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The stank air of your tight pocket: The most romantic DM ever?

Message of love

By David Futrelle

We live in a dark, cynical world, and so it’s nice sometimes to be reminded that there are still decent, considerate people around.

Then there are dudes like the one who sent this DM:

I have so many questions about this, but perhaps the most pressing one is: Why on earth did this guy capitalize the word “Brim?”

I mean, seriously, dude, no woman is going to go for a guy who can’t control his shift key.

H/T — r/badwomensanatomy

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52 replies on “The stank air of your tight pocket: The most romantic DM ever?”

@Pagan Reader – Misandrist Spinster

Ooh! Here’s those adorable little Big Oil fart-machines, now!

Cutest stinkers, ever!

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