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Fursona Non Grata: Milo banned from upcoming furry convention, says he’s going anyway

Milo: From fake gamer to fake furry

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By David Futrelle

Professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos — reportedly heavily in debt and with his once enormous social media presence whittled down to a small account on Telegram — is apparently trying to raise a fashy furry army.

Last month, evidently hungering for some attention and possibly casting about for a new grift, Milo announced that he would be attending Midwest FurFest this year as a snow leopard, an announcement which (predictably) caused more than a little outrage in the furry community — and which probably would have stirred up similar outrage in the snow leopard community, if snow leopards had access to the internet and could work computers with their big furry paws.

Today, the Midwest FurFest organizers announced that they were refunding Milo’s ticket, banning him from the event and all their future events. “Hate is not welcome at Midwest FurFest,” an organizer said in a official statement.

In a post on Telegram, Milo says he’s planning to crash the convention along with some of his “friends.”

He followed this up by suggesting that the organizers were a bunch of pedophiles.

Then he revealed what might be his real reason he’s interested in hanging out amongst furries, other than garnering more media attention for himself: He means to win Wimbleton.

No, sorry, that’s a Monty Python reference. The real reason, I suspect, is that Milo wants the relatively small contingent of fascist (and fascist-adjacent) furries to break off from the rest of the furry community and, presumably, follow him as their new furry ruler.

At least that’s how I read this Telegram post:

Who knows what’s going to develop from all this. The only thing that’s clear is that it will be a real shitshow, as is everything Milo touches.

H/T — Left Coast Right Watch for tweeting about Milo’s plans to crash the convention

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2 years ago

Whenever a TERF goes into the “don’t say TERF, it’s a slur” mode, I like to respond: “Very well, I shall instead refer to them as Feminism-Appropriating Reactionary Transphobes, or FARTs.”

My eternal thanks to whoever first coined that term.


It seems like in general TERFs and SWERFs are the same people. I’ve never met a TERF who wasn’t also a SWERF.

And vice-versa.

My biggest issue with SWERFs is that in addition to their classism (they seem to mostly be upper middle class and white and are unable to understand anyone who isn’t) they also seem to have a very patronizing view of women and seem to believe that women can’t make their own choices, which is a very antifeminist idea.

Oh, so you’re also familiar with Professional Liar Gail Dines?

2 years ago


Oh, so you’re also familiar with Professional Liar Gail Dines?

You told me about her a while back. It’s not just her, though. Pretty much every SWERF doesn’t trust adult women to make their own decisions. They’re unable to perceive that being a prostitute or a porn star is not that different from any other job.

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