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Women laughing in groups without salad: A new reason to hate the ladies?

By David Futrelle

You have to give Reddit’s lady haters credit for one thing: they are endlessly creative in coming up with new excuses to hate the ladies. The latest? Women laughing amongst themselves.

Take it away, incel dude on The_Graypill subreddit.

Why do girls laugh obnoxiously in groups? (self.The_Graypill)

submitted 11 days ago by IceRGodZ

Whenever I see a group of girls, they do the most random noises and shit. They ALL flip their hairs, AWALT. It’s just weird how they can’t be different yet go in packs. It’s like they are the delightful children from down the lane (pun intended). They do laugh loudly if they sense chad is around them or are they laughing at some incel in their phone? No matter where I go, a group of girls do exactly the same thing, why really?

Hoo boy.

Dudes, sometimes people get together with friends, and one of them says something funny, and the others laugh.

H/T: Thanks to Jen_There_Done_That in the Blue Pill subreddit for snagging this gem from The_Graypill subreddit.

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53 replies on “Women laughing in groups without salad: A new reason to hate the ladies?”

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants
Honkpill is referring to the whole clown world nonsense. And heil Honkler gives you a pretty good clue as to what they believe in. More bloody Nazis, just to ram the point home.

Huh. All I’m getting from this doofus’s post is “something something muh persecution complex”.


Clown World is pretty much a general alt-right, propagandic dog whistle that basically signals by alt-righters to their peers, Neo-Nazi’s, bog standard racists and other bigots “the west embracing social justice is crazy” and that, under their reasoning; that the only people who could conceivably be running such social justice movements are either Clowns, Jews, “Jewish Clowns and/or Clownish Jews” (which come to think of it also mixes in some Co-Morbid Antisemitism as well).

Another apparently common line of logic they appear to run under and push with this particular meme is: any country that dose not push for “closed borders”, ethnic cleansing and genocide or otherwise does not embrace racist and xenophobic foreign policy, including Nazism policies of the 1940’s; is also, supposedly; “A part of clown world”.

Pretty much the whole point of Clown World is that the in-joke, that is in fact not an in-joke by sincere if petty fogging rhetoric; is that if your a non-racist, non-bigoted, not antisemitic, progressive social justice advocate; your a loony clown while the racist, bigoted, regressive Neo-reactionary types, Xenophobes and literal Nazi’s are the, supposedly “normal and sane ones”; which needless to say, shows where their flawed reasoning ability and broken moral compass sits. And worse still: it’s a meme created with the intent of serving as an online radicalization tool.

The Meme itself sounds like something utterly childish (or it would were not such a comparison an insult to children) and is devoid of any grounding in reality and intellectual honesty; but given that ilk: it’s not surprising in the slightest.

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