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Pledge drive update: Not quite there yet!

Seriously, thank you!

By David Futrelle

First off. I would like to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated in this pledge drive so far — and some of you have been quite generous indeed! — as well as to those who contribute on a monthly basis.

But we’re not quite there yet. This pledge drive had brought in a lot less than in previous drives, and without your donations I may be forced to bring ads back to the blog. Unlike countless other sites that run obtrusive ads or rely on funding from billionaires, this blog is independent and entirely reader-funded. It depends completely on your donations.

If WHTM has made a difference in your life — if it’s made you laugh, informed you, or just made you feel a little less alone in the face of all the Nazis and misogynists and Nazi misogynists out there — please consider throwing me a few bucks. There’s no other blog out there like this one. If you’ve enjoyed my explorations into the extremely weird brains of incels and Nazis, my takedowns of the utter uselessness of the Men’s Rights movement, or my debunking of manosphere myths, please donate by clicking that little button below.

Your gift, whatever its size, makes all the difference to the future of this blog. You literally have the power to keep this blog alive.

Thanks again!

11 replies on “Pledge drive update: Not quite there yet!”

Is there anything lower-income people without credit cards or PayPal accounts can do to help?

I get money on the 12th! Hold on! You and wikipedia get donations when my big royalties check comes in. It’s the least I can do.

@Surplus – Definitely there’s the non-monetary support of directing more readers to the blog – linking to it, talking about it, retweeting things and whatever the Mastodon equivalent is.

But maybe I’m just being obtuse and you meant other money-related ways.

I have more trouble with the former than the latter at the moment (disorganized, attention deficit, but not broke anymore) so I will send a few bucks. Best of luck with everything and thanks, David!

I done it! I done did it! \o/

thank you for the blog, David. I hope it continues to be rewarding for you. Well, as rewarding as the topic can be.

I’ve set up a monthly donation. It’s very small but it’s something.

@Surplus, as @epitome mentioned, giving the blog publicity whenever possible is a great way to help, if you’re on social media much. Sending through any links or ideas could be good too.
But also, I think just being here in the comments regularly, as you are, is important.

Donated. Not much, because I’ve had a lot of expenses the past couple of months.

Maybe this has been covered before, but could you use Patreon?

Donated. ☺️ I’m more of a lurker these days but this blog has been one of my most frequented sites for a few years now. Thanks for what you do, David.

Thanks, everyone! It means a lot, and every donation makes a difference!

Surplus, I can definitely use non-monetary support in terms of publicity, etc, as people have been saying, and being a part of the community here is also great for the blog. If you also want to donate money, email me and we can figure something out! Thanks!

David, his blog, and this community really do help my mental health! Please accept my thanks and some cash.

I’m not sure how much you need, but I’ve donated some dollars. I hope it helps get you closer to the goal!

I just found this blog a couple of months ago and it’s one of the best around.

Good luck on the drive.

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