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The Daily Stormer imagines a “bright new” postapocalyptic future ruled over by “Aryan rape gangs”

Andrew Anglin: Rape fan

By David Futrelle

Andrew Anglin thinks the end is near — that the world as we know it will collapse within ten years due to what he sees as a “bizarre” overreaction to the coronavirus. After this particular apocalypse, the Nazi troll writes in a post on his Daily Stormer website, the remaining people of the world will be plunged into a dark and violent time in which they’ll have to struggle just to survive.

And that’s when, in Anglin’s eyes, things start to get fun.

Anglin, a vicious misogynist as well as a racist, envisions a world in which he and other brave Aryan men will gather together into roving “rape gangs,” capturing white women of “breeding age” across the North American continent and turning them into sex slaves, using them to produce pure Aryan children to use as cannon fodder in a genocidal, generations-long race war against the Mexicans.

“The Aryan Rape Gang is the organizational method of this bright new future we are entering,” he explains.

You need to motivate your crew, and give them a purpose and a moral justification at the same time. You also need to win a race war against the Mexicans after most of your own race has been wiped out because they were too weak to survive a societal collapse. All of these problems find an answer in the rape gang to breeding farm pipeline.

Alas, he informs his possible future gang members, he cannot guarantee that all the sex slaves will start as virgins.

We cannot afford to only take virgins. We need all women of breeding age for the breeding farms. Virgins that are found should be reserved for yourself or your top commandants.

The sex slaves will have more than one use, though; they’ll also take care of growing crops and raising chickens while the rape gangs are out pillaging and capturing even more women.

“You should also kidnap male children to use as soldiers in your army,” he adds.

Not Mexican children, of course, but only the whites, as they will remain loyal. In fact, do not even take Mexican females as sex slaves, because whoever fathers their children will want to integrate them, and that mustn’t be allowed. 

He provides this helpful flow chart:

Anglin is especially concerned with providing “moral justification” for the heinous acts he fantasizes about doing, and he returns to the subject again and again, perhaps suggesting that what little remains of Anglin’s conscience isn’t entirely on board with this elaborate rape fantasy.

You … need to explain to your men that the only way to rebuild is to breed an army to fight the Mexicans, and the only way to do that is to hoard women on the farm and keep them constantly pregnant. Your men will like the idea of having sex with many women, and will appreciate the moral justification. …

Your men have to feel they are doing the right thing. They will be doing the right thing, of course, but they need to know that. So if you have to do things like leave fat, old people to fend for themselves after you’ve stolen their children, you must remind your men that this is a war that is bigger than any person – even yourself – and it must be won at all costs. …

Primarily, you need to incorporate religion into your band, which you will run as a cult. You should fashion yourself as both a preacher and a general.

Indeed, in keeping with the religion theme, Anglin offers up some Bible passages that suggest to him that abducting women to use as sex slaves is fine and dandy to God.

Anglin goes into some detail on how exactly the rape gangs should work, where they should set up their compounds, and other logistical details; he’s clearly spent a good deal of time thinking all this through.

He acknowledges that even for those doing the raping, life will be difficult. But he thinks it will be well worth it.

Once we’re in the Wasteland … it’s going to be a hard life and many will suffer and die, but at least it will be fun and interesting, and we will finally be at war with Mexico.

It’s basically going to be like an awesome video game.

That’s what every prepper secretly (or not-so-secretly) believes. It’s not true, and Anglin, who can’t even manage to get along with most of the rest of the alt-right, would likely get himself shot in the back by a former ally pretty quickly in a postapocalyptic world.

Anglin’s fetid fantasies represent the woman-hating ideology of the alt-right — which emerged in part from the misogynistic cesspools of 4chan and the right-wing manosphere — taken to its logical conclusion. Other alt-rightists joke about rape; Anglin openly fantasizes about brutalizing women and treating them like animals.

Now, Anglin is a troll, and so it’s hard to tell how seriously he takes all of what he’s written in this vile post. But he seems pretty sincere about most of his professed beliefs, and the degree of detail in his post suggests he’s thought this adolescent fantasy through carefully. But even if he were just writing the world’s worst speculative fiction, it, like Anglin himself, is still an exceedingly hateful piece of work.

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115 replies on “The Daily Stormer imagines a “bright new” postapocalyptic future ruled over by “Aryan rape gangs””

Re: Alternative fuels during WWII.

My dad told me about my granddad running a vehicle fuelled by producer gas, essentially carbon monoxide brewed up from a limited – draught coke (that’s roasted coal for the non – boomers) oven, mounted on a trailer.

Seems it was a pain to use as the spark plugs needed carbon deposits removed after pretty much every journey, and if you were careless operating the oven it might not be good for the eyebrows.

@Allandrel : and bows have a ton of advantages over guns too. The thing is, all thoses advantages are made completely moot by the fact you probably will have 20 useful crossbowman (10 that know how to fire, 10 that reload) by the time you have one bowman.

Or 0.1 slingers. Slingers are often the cheapest option in various games, but in reality they needed an elite-level of training (for relatively good result, but not at all proportioned to the amount of effort invested). AFAIK, it was more that a bunch of shepherd knew how to operate a sling, and when war come they were enlisted to do what they was already able to do. Distributing thousands of slings to random peasants is a waste of leather

@Nagfljar : true that, too. I expect people to not think of bicycle more often than to alternative fuels, but combustion motors are better (and require more infrastructure, of course)

Dalillama wrote:

there’s no plausible apocalypse that puts overall tech back by more than a century or two

Well, a direct hit from a large coronal mass ejection on the scale of the Carrington Event would completely fuck most of our modern tech to pretty much that point and would require us to rebuild from scratch all the infrastructure needed to create and maintain our modern society, so that might qualify. Throw in some famine and the inability to produce more antibiotics at anything like scale, and our species would be pretty fucked.

Except for any of the minimal- to no-contact hunter-gatherer tribes that survive in sufficient numbers to sustain themselves, of course. In a couple of generations, they’d probably be humanity’s best shot at survival….

@gaebolga : still only one century or two of set back in your example. Frying all electronic don’t prevent people from doing metallurgy.

@ ohlmann

Distributing thousands of slings to random peasants is a waste of leather

The Roman Legions utilised specialised slingshot auxiliaries; often from the Baleric islands.

They were very effective when used from fortified positions against besiegers.

Bullets appear to have been mass produced. They were personalised though with insults written on them.

They also produced a special type of shot with holes in them. They produced a screeching noise; a bit like the Jericho Trumpets on Stukas. They were smaller than regular bullets, too small to really injure, and appear to have been designed to lob several at once. So a psychological weapon rather than a practical one.


True, but it’s a good deal more precipitous than most apocalypses (it would be so great if the plural of apocalypse was apocalii…), and the path back would be longer, steeper, and far less likely to occur. And the longer we exist as a high-tech society – the more third-world nations catch up to the first-world nations in integrating tech into daily life – the worse such a fall would be, and the longer it would take to get back on our feet, because fewer and fewer people would remember how to do things low-tech.

While it’s true that our general tech level may not be able to slip back more than a couple centuries at this point, some apocalii (fuck it, I’m using that now) would put us in a position where it would take more than a couple hundred years to get back to where we are now.

@Gaebolga, Ohlmann
Even in the event of a solar flare, a lot of physical infrastructure (roads, buildings, etc) would still be standing and those can be used without a high level of technology once they exist. Even airports, since some older and ultralight aircraft don’t use much computing technology and those could still be used from existing facilities.

@ naglfar

a lot of physical infrastructure (roads, buildings, etc) would still be standing

I’m not so sure. Unlike Roman roads and cathedrals, a lot of modern infrastructure needs constant maintenance. Just look at abandoned buildings. They can become dilapidated in just a few years.

Ironically simper tech can often be more robust. Modern runways get all sorts of cracks in just from weather, that can soon render them unusable. WW2 airfields just put steel mesh down on grass; and that stuff is pretty much indestructible.

Source: Once tried to take some of it up.

In the case that this were ever to happen, how would they identify white-passing Mexicans? Would they see them as still Mexican and therefore “bad” or think the light features means they’re still up for grabs?

This is, I think, one of the most appalling things I’ve ever read. It’s also one of the most racist. I don’t know why he thinks Mexicans have stolen US land (??? the audacity of a white person complaining about land being stolen is next level stupid) and thinks that they have a “collective racial agenda” (whatever the fuck that means).

It is utterly bizarre how horrible and yet inconsistent this all is. How can women do all the farming while being constantly pregnant at the same time? Is it just that he can’t imagine doing the actual teamwork and community-building involved with farming, so he wants someone else to do that labour? It seems so inconsistent that women are so intensely valuable that they need to be conscripted by rape gangs and yet so expendable that all your food production should be put into the hands of people who presumably hate you now for kidnapping and raping them? Who’s going to take care of the pregnant people? I hate it when dudes seem to think pregnancy is easy or automatic or not likely to kill you in a society that has no access to technology; there are absurdly high maternal mortality rates in pre-industrialised countries.

This is just so bad. Usually I don’t click through to the article and I feel vindicated in that decision reading this because this was just awful and deeply disturbing as an experience. Maintaining “racial purity” is so stupid as a motivation when you’re rebuilding from an apocalypse. Humans are social animals and these monsters will never understand the amount of effort that goes into building a community that is absolutely vital to our survival. Anglin’s commune-cult would fall apart immediately.

The really hysterical thing about Anglin’s fantasy screed to me is that he and his DS cohort in stupidity, Weev, are both 5’4″-5’5″ midgets. In any Mad Max Thunderdome dystopian world, both of these losers would have to come out of their virtual basements and show off their (literal) shortcomings. I figure by the end of the first week they’d both be subjects of a long pig roast.

I don’t know. Tiny little Napoleon managed to hold command over a big strapping army and conquer much of the known world. And it’s also reputed that George Washington was shorter than average …

On the other hand, both probably had more charisma in one little finger than either of those Nazis have in their whole bodies.

@ surplus

Tiny little Napoleon

It’s a bit of a myth that Napoleon was particularly short. He was probably of at least average height.

The confusion arises partly because the British and French inches are different lengths; but Napoleon himself said that British cartoonist James Gillray “did more than all the armies of Europe to bring me down.” He did a cartoon of a tiny little Napoleon in boots too big for him, and that image stuck.

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