What to do if your date brings up Bitcoin: A guide for ladies

If your date mentions Bitcoin, puff up your shoulders to appear larger and more threatening.

By David Futrelle

A couple of days ago, ProPublica reporter Jessica Huseman tweeted out some advice on a hitherto unacknowledged peril of dating for (at least mostly) straight women in our digital age: when the seemingly normal dude you’re having coffee with suddenly, and for seemingly no reason, brings up Bitcoin.

While there were many Tweeters who seconded this advice, some of them mentioning their own Bitcoin date nightmares, not everyone who replied to Huseman agreed with what seems to me to be her eminently sensible dating advice.

“Is [the] goal to screen out passionate men working on one of the most important technologies of the next generation,” asked one fellow.

Er, yes?

#Bitcoin bros deserve better, and by the time she realises this he’ll be unattainable for her,” warned another.

There were even some women standing up for the Bitbros — one of them going so far as to write an entire article about it for Bitcoinist, a website that seems to be devoted to constantly mentioning Bitcoin in any and all circumstances.

Christina Comben, whose articles for the site generally sport headlines like “TOP 5 CHEAPEST COUNTRIES TO MINE BITCOIN” and “3 REASONS WHY BITFINEX LEO TOKEN HAS FLOPPED” decided she needed to reassure the men in her audience that some ladies actually like cryptocurrency and the bros who talk about it on first dates.

After acknowledging that the Bitcoin community is pretty much a sausagefest — with only 5% of those in the business being female, according to one source — she plaintively assured the fellas that “NOT ALL WOMEN DISLIKE BITCOIN.”

“Don’t worry guys,” she wrote,

if bitcoin is your thing, it isn’t completely game over. Some women actually said they quite like it.

Her evidence? A handful of crypto-gals replying to Huseman on Twitter.

Comben then delved into the enigma that is Jessica Huseman: Woman Who Doesn’t Care to Hear About Bitcoin. “[A]lthough she seems to hate Bitcoin,” Combed wrote, seemingly baffled by Huseman’s existence, “she appears to be an extremely intelligent lady.”

Huseman, for her part, was considerably more delighted by Comban’s article than she is by cryptodudes on dates.

She now quotes the bit about being “an extremely intelligent lady” in her Twitter bio.

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Citerior Motive
Citerior Motive
2 years ago

“One of the most important technologies of the next generation”? Bitcoin? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Citerior Motive
Citerior Motive
2 years ago

Read CNN, Wapo, et c.

No thanks, I don’t read the right-wing press.

Nanny Oggs Busom
Nanny Oggs Busom
2 years ago

Come for the ripping-apart-ignoramuses, stay for the education about things I don’t know. I have absolutely no knowledge about bitcoin or blockchain, it being beyond my area of interest, so I’ve enjoyed reading people’s contributions.

Also, I’m a bit concerned about Surplus, although I also feel they don’t deserve my concern because they’ve abused others here. It’s very conflicting.

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