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Incels love to call others “cucks,” but some of them are now claiming the label for themselves

By David Futrelle

If there’s one thing that most incels agree on, it’s that however degraded they think they are, at least they’re better off than cucks. And they mean this both literally and not-so-literally. While they disapprove of men who fit the dictionary definition of “cuckold” — that is, “a man whose wife is unfaithful” — their own mental dictionary has a rather more expansive view of the word.

As incels see it, anyone who defends women or challenges incels’ misogyny is a “cuck.” So are those who date or marry women whom incels see as undesirable. Sometimes they extend the insult to take in every man who has ever has sex with a woman who isn’t a virgin, and who has therefore (according to incel logic) been “cucked” by every other man she slept with before him. In this way, incels turn their own “involuntary” celibacy into a badge of honor: Incel > cuck.

But not all incels agree. In a post last fall, a prolific commenter on the forums hit his compatriots with a new “black pill,” declaring incels themselves the ultimate cucks.

“Let’s face it,” SlayerSlayer began.

Involuntary celibate no longer means what it meant to mean. Depending on who wields the word, it can either mean any straight white male that doesn’t shit rainbows out of their asshole, or it could mean a subhuman ethnic with acne.

I generally only use the term for people who actually call themselves incels, but I guess that’s just me.

But what is true about depressed men who are completely fucked in life romantically, is that they are cucked, and they did not intend for that to happen.

It’s more accurate to call ourselves involuntary cucks. Everyone is cucking us. Soys, chads, that purple haired dyke . . . all these people you despise are the chosen bulls, and you are the one chosen by women to sit in the other room, and listen to these parties fornicate in ways YOU never will genetically deserve. They are getting laid, and you aren’t. You did not intend for such a situation to occur, but you’re forced to witness it.

You’re not being forced to witness it, dude. You’re not bound and gagged and forced to watch from a closet. You don’t have to watch porn. You ca put in headphones if you happen to hear someone down the hall in the dorm having sex.

Even when you aren’t witnessing it, you’re on your nofap, you’re in therapy, you’re putting in all the effort you can to leave it behind. But you cannot escape the cuckholdry. Ultimately, it’s all you think about. You cannot escape the thought, the obsession, the imagination on the periphery: THAT EVERYONE ELSE IS HAVING SEX, AND YOU AREN’T.


By this logic anyone who isn’t having sex right this minute is being cucked by someone, somewhere.

And if we extend this logic only a little bit, we can redefine the word “cuck” to include virtually anything we’re being excluded from or overtaken in. The person at the next table in the restaurant gets served before you? You’re being food cucked. Someone passes you on the highway? You’re being car cucked. Someone is petting a dog and you’re not? You’re being pet cucked. Everyone is being cucked.

To be fair, most of the incels who responded to SlayerSlayer’s post dismissed it as “low IQ” and wrong. But one commenter decided to do SlayerSlayer one better.

“As long as you’re paying taxes you are supporting women against your own interests,” wrote EyesAreSoCold. “He’s right that we are involuntary cucks.”

Of all the misogynists I track, Incels probably the most inventive at coming up with new, if entirely bogus, ways to depress themselves.

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