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Every kiss begins with … wait, WHAT? Bad Anatomy Friday

Run, baby, run!

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By David Futrelle

The incels are having weird fantasies about Chad semen again. Take a look at this little rant from the Braincels subreddit:

 it's not just IT (self.Braincels) submitted 2 months ago * by whatwasthatcat The whole of reddit is a cuckfest. I would assume the causes are libertarianism, liberalism, feminism, and too much soy and plastic in the diet. The front page of reddit makes me sick. For example there is usually some shit involving a baby and parents with the baby doing something funny. It's like.. that baby is haram. It is the product of a beta bux f---ot with a whore mother who got her holes ravaged by 50+ chads and is now $ettling for the beta buxx father, so it's over, how can it be wholesome? The baby is haram and illegitimate and a product of prostitution and its mother is a filthy whore. The first thing that poor baby experienced upon entering this cruel world is the semen hybrid of 50 HIV+ ex convicts who also probably had hep C touching its forehead. Every time the mother talks to kisses the baby with her filthy mouth, the semen of 50+ lowlives is transferred onto the baby's lips. How can people do this to their own baby? If you want to be a filthy whore don't have babies. How can that be funny or wholesome? The mainstream cucks are in denial. How can you live your whole life in denial? I know the blue pill tastes good but I can't take it if I know it will erase all sense of truth and logic.

This is seriously kind of impressive. I mean, I know that incels have some rather peculiar notions about how vaginas work, but this is this first time I’ve seen one of them equally confused about how human mouths work.

Are incels secretly a bunch of space aliens who are used to absorbing food through, I dunno, membranes on stalks or something?

H/T – I found this through the Incel Tears subreddit (which is the IT the OP here is referring to in the title of his post).

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One could equally say that everyone is biologically programmed to like PiV sex.

They’re both rather problematic.


Patriarchy and esp. the religious right aggressively pushes and brainwashes women into being totally obedient as incubators for the next generation. It’s not some form of baby bigotry that makes people strongly averse to children, it’s the systemic social attack on women’s right to choose that is innately tied up to childbearing in society.

Being childfree is not some sort of golden ticket to happy fun land. What you feel is “extreme hatred” in that comment is what most childless women live through for their entire lives. They pay the price of not being obedient to their role in the eyes of society.

I distinctly remember giving birth. It’s very clear, even now, when my kids are adults. This may partly be due to not having painkillers. It’s not that bad for some of us. The pain was productive, kind of like running a marathon; others have very different experiences, but that was mine, both times.

Adults can be relied to do at least some of those things consistently (those nasty bodily functions don’t stop when people reach adulthood)

Sure, everyone has got to take a shit or pee sometimes. But I specifically said I want to avoid the ones that do it in public, you know, outside of restrooms. And where I live, at least, the vast majority of adults can be relied upon to not do that.

And for the adults who do, I’m not obligated to clean up that mess any more than I am obligated to clean up a baby’s. There unfortunately are people who DO have to clean it up, and adults who purposefully leave their shit for custodial staff are much more revolting than any infant. (I’d classify folks in nursing/medical professions as similar to parents- their jobs involve dealing with uncontrollable excrement sometimes and they chose to take up the work anyway, so it’s to be expected.) But I do not see why this should make my distaste for dealing with infants any less.

If you want to be a filthy whore don’t have babies.

But… they think every woman is a whore so are they just anti-natalist at this point?

Jane Done-I am well aware of the pressure women experience to have children. I am a woman and I experience the same pressure. That is no excuse to call human beings “screaming bundles of urine, feces, and vomit”. For one thing, it could be considered ableism, due to it being used to describe the most vulnerable and helpless among us. Ableism is against the comments policy of this blog.

Catalpa-but you don’t deal with them much at all, that’s the point I’m trying to make.


I thought we agreed to stop ‘harping on’ about this and drop the issue, so why all the harping?


I thought we agreed to stop ‘harping on’ about this and drop the issue, so why all the harping?

You’re the one who keeps getting the last word in, then unilaterally declaring that “everyone” should stop harping on it, so you tell us.

Also, that’s not what ableism is. Full stop.

My comment regarding babies could be considered ageist, I suppose, but not ableist.

And I’m not sure how you would know how much of my life is spent dealing with or otherwise being subjected to infants.

We’re not going to advance past the “insecure Dante from Clerks” phase of humanity until we all collectively have our post-fight talk with Randal, aren’t we?


Let me tell you something as a survivor of abusive parents: the shitty, horrible, dehumanizing things that people casually say about why they find children disgusting and off-putting ABSOLUTELY contribute to child abuse by making abusers feel more justified. So kindly knock it the fuck off.

And as a survivor of child abuse I’m going to say [citation needed]. People make jokes about tense subjects. A lot of people make explicit jokes about bodily functions. Potty humor and violence really aren’t connected. Your complaint makes about as much sense as saying that goofy fart jokes aimed at certain groups would lead to domestic violence.

I know that this was supposed to be dropped, but I’m sick of people muddling up “child abuse” and it’s causes with normal fucking behaviors. Seriously it does more harm than good.


I get that Catalpa’s comment is/could be triggering for some people but it’s much better to say “Catalpa that comment could be triggering to some survivors” rather than making accusations and muddling the issue.

As another person who doesn’t like babies (look, between the ages of twelve months and twelve years, all kids are alien beings from the planet Incomprehensible to me; prior to that they’re proof positive that neoteny is a Bad Move) I’m with Catalpa on this one. Don’t tell me it’s biological, and that “all women” love babies – I can hold a baby, I will be nice to a baby if I am given one, but I do not want to deal with one of my own, and I was never happier than when I passed forty and I could finally give the “too old to do it safely” response to people who insisted I should procreate.

(These days I’m also likely to follow up with the “I’m on the autism spectrum and so is my partner” response, and get a certain amount of malicious glee out of watching the sort of person who feels I have a bounden duty to reproduce back off at an acceptable fraction of light speed. If I’m really feeling malicious, and they’ve really been pushing on the “female duty” buttons, I may start asking them what changed their opinion, and would they like to talk some more about ableism?)

Anyway, hauling this back to the main topic: has anyone actually explained things like “bathing” and “personal hygiene” to these guys? I get the strong impression they’re missing a few rather pertinent details here and there. Also, the implication the original author -whatwasthatcat – is giving is they don’t even brush their teeth or use mouthwash… in which case, I have a couple of suggestions which might massively improve their sexual desirability. Of course, this would only work right up to the point where they start speaking… oh well, it’s a work in progress.

There is a hidden weirdness in the whole obsession with purity thing with women, in that they become impure via any sexual contact with men. According to the Incels and general wisdom, women are contaminated by the sexual touch of men, especially the more accepted forms of that contact, e.g. intercourse and oral sex.

But doesn’t this mean that MEN are the agent of infection? The source of all of that filth women supposedly then carry forever after? Doesn’t this mean that men are the dirty ones? Not only is hatred of women a thing here, but how much self hatred and hatred/competition with other men is hidden in all of this?

“How can people do this to their own baby?” asks reddit-bro.

Answer: they can’t. Because literally nothing works like that.

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