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Incel says: Moving to Thailand for sex is a hassle. So seek out poor and/or vulnerable women closer to home!

Have you considered starting a cult?

By David Futrelle

Western incels often fantasize about solving their no-one-wants-to-have-sex-with-them problem by moving to Southeast Asia where, they assume, they’ll have their pick of attractive, extremely impoverished young women ripe for sexual exploitation.

Incels tend to put it a little less delicately. “It seems that, if you’re white,” one prolific commenter called RegisterUserName wrote recently, “the only way you can ascend is through going to Asia and fucking some noodlewhore who’s desperate for a green card … .”

But carrying out this plan would involve moving to, or at the very least visiting, a country far from home, and competing with other Westerners who might be more handsome or at least less objectionable as a person than you, and so for most incels this fantasy remains just that.

But RegisterUserName has some up with some ideas as to how he and his incel colleagues can find similarly poor and/or vulnerable women out there without even leaving their hometowns.

“[W]hen you can’t get what you want with mainstream methods,” he wrote in a recent post, “you have to think outside the box to solutions that have a greater chance of working.”

His suggestions?

Join a 12-step group like “Alcoholics Anonymous or one of those circle meetings to find someone in a rough patch in life.”

Get yourself admitted to a mental hospital so you could “find some crazy bird.”

Start a cult. This might be a bit tricky, as RegisterUserName notes, because you’d “have to be able to be very charismatic and preferably not a turbomanlet.” But if you can pull it off, he continues, you could fill the cult with “girls [who] could be anywhere from 16 (depending on age of consent; obviously don’t break the law) to around 25 or so)” and find yourself your very own Squeaky Fromme.

Join a cult. If actually starting a cult would be too much work, you can always try

Cultmaxxing by leeching on someone else’s cult and finding [a] wife, but be careful that a fellow incel hasn’t made it into a sex cult where he fucks your wife

Exploit homeless girls. RegisterUserName has a somewhat elaborate fantasy of “saving” some homeless teenager, who can’t help but feel so grateful that she “repays” you, her savior, with sex

and then they fall in love with you or something … you gotta have your own house and stuff, preferably be able to fulfill a father like role because she probably had circumstances which led to her never having anyone to be a father … . I think I like this one the most because … you’re actually helping someone so it’s the most morally acceptable … .

Sexual exploitation isn’t “helping,” dude.

Only one of RegisterUserName’s suggestions doesn’t involve exploiting a desperately poor or otherwise vulnerable women. But it does require you commit a violent assault. Yes, we’re talking about the time-honored mating strategy of beating up some cute girl’s boyfriend.

Fight girls’ boyfriends and try to hit on them after. You see all those stories man you never know. (Works best if you’re young, tall, good fighting success. You can snag teenage girls depending on laws in your area so from around 16-25 where they might just get turned on by it and are drunk and are angry at their boyfriends, but it probably won’t be a long term thing ever because, I mean, come on, it’s the type of girl to leave her boyfriend for an ugly subhuman because he got beat up)

As it turns out, RegisterUderName isn’t the only one with fantasies of explaoiting vulnderable girls and women. One of the other commenters, apparently writing from Saudi Arabia, explained that he had

considered … hiring a live in maid and hope she will fuck me to keep her job but that’s nearly impossible to do in Saudi Arabia or dealing drugs and hope one of the tweakers will suck my dick for some drugs but I don’t know anyone to buy drugs from and selling drugs has death penalty here and I’m not ready to die yet.

You know, fellas, maybe if you weren’t the sort of guys who spend your days fantasizing about ruthlessly exploiting desperate women for sex you might be able to get a date with an actual willing woman.

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4 years ago


Well, he did shoot out all the typical MRA/MGTOW talking points in a condescending manner (as if there was any other). Probably declared victory over the screeching harpies and is off hunting the mammoth.

Michael McMaster
Michael McMaster
4 years ago

I know I’m late to the party on this one, but Richard’s statement about the Nuclear Family being the basis for successful civilizations in history and the basis of human society shows such profound ignorance of historic AND current, existing cultures. There’s a reason JP doesn’t debate anthropologists, because his ideas about humans are >nonsense< and Richard seems to be about that level of understanding of cultures, history, and gender roles. He clearly Did Not Do The Reading.

Beyond Ocean
Beyond Ocean
4 years ago

I know I’m a little late to this post, but there’s something about it that makes me fume.

RegisterUserName has a somewhat elaborate fantasy of “saving” some homeless teenager, who can’t help but feel so grateful that she “repays” you, her savior, with sex

…I’ve seen that hentai manga.

If only it was just hentai. Nowadays it seems that manga and anime market is being flooded with by-the-numbers uninspired drivel meant to appeal to the most base of NiceGuy™ desires, and that usually involves similar fantasies of vulnerable and/or subservient women hooking up with the protagonist out of “gratitude”.

But it’s not really something specific to the medium, let’s be frank. This “elaborate fantasy” sounds creepy when incels are describing it, but the entirety of pop-culture seems to me to have always been filled with not quite dissimilar romantic plots

This post reminded me how angry I am at pop-culture’s complacency in “creating” incels, by endlessly replicating the image of women as prizes gatekeeping the “happily ever after” that will fix everything in a nice guy’s life when “obtained”.

I also had some choice things to say to Richard, but he seems to have fucked off for now. Oh well. There will be other trolls.

(But seriously, why do you “prefer” chimpanzees man?)

And belated happy birthday, Lainy!

4 years ago



The real purpose for the savage divorce laws we have in the U.K. is to make it difficult for men to divorce. If he does then he will lose his children and so on.

I can assure you that divorce laws ARE NOT savage to men in the UK – if their partner works. I’m divorcing and I’m getting sweet FA. Because I work.

My partner – who is already divorced – did get screwed. But that’s because his partner refused to work after having children (for a variety of good and not-so-good reasons).

Divorce laws are certainly not savage to men in the UK regarding custody which is a misnomer in UK law – applying American concepts of custody would mean that custody is always joint in the UK. Residency is another matter, but there is now an assumption for split residency. And if someone fails to comply with court ordered visitation/ residency there are steps that can be taken which are easily accessible and don’t cost a lot. If you are very, very poor it would be a barrier, but otherwise not.

Being in a situation with a high conflict ex-partner always, always sucks for anyone on the other side of it regardless of gender. Having an ex-partner who demands lots of residency time but doesn’t hold up his side of the parenting on his time also really sucks. Which reminds me – I’ve had half the summer with my son, but will now have to crack on with ALL the summer school assignments. Yay.

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