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Dogpill squared: Incel wants to lose his virginity to man’s best friend, asks “are there even any breeds that are attractive?”

WTF, dude

By David Futrelle

I suppose it was inevitable. Incels obsess endlessly over what they call the “dogpill,” their evidently quite sincere belief that a large number of white women are having sex with their dogs. So I guess it was only a matter of time before one of these weirdos began to wonder if he could get in on all this alleged dog sex himself, and use man’s best friend to “ascend” to the realm of the sex-havers, i.e. fuck a dog himself.

He just wants to find one that reminds him of a white person. Because in addition to being a potential dog-molester, he’s racist as fuck.

Take it away, Wizard32 on the forums:

[Discussion] if we were to emulate foids and use dogpill to ascend with female for 1st time, are there even any breeds that are attractive?
 Thread starterWizard32  Start dateFriday at 4:12 AM
Inceldom Discussion
May 20, 2018
11d 15h 9m
Friday at 4:12 AM
Cartoon dogs are the only ones I've found attractive so far. I was trying to think of what dog would be the least like a nigger.

Best I can figure is dalmatians since they're mostly white and short-haired so it would feel sort of caucasian and they're pretty big so probably would have tunnel size comparable to human.


He helpfully posts some NSFW dalmatian sex cartoons to illustrate what’s going on in his brain, I guess; I’ve left them out of the screenshot on the off chance you have not lost your lunch yet.

Wizard32’s colleagues on are not exactly encouraging.

“Dogs just aren’t attractive,” writes someone called cryptic__egg.

Dogs work for foids since they only require dick to be happy, but men are attracted to the whole female form, and vaginas alone look like shit 99% of the time. Dogs aren’t viable cope.

Another commenter shares cryptic’s disgust, but goes on to offer some helpful suggestions. As frustratedhapa puts it:

There are tons of beautiful breeds, but none sexually attractive. Only a sicko would find a dog hot. But perhaps you can program your mind to be turned on by them. Try watching tons of animal porn until it becomes an acquired taste. 

If you’re looking for a beautiful WHITE dog, try a samoyed:

Or if you want shorthaired, get a white labrador:

Wizard32 also suggests that he could be into dolphin sex.

If you were swimming with a human foid and got a boner for her but then she grabbed your dick and jammed it into the slit of a dolphin foid I bet you would let the dolphiness fuck you to completion even if you weren’t drunk.

Dudes, leave the animals alone. Please.

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63 replies on “Dogpill squared: Incel wants to lose his virginity to man’s best friend, asks “are there even any breeds that are attractive?””

@An Autistic Giraffe

Jesse the Jack Russell is smart enough to be dangerous. Also super adorable.

Thanks for the brain bleach. Bestiality/animal abuse posts always make me an uncomfortable combo of enraged and sickened, so it was much needed bleach.

Dogs work for foids since they only require dick to be happy

He says, in a forum dedicated to men under the impression that a lack of vagina is the cause of everything wrong in their lives.

(Of course, it’s not really sex they want so much as it is the subjugation of women)

We have reached peak dumbfuckery here. Surely if they were desperate enough to get laid to do something illegal, they would go see a sex worker (not even illegal in some places), rather than rape a literal fucking dog. Guess this shows they just want to wallow in their own self-pity for the sake of it.

oh. great.

they’ve somehow found a way to be racist about bestiality.
and now they’re sharing zoophile porn.



Seneca equated apotheosis with turning into a pumpkin.
It was a politics thing.

(mildly curious)

Is that Seneca of Rome, or Seneca people of the Iroquois Confederacy? I think only the latter knew pumpkins.

(Are there any Old World pumpkins or “pumpkins” – possibly a baobab fruit? Melon and watermelon?)

@ lumipuna

Is that Seneca of Rome

Indeed it is.

He wrote this (probably).

It’s a satire on the death and deification of Claudius. It has been suggested he was having a dig at the growing tendency of the Roman government to deify late, and demonstrably imperfect human, emperors.

There’s confusion over how the pumkinification thing arose. Graves suggested it was a reference to the view of god by stoics like Claudius as some bland metaphysical spherical* being; hence gods as pumpkins.

(* they didn’t mean it in the literal sense; more the idea that god would be formless)

Oh, and pumpkin is a transliteration of gourd. Possibly.


We have reached peak dumbfuckery here.

That notorious character Florida Man is here. He’s saying “Hold my beer” …

Meanwhile I have had this amazing theological insight, but it only works for a spherical god in a vacuum …

@ surplus

but it only works for a spherical god in a vacuum …

Just call it your special theory so it sounds cooler; like Einstein did.


We have reached peak dumbfuckery here. Surely if they were desperate enough to get laid to do something illegal, they would go see a sex worker (not even illegal in some places), rather than rape a literal fucking dog. Guess this shows they just want to wallow in their own self-pity for the sake of it.

Even incels that do see sex workers still remain incels, referring to themselves as “escortcels.”

I expect that the major reason that most do not hire sex workers is because that involves a mutual exchange, where the sex worker gets what she wants (payment for services rendered).

And the woman getting what she wants means that the incel is NOT getting what he wants, which is domination, not sex. For the incel, sex has to be something where the woman loses. Otherwise what is the point?

While the thought process is repulsive, that it results in incels rarely hiring sex workers is certainly a good thing, since incels should stay away from everyone.

(I also would not be surprised if “escortcels” quickly gain a reputation as rude or unsafe clients, limiting the number of sex workers that will agree to see them. There’s a whole screening network out there.)

There’s also the fact that they have to pay sex workers, when they think sex is something they are entitled to.
I’d imagine (or at least hope) that sex workers could spot and avoid escortcels for their own safety; any and every incel is a loose cannon ready to kill someone.

It may be a combination of two things, neither of which hiring a sex worker would get them. Besides domination, the other would be validation: “I am a real man, I can romantically woo a woman successfully just like the rest of you”. A woman who will have sex with almost anyone for money, having sex with you for money, doesn’t qualify.

Of course, the ones who openly fantasize about rape and/or government-issued girlfriends must be mainly seeking domination, as neither of those would prove one’s ability to seduce a willing partner either.

The validation aspect, while seemingly more benign, still results from toxic masculinity (must keep up with the other men in my peer group or be seen as (horror) a loser!) and results in misogyny, with women becoming a means to an end. And that easily leads in turn to increasingly wanting domination and not just validation …

What the fuck did I just read?! The horrified look on that doggie gif pretty much sums it up.

Somewhat OT, though still loosely related and definitely interesting:
Dave, have you ever heard of a 1906 Austrian pseudo-autobiographic porn novel named “Josefine Mutzenbacher”, relating the purported confessions of the namesake prostitute from Vienna?
Because I stumbled on the dead hot chick revelations piece from here on – bestiality, though allegedly perpetrated by women, is mentioned there, too – and suddenly, while I was reading the comments, I remembered that book.
Well, I didn’t want to necro a 4 year old thread (6 months is borderline reasonable, at least for sth that interesting).

It just dawned on me, that all this dirt oozing from the manosphere might actually have a common, and quite unexpected historical spring. Have you assumed it might’ve been THAT old? Though general misogyny has of course been around for considerably longer it’s widely seen as an internet(-based) movement.

Anyway, this book is full of specifically “manospherian” narratives! Or rather, since it’s from 1906, the manosphere appears to be full of plagiarism from this book, which was of course – and rightfully so – scandalized, yet pretty famous and secretly widely read and, due to the unknown author, repeatedly attributed to reputed contemporary writers at the time. It was particularly welcomed in certain aggressively male milieus that might’ve well carried on the “tradition”, though increasingly oblivious of the origins, blurring and obfuscating them, until those circles evolved in the modern day manosphere.
I think it’s worth a closer look, I’m curious if you’ll see what I mean as well.
If I’m right, this would really explain A LOT and also then the whole thing should be traceable back, since there was no internet previously, to some kinds of academic and/or maybe workplaces involvement, politics, groups fighting the advancement of women’s rights in earlier feminist waves, anti-women hate groups and hate crimes… it certainly didn’t pop out from nowhere. The manosphere poisons and arsons, but it also draws people supporting this views already from somewhere and they do not operate in a vacuum, they have and likely always had networks. So it would be pretty interesting to trace back the history of that movement and if this porn novel indeed played a role for it’s ancestors historically, how influential was it and how did it shaped the bigotry and misogynist narratives of those men?

Do you or someone of the commenters happen to know whether there’s currently research into the manosphere’s backgrounds and history? Since this milieu already inspired several shootings and other hate crimes (and who knows how many rapes), is associated with traditional, longer established radical political, racist, bigot and otherwise hate groups, it’s certainly not a pleasant, yet a worthwile subject of research.

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