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Reach out and we will beat it together: Russian troll farm inadvertently creates the greatest NoFap meme ever

Reaching out

By David Futrelle

I‘m not normally a big fan of Russian troll farms. But this wondrous little NoFap meme from Russia’s infamous Internet Research Agency has me reconsidering my position.

reach out to me and we will beat it together

Er, you totally can hold hands while masturbating. Don’t these people fact-check their fake memes?

In all seriousness, though, it is a little strange to live in a time in which the Russian government thinks it can gain some sort of advantage in world politics by … creating and disseminating fake NoFap memes. The even stranger thing is that they may be right.

Well, ,at least their memes are more inspired than the memes the NoFappers come up with on their own.

H/T — Chris Hayes on Twitter

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26 replies on “Reach out and we will beat it together: Russian troll farm inadvertently creates the greatest NoFap meme ever”

In all seriousness, though, it is a little strange to live in a time in which the Russian government thinks it can gain some sort of advantage in world politics by … creating and disseminating fake NoFap memes.

It’s certainly a step down from their Sputnik-launching days.

I can’t even tell if the Kremlin is actually trying to get something out of this or if they’re just doing it because it amuses them at this point.

I wonder if anyone here feels like doing a list of 2018 highlights (or lowlights)? Or if anyone knows of good ones made elsewhere?
I was thinking just now of when I thought 2016 was bad: Trump was elected, a whole raft of awesome famous people died (Leonard Cohen right at the end), etc. etc.
And then we were like, oh wow, 2017 is so much worse!
And then 2018 happened.
And here we are right now, with anti-porn nazis and no-fap Russian troll farm memes.
That last sentence is definitely not one I ever thought I would seriously type.

Hate to be really dopey here, but before I send this article out to everyone I know – is there any evidence that this is actually a kremlin-sponsored tweet or is that just part of the joke? I didn’t think they did actual humour, even Landover baptist style.

*sigh* If the final nail in the coffin for our societies are a foreign government manipulating our self-help needs, I’m going to be very disappointed.

This would be the part where I ask “Who falls for this shit?” But the truth is… systems are built to be gamed and people are desperate to be told they’re right. It’s the perfect storm of the need for brand awareness combined with the fragility of ego multiplied by the instant gratification of information technology.

As loquacious as I can be in my posts, I only do those long-form ones because I do take it upon myself to consider my words carefully. Not to say I don’t do short-form snark, but even my snark I try to think out before deploying it. I think that’s an element that has been lost in the social media atmosphere: careful and deliberate thinking. Algorithms, be it on YouTube or Twitter or Facebook demand hot takes, and that kind of rashness is only a detriment to thoughtful consideration.

Kinda wish there was more of it in the world.

Katamount wrote:

But the truth is… systems are built to be gamed and people are desperate to be told they’re right.

While I agree that many systems we humans have developed are built to be gamed, I think that gaming systems is also one of the things we humans are best at. Most of our major technological developments are ways we’ve gamed natural systems, going all the way back to our foundational tech – fire, agriculture, flint-knapping, tools; all are manipulations of systems for our benefit. Even language.

Gaming systems is an integral part of our human intellect; it’s a feature, not a bug, and one that’s gotten us where we are.

Which, in retrospect, maybe isn’t such a great endorsement after all….

This reminded me that Dave Sim, Canadian cartoonist and definitely-not-a-misogynist*, also decried masturbation. There seems to be a correlation between the authoritarian mindset and a distaste for self-pleasuring. It’s clear that keeping young men feeling guilty and sexually frustrated is a consciousness altering technique.

*When he received letters from fans asking for clarification on his views, he would request that they send him a signed statement that they did not believe that he was a misogynist. Otherwise, he would not engage in correspondence.


I’m ashamed to know that came from Omarosa. I’m less ashamed that I only know that because I was streaming John Oliver while I worked yesterday and that was mentioned on the Marlon Bundo episode.

I really don’t understand what this is meant to achive. My opinion is that your racist relatives will vote for trump or Brexit anyway, no matter what silly meme they see in Facebook. And if they say they voted because of the meme that’s just a nonsense excuse.

If Russia wants to change election or referendum outcomes (like in Crimea and Donbas) they use force, intimidation and fabrication of votes. They arrest activists on bullshit “extremism” charges, or make it unbearable to live so most people who will vote against the referendum need to run away.

If they cannot occupy your country (but they will do this too if they occupy, even test it in your country before they try on other targets!) they will make DDOS attacks and other cyber attacks on infrastructure and government organisations, even they can cause blackouts.

I believe that they can hack voting machines and other things, and influence media and have strong connections with the alt right and conservatives in many countries, but I find it very difficult to believe that these memes are anything except useless nonsense, which they can congratulate themself for “misinformation” or something.

Valentin: There’s one additional factor the Russian games. They fire up the passions of the base, and aid in preventing self-analysis. This causes the extremists to turn out in greater numbers on election day. Since the GOP strategy has, for decades now, been to rely on ever-greater turnout among an ever-shrinking portion of the population, this fed directly into their modus.

Meanwhile, among the mainstream, they simultaneously push for disengagement and cynicism. (During the Trump/Clinton race, I can’t count the number of times I’d see people respond to criticisms of the Soggy Cheeto who cited South Park’s “Giant Douche vs. Turd Sandwich” episode as a reason to not care.)

It all feeds into a numbers game. Of course, it gets further magnified by ridiculous levels of gerrymandering and voter suppression tactics. Every gambit plays a part, no matter how innocuous or ineffective any single one might seem.

I am not familiar with South park.
But I am familiar with is Russian occupation and influence, and from the perspective, I can accept the hacking and influences in the government such as connections with politicians and influence in people. I can accept that Alexander Dugin, and other right wing and “traditionalist” movements in Russia have strong connections and influence with alt right and conservatives in the USA. But I I believe even without these memes on Facebook, the election still would achieve the same result. They are inconsequential, and I find that people concentrate so much on their power (rather than how silly they are!) sometimes in expense of what is really responsible.

I recently read some arguments about Russian gov actions to use the history of racial segregation, slavery and genocide in USA for anti-american propaganda, and this is the perfect example. We can critisise the Russian gov for this “low blow” but the problem is real, and the problem is not originated from Russia, but the USA. They are not the only ones making these memes, they are not even in the majority making these memes.

And I know that most people will not *intentionally* do this to try to put the blame in another place, but it opens the door to that conversation, and to people like Loise Mensch and Anne Applebaum to take advantage of the situation to spread panic and lies, and ignore more important topics.

Same also about Brexit, especially since putin recently mentioned that he wishes Theresa May to follow the will of the people, which again people started talking about Russian influence in this referendum. And there is very less information and evidence about Russian influence in Brexit than the 2016 election. But it is to hide the racism, xenophobia, classism and general bigotry which forced the vote for brexit. And the lies told by British politicians to trick people to vote because they thought the national health service will get more money!

Russian gov. and Putin will of course be happy when countries they dislike become destabilized – eben if they have no influence in destabilization. Also, everything they are trying in UK and USA they already tried in Ukraine and Georgia, as well as much, much worse.

David, in the OP said

Er, you totally can hold hands while masturbating. Don’t these people fact-check their fake memes?

Yabbut, not with GOD! Know why? Because if you try, god yanks his hand away and goes “Ew. No.” with perfect Mila Kunis (in “That 70s Show”) inflection.


I definitely agree with you.

Collision isn’t Trump’s worst crime, nor America’s biggest problem, yet of all the repugnican’s horrific actions, only collusion has any chance of being punished.

In that context, it’s easy to see how Russian involvement validates the very xenophobia that is itself the problem.

Of course Russia is also filled with just as many rabid conservative extremists gleefully waging war on basic human rights, as America, so it’s not like Russia is an innocent victim.

As for ‘what could they hope to gain’, I think a lot of it boils down to ‘get American culture to self-destruct’. If that can then be used to go ‘see, too much freedom is dangerous’, and justify internal clampdowns, so much the better.

The best part is that the ‘rugged individualist’ and ‘you can’t tell me what to do!’ attitudes being played on make it impossible for the targets to admit they’re being manipulated.


I don’t think Russia is a victim, but more a distraction. We have the collusion which people like to talk about, and then the memes and “troll farms”. But there is more between that. One has influence, one is distracting nonsense. I think that it is worrying that Richard Spencer’s estranged wife translated the works of Alexander Dugin into English for American consumption and influence in the alt right. that is much more scaring than some silly memes!

Richard Spencer’s wife called Dugin a “well-educated scholar” with a “rare intellectual caliber.”

It’s not “distracting nonsense” though. It *directly* feeds into the divide between conservatives & liberals and widens it. Like water running through a tiny crack in a rock eventually splits it. It’s a constant wearing away at people, especially certain kinds of people, to make them angry and afraid and full of hate. Conservative politicians have been doing it for decades and the troll farms and their “nonsense” memes feed into and amplify dangerous, misguided and flat out stupid belief systems to keep people voting against their own best interests or even able to consider they might be wrong. Right now it’s this kind of nonsense, but guaranteed that closer to election time, there will be extreme anti-Democrat memes from these same accounts, who will by then be trusted as sources of “truth”.

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