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The “incel rage” defense? Man blames his “involuntary celibacy” for kicking a man to death; incels cheer

Another incel killer? Former security guard Sheldon Bentley, convicted of manslaughter

By David Futrelle

In June, former security guard Sheldon Bentley was convicted of manslaughter in an Edmonton, Canada, court for kicking a man to death while he lay unconscious in an alley. At his sentencing hearing yesterday, Bentley asked for leniency, submitting a presentence report saying that at the time of the killing he had been angry at the world and suffering from “involuntary celibacy.”

It’s not clear whether this alleged mitigating factor had any effect on the sentencing decision. While the judge did acknowledge that Bentley “was frustrated with his lot in life” due to his alleged “involuntary celibacy” and other stresses, he also noted that such frustration  “does not give anyone licence to impose violence on anyone else.” Bentley was sentenced to four years, with two already served.

While Bentley did use the term “involuntary celibacy,” it’s also not clear if he had been a part of the so-called incel subculture online at the time of the killing, or if he simply picked up the phrase from the media in the wake of the Toronto van killings earlier this year.

Regardless, it’s appalling to hear someone try to use their inability to get laid as an excuse for literally stomping a man to death.

Over on, the reliably repugnant forum for the worst of inceldom, some of the regulars have already enthusiastically embraced Bentley as one of their own, in spirit at least.

“Can you feel it boys? ITS TIME,” wrote Crustaciouse, an extremely prolific commenter with more than 6500 posts to his name.

“[I]t’s time to go ER on them.really.they declared war on us offically,” added someone called Cuyan.

“Am i wrong for feeling excited about this?” asked Copingtillidie.

“Why couldn’t [he] have done it to a foid,” wondered Damo the incel.

The most enthusiastic celebrant was someone called Vodaccenu, who offered up this all-caps mini-manifesto calling for his fellow incels to emulate Elliot Rodgers and other mass murderers:


But for every commenter celebrating the killer there was someone suggesting that this was “fake news” if not an outright false flag, designed to make incels look bad.

Someone called (presumably ironically) MarriedAndLookin4Fun complained that this was

Obviously more fake news created by the media to blame us for everything. There is no video or recorded evidence of him saying that he was an incel. 

I don’t know if there’s a tape, but the phrase “involuntary celibacy” does apparently appear in the report that Bentley himself submitted to court.

“Canada again,” sighed someone called Opus132. “Somebody up there really trying to pin everything on incels.”

Zielony4, another prolific commenter, with more than 3600 posts to his name, couldn’t quite decide whether to celebrate or decry the killing a false flag.

He should have done it to a woman instead. Lol. I bet this guy killed someone just to claim he is an incel and to make us look bad.

You know how to stop from looking bad, guys? Stop celebrating murders and murderers. Stop calling for more murders. Stop adding “lol” to your comments about the murder of women.

Bentley has no excuse for his actions. commenters have no excuse for, well, themselves.

H/T — Thanks to Shadowplay for bringing this story to my attention!

36 replies on “The “incel rage” defense? Man blames his “involuntary celibacy” for kicking a man to death; incels cheer”

Such Bundy worthy personalities and they wonder why they can’t get a partner. Wait that’s not fair, Bundy managed to project something of a normal persona and these guys just fly their flag and let the world know they’re garbage

Bundy had girlfriends, I think he even had a fiance at the time he was first captured, so clearly he was more normal and safe seeming that the guys. That’s pretty horrifying.

Also I live near there and hadn’t heard anything about this. I’m kind of surprised I hadn’t seen something, despite my semi-regular avoidance of news programming.

suffering from “involuntary celibacy.”

suffering from being a semi-sentient sack of shit.

Fixed it.

Yeah, no, this guy wasn’t involuntarily celibate. He was quite voluntarily nasty, and people instinctively avoided him for it. Fuck that noise.

That defense makes no sense. It boils down to “I was murderously angry because I was murderously angry”.

Meanwhile, it’s the start of the beta uprising, but also fake news. “Everybody rush into the streets and join this revolution that’s not really happening, because it makes us look bad.”

“Everybody rush into the streets and join this revolution that’s not really happening, because it makes us look bad.”


I bet this guy killed someone just to claim he is an incel and to make us look bad.

Can we put to rest the idea that we should feel bad for them because of their low self esteem now? Clearly incels think they’re so important that someone would murder a person and go to jail just to make incels look bad.

Tabby Lavalamp,

I’ve always wondered what the deal is with Edmonton and MRAs*. It seems like they go hand in hand. I hope they’re just outliers and not running rampant there!

* Yeah, incels and MRAs. I’m conflating you. Same shit, different assholes as far as I’m concerned. Deal with it.

Only four years for beating someone to death in cold blood, completely unprovoked? Am I missing something, or is this an incredibly lenient sentence? Why?

Sometimes I wonder if all this analysing of incels is just sensationalism about a bunch of random angry internet losers who only have one website.

And then a man who may not even know about the official incel community commits violence in perfect accordance with incel doctrine (for lack of a better word).

That’s the kind of societal influence that would make a neonazi blush.

Hell if I know. Sounds like an incredibly lenient sentence.

The article david posted doesn’t explain why only 4 years, which is incredibly strange for a case of homocide.


I was thinking the exact same thing. I mean beating a person to death takes a lot of determination and effort and time. It’s not as easy as just a flick of the finger. The fact that he didn’t feel remorse part way through and stop is frankly chilling.

Involuntary Celibate… “Incel”….


Voluntary Misanthropic… “Vomit”…

It’s Amazing how they continue to claim they can’t get laid because of their wrist size and not the fact that they regularly celebrate murders.

Jane Done
August 30, 2018 at 9:16 pm
I was thinking the exact same thing. I mean beating a person to death takes a lot of determination and effort and time. It’s not as easy as just a flick of the finger. The fact that he didn’t feel remorse part way through and stop is frankly chilling.

If you read the article I posted, he didn’t beat the man to death, he stomped on his stomach once with really heavy boots, causing massive internal bleeding.

It’s still way too lenient a sentence, imo, but I suspect the reasoning was that with different footwear, he probably wouldn’t have killed the man.

Plus manslaughter sentences are generally a joke compared to sentences for murder. And apparently it’s common for people who kill someone with one hit to get lenient sentences:


Um, they’re all dead and gone. There’s literally nowhere left for them to go. Unless this guy is urging other guys to make like these three, this makes zero sense…and if he is, he should be arrested for aiding and abetting a crime, or for counselling others to commit one.

By all means, “incels”, feel free to go wherever. Just don’t take anyone else with you. Be forever alone, as befits you. You don’t deserve a fucking revolution.


Ah, okay, I was about to ask the same thing.

For all of Australia’s (many, many) problems, at least we’ve been on the forefront when it comes to raising both awareness of and sentences for one-punch murders.

@Jane Done

Bentley wasn’t accused of murder, but of manslaughter which is a lower felony. It would probably been too hard to prove beyond reasonnable doubt that the man had the intent of killing instead of simply “accidently” killing the guy. That’s why, despite the fact the crime was horrible, the sentence seems light. It’s a rather frequent tactic to avoid risky trials.

Better way to deal with frustration:

Make bread.

Kneading the dough for 30 minutes is a good work out. You also need to pummel it.

Very relaxing.

And you can eat the result.

And noone dies!

Oh, fuck these people very much. I was ‘incel’ and a virgin until my late thirties and I never felt a need to hurt or kill anybody else because of it. Then again I’m a cis woman so by their lights I’m incapable of feeling all their precious precious feelings of sexual deprivation.

There’s a reason nobody wants to sleep with you, boys: it’s that you’re all toxic entitled sacks of shit ready to lash out at any given moment, women have a by necessity highly tuned sense of who’s dangerous to them, and they want to live. It’s as simple as that.

Imagine being so fucked-up that you have no problem theorizing that someone killed another person and claimed inceldom as a catalyst just to make incels look bad. Like, not even using inceldom as a defense after the fact, but deadass killing someone just to fuck shit up for incels.

… “fayque news” from Guardian…. hey, everybody LOVES the dumpster-fire… don’t they??

(note, the preceding contains sarcasm…)


“McCain on Friday becomes only the 31st American to be accorded the honor of lying in state in the US Capitol in Washington, where the vice-president, Mike Pence, will represent the administration in a morning service to which Trump has expressly not been invited.”

Do so-called incels really warrant all the media attention they’re getting? I can’t help but think they’re getting all of this coverage because they’re overwhelmingly white men.

This guy…he’s not the first person to be frustrated with his life. He won’t be the last.

@ rabid rabbit

and known raccoon sympathizer

Oh god, if I’m ever the subject of a police manhunt, I want that on the APB.

Thank you so much for that link.

@ V.P.


That sucks out LOUD!!

The Voice is two years older’n ME….

@Victorious Parasol:

That’s a shame. When I lived in Connecticut, Hartford had its own pale imitation of the Voice, called the Advocate. I wonder if that hasn’t folded, too.


You’re right. It seems ridiculous to me, because incels seem to be an almost entirely online movement. But, then again, so are MRAs.

Weirwoodtreehugger, maybe it’s too much time on their hands spent inside during the winter? On the other hand, thanks to climate change our winters are getting milder and so we’d be seeing them drop off if that was the case.
Fortunately, the closest I’ve ever come to knowingly encountering any of them was a sticker affixed to a streetlight.

Nobody needs to do a thing to make those guys look bad: they do it all by themselves.

I’ve said before, the only other group of people I can think of that’s this eager to take credit for killing people is fucking ISIS.

Why couldn’t [he] have done it to a foid

He should have done it to a woman instead.

I have the solution to this puzzle, and it’s a simple one: he lacked the opportunity. Typically, women make a habit of not lying around unconscious in alleys, since we know that this is the way certain people feel about us, and since we know that (what’s more) their friends will defend them after the deed is done by pointing out that alleys are no place for women (especially unconscious women) and that, as women, we ought to know better (which we do).

I don’t like to mention this, but I’m going to anyway, because history (to my sorrow) bears me out.

Semi-Off Topic?

I actually have an Incel ‘friend’; It wasn’t that way when it started– I re-met him after I came home from College. Over time, I noticed that he would completely boil over at the mention of women and dating, but I wasn’t sure why. He used alot of manosphere terms which eventually helped me figure out what he had become while I was away. I’ve been avoiding him alot this year, but I unfortunately can’t completely cut him loose– he lives way too close to me, and pops over my house when I don’t answer his calls after a while. It’s awful; I feel like a trapped rat.

It’s more scary with headings like this– I kind of wish there was some sort of way to report these bozos.

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