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Fundraising update: Thanks to you we’re almost there!

Big thanks to everyone who has donated during this pledge drive as well as to those who give between drives and on a monthly basis. Once again I am humbled by your generosity — in some cases quite extraordinary — and deeply heartened by your support for me, this blog, and its mission.


It’s good to know that this blog has resonated with so many people. I know, because some of you have told me, that it’s providing a real and unique service — helping individuals understand and deal with (and sometime laugh at) the strange misogynistic backlash we’re living through, providing reporters and researchers with a vast trove of carefully documented evidence of what the manosphere is really about. If you believe this is a worthwhile endeavor — or even if you just enjoy the sheer strangeness of the stuff I unearth on a daily basis — please donate so I can keep doing this

We’re getting within shouting distance of raising what I need to keep this blog going (and to keep it ad-free). But we’re not there yet. So if you haven’t donated yet, please give what you can by clicking that little button below. (And if you want to donate without PayPal I also have a Venmo, or we can work something else out.)


Once again, thanks!


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