs of what we were doing, and the printer had an entire conversation with me about cmyk and rgb and what formats printed on what types of materials. But the whole time he refused to address me, and addressed only my male coworker, staring him dead in the eye, who was totally weirded out and trying to direct him back to me with things like, “You should probably talk to Big Titty Demon about that, she knows about that, right, Big Titty Demon?” It was like the printer would not acknowledge that the woman was the one with the technical knowledge, and was imagining my coworker was answering or something. Utterly dehumanizing. The company I worked for never used that printer again.

Although the casual abuse you can get by a friend accidentally letting slip you’re a woman on League of Legends used to run some stiff competition.

I once saw an add by a German charity where they showcased tons of accessibility technology for people with disabilities.

The tongue operated video game controller was seriously cool.

The language board a little girl was using had the vocabulary completely controlled by her and contained swear words, which had me very happy for her, because I know there are people out there who try to limit the expression of kids like her.

This also reminds me of that time a bunch of them melted down about games having an easy mode.

@Knitting Cat Lady
The thing that frustrates me is how overpriced a lot of spelling board apps are. Many of the high quality ones cost hundreds of dollars. These are necessary for a lot of people to communicate and it’s just unethical to charge this much. I understand that maybe there’s a lot of effort into development or something, but even then it’s overpriced.

@Big Titty Demon : I was lucky on that front, even if the sentence “you’re skilled in programming for a girl” still give me murder impulse.


Yes, development costs for that sort of app would be huge.

This is why, in my opinion, they should be developed with public funding and free for the end user.

@Knitting Cat Lady

This is why, in my opinion, they should be developed with public funding and free for the end user.

That would be a good idea. A society should provide for all its residents, and that definitely includes necessary services like language boards and other communications assistance devices.

There’s relatively little people interested in them, so they need to sell for a lot to recoup the development cost. Which can be an argument for public development indeed.

My theory on gamer bros is: gaming studios will sometimes give the appearance that they are changing or adding to a game based on popular demand (which may well be true, often as not). Blizzard definitely does this from time-to-time. Companies reacting to comsumer pressure should be just a fairly normal thing to do. But some gamers with no sense or proportion or perspective will notice this and decide that anything anyone say online about a game they like is now Very Important, as it could cause developers to change decisions about the game. So they will relentlessly stan stuff they like about a game, and completely lose their shit over they tiniest things they don’t like about a game. One can see this many places on the internet, but it seems particularly common with gamers.

It’s been explained to you multiple times. To paraphrase myself:

To see the most recent comments, remove the ‘/comment-page-1/#comment-1234567’ (actual numbers will be different) from the end of the url and load again.

(The above usually works for seeing the edit link, too, for anyone having trouble with that.)


I won’t accept this any more.

And as opposed to accepting it, you will do what?


Well, that’s depressing :-/. I guess it’s nice that Blizzard is trying to make their game accessible to people who couldn’t use it? I guess?

A couple random things, since this is an open thread.

1. I found this over at the Patheos blog group, and figured folks here might want to consider if it’s likely to be true:

The tl:dr is that while Russia is (apparently) planning a bot barrage to get Trump re-elected because he’s useful to them, China is (apparently) planning a counterbot barrage to make Trump loose because he’s made them pretty mad over the covid-19 stuff.

If both of those statements are true, then this will be an…interesting 6 months to November. >.<

2. To pick up from a conversation from a few threads ago, can someone explain to me why and how making autistic people drink bleach to ‘cure’ them got started? Because I cannot see the logic behind this being considered a good idea by anyone.

I mean, I can see the ‘logic’ behind someone thinking the mechanical lubricant WD-40 would work on stiff elbow and knee joints, or see the ‘logic’ if someone tried to whiten their skin tone using bleach. But drinking something poisonous that’s made to be at a strength to clean off factory machines…what the hell?!?

The only thing worse is the fact that there’s evidently just enough official looking webpages out there to make the police and Social Services decline to interfere when these cases are brought to their attention because the parents ‘are practicing alternative medical treatments’ to cure their autistic children of their condition. (Maybe the folks pushing this as a treatment should drink a dose first in front of their patients, to prove it’s safe and effective?)


why and how making autistic people drink bleach to ‘cure’ them got started? Because I cannot see the logic behind this being considered a good idea by anyone.

I don’t know when it started initially, but I do know that the most common name for it, Miracle Mineral Supplement (used because it sounds better than “feeding kids bleach”), was coined in 2006 in a book by Jim Humble, an ex-scientologist.
The main justifications I’ve heard have been woo-y crap about “toxins” and the standard garbage pseudoscience. I think (but am not sure) that their thought process is that they think autism is caused by toxins, and that bleach is good for cleaning, so bleach could treat it (quite similar to Trump’s inject bleach plan).

Part of why I’m so annoyed about Trump’s bleach thing is that it empowers a lot of these people.

Maybe the folks pushing this as a treatment should drink a dose first in front of their patients, to prove it’s safe and effective?

I’d like to see Trump do the same with his proposed COVID-19 treatment.

(Maybe the folks pushing this as a treatment should drink a dose first in front of their patients, to prove it’s safe and effective?)

Isn’t it mostly bleach enemas, not drinking bleach, that is the trend there?

I doubt parents would get away with this if they were using this “treatment” on neurotypical children. It’s straight-up ableism, not only in the drive to cure autism, but in the inaction of authorities when faced with this kind of medical abuse. Take a neurotypical, straight-A student and give him a bleach enema, and see how quickly people move to put a stop to it.


It’s straight-up ableism, not only in the drive to cure autism, but in the inaction of authorities when faced with this kind of medical abuse. Take a neurotypical, straight-A student and give him a bleach enema, and see how quickly people move to put a stop to it.

Oh, of course. Bleach isn’t the worst of it, either. Parents have murdered their autistic children and gotten off without jail time. And others have openly ruminated in front of their children about murdering them.

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