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“Women are to blame for men being into underage girls,” creepy incel insists

Once again a woman is to blame

By David Futrelle

Well, here’s a new one, or at least a new variation on an old theme: According to one prolific commenter on Incels dot co, women are responsible for turning men into pedophiles — sorry, ephebophiles — because only underage girls are into weird, incel-looking guys. The proof? The incel making this absurd argument has a 14-year-old female cousin who thinks Adam Driver is hot.

“[T]here exists a whole class of men who cannot attract women their own age as they enter their 20s, yet they remain attractive to girls between the ages of 13-17,” Rassimov wrote in a post on Incels dot co today,

Why? Because they aren’t quite truecel, yet they never develop into traditionally handsome men “real women” crave for. Their youthful looks become a curse when it comes to attracting women past their rebellious teen phases.

His evidence? An informal survey with a sample size of two.

My two female cousins are perfect examples of this transition of preferences; the older one who is almost 19 likes masculine types with buzzed hair, the younger one is 14 and thinks Kylo Ren is the pinnacle of male aesthetics, the older one considers him plain ugly.

Yeah, it’s not as if any adult women are into Adam Driver or Benedict Cumberbatch or any number of other male celebrities who don’t look like the male models with perfectly chiseled faces that incels are convinced that all women exclusively desire.

Rassimov is convinced that it’s only “a matter of time” before both cousins “go Chad only.” According to his logic, the only female human beings incels have a chance with are the ones who aren’t old enough to consent to sex.

Notice how younger teen girls would still have a diverse array of crushes that include “artsy” unconventional types who are skinny, pale men with narrow jaws and unique features, but by the time she’s 20 she cringes at her former crush asking herself “Eww… what was I thinking?”.

Not sure you’re accurately channeling the minds of young women here, chief.

Girls are pretty much basic-bitches by the time they enter their 20s and the only two acceptable standards becomes either; ripped Chad or dad-bod Chad.

In Rassimov’s mind, incels are basically being forced to obsess over girls as young as 13 because no one else will have them. Even if he were right about female tastes — and he’s very definitely not — it’s an appalling argument, just another way these guys are constantly trying to normalize and excuse their obsessive fixation on underage girls.

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3 years ago

@Shalimar What I think is extra funny is that Adam Driver, former Marine and all around hottie, behaves exactly the opposite of a chad. I’ve never seen an interview where he didnt look uncomfortable that people were paying attention to him. No social media presence. Married to the same woman since 2013. Devoted to his art and not, like, banging random ladies.

Also, half of my friend think hes the hottest thing since sliced bread and the other half think he has a weird horse face. Checkmate, incels?

I will have you know that I am a 31yo lady who finds Driver blisteringly attractive and had a huge crush on Johnny Depp as a teen, so the actual lesson is different women find different things attractive.

Bananananana dakry: Short-Haired, Fat, and Deranged
Bananananana dakry: Short-Haired, Fat, and Deranged
3 years ago


*checks up belatedly, sees photo*

Um. Yes. Um. Wait, what? What was I uh, talking about? Um. Sorry, er, was er, looking.

3 years ago

I find it interesting that there are two simple examples that completely obliterate incels’ “women all only want one type of man” BS:

*Elliot Rodger, who was very physically pretty but an off-putting psychopath and definite “bad boy.”
*Steve Buscemi, who has always looked weird, but has been happily married to an attractive woman since their early 20s (well before he had any fame or money) and even has kids with her.

Funny how, any time I bring these two up, incels immediately abandon the conversation or spout a bunch of grade-school insults and then go tell their buddies how they “owned the SJW beta,” instead of actually having a retort.

@Jenora If it helps, Neil and his wife are polyamorous/open. My former partner got to make out with Neil’s wife at a book-signing. So, I mean, your friend has a shot.

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