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UPDATED: 2nd mass shooting in Dayton leaves 9 dead. Open Thread: El Paso mass shooting by white supremacist, 20 dead

UPDATE: Now there has been a second mass shooting in less than 24 hours, In Dayton Ohio, leaving nine dead. Shooter was wearing body armor.

Another mass shooter, this time in and around a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. Reliable information is hard to come by at this early stage but we know that the shooting suspect is in custody and that there have been 20 fatalities.

The shooter left behind a manifesto, posted shortly before the shooting on 8chan. He said he was inspired by the Christchurch shooter, and declared that his attack was “a response to the Hispanic invasion of Texas.”

Post your thoughts and any reliable information you have in the thread below. No trolls.

UPDATE: Updated with # of fatalities and a few changes in wording about the manifesto allegedly written by the shooter.

UPDATE 2: Updated with news of the Dayton shooting and to make clear that the el paso manifesto has been definitively tied to the alleged shooter.

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2 years ago

Just to let everyone know, I have taken your advice about non-appearing comments on board. Usually, I just have to wait for a comment to appear (maybe 20% of comments) but they almost always do appear eventually.

The *very* few times they don’t, my problem is always that I’ve somehow messed up or just changed* my handle and those comments appear a bit later, when David has let them through.

*I don’t really do this anymore, because I tend to forget what changes I’ve made! :s

Alan Robertshaw
2 years ago

When I’ve had comments vanish, I’ve done that thing of manually changing the number at the end of the URL and re-loading; and then they come back.

2 years ago

Off topic but kind of frustrating:
I was visiting my parents and it appears that my mother has become a full blown SWERF since I last saw them. She sees a presentation about child sex trafficking, then decides that all sex workers are trafficking victims, so when I argue that many aren’t and that if sex work was legal there would be less trafficking, she declares that they all actually are because she conflates sex work and child sex trafficking. I asked about whether a woman should be allowed to be a stripper if she wants to of her own free will, and she responded that sex work is always degrading to women by virtue of being.
So, any ideas of what to argue next? Or should I just give up? I could probably just avoid the topic, but it’s possible she’ll become a TERF or worse then, if she hasn’t already. I haven’t asked.

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