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Evo Psych, Incel Edition: “It’s your biological responsibility to rape a female and advance our species”

Keep your sperm to yourself, you pieces of shit

By David Futrelle

Evolutionary Psychology is a problematic discipline to begin with, relying heavily on simplistic evolutionary “just-so” stories that for some mysterious reason always seem to reinforce the most reactionary notions about gender and human nature.

But if you add a dollop of incel ideology to the Evo Psych stew, you get something truly horrifying. Over on the forum — a reliably repugnant forum popular with some of the world’s worst “involuntary celibates” — one commenter recently tried to use evolutionary biology to explain why rape was not only justified but something close to a sacred duty for all men who want to “advance our species.”

“It is Your Biological Duty to Impregnate Females,” ItheIthe began.

As a male, your evolutionary and biological impulse is to impregnate females and spread your seed. Each and every one of you is responsible for advancing our species. That is what you are here for. If you fail to do so … [y]ou have done nothing to pass on your genes … You are among lowest form of life there is.

Weird, because there are plenty of people who have contributed mightily to human civilization without ever having kids, including Jane Austen, Susan B. Anthony, Beethoven, Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Debbie Harry, Haruki Murakami, and, er, Betty White, to name just a few on this giant list I found after literally ten seconds of Googling.

Also, what the fuck does it matter if you “advance our species” or not? Live the best life you can. Try to be decent to other people and nice to pets and other animals. Life is tough enough; don’t burden yourself with weird and grandiose expectations on top of everything else.

However, because the purpose of existing is to pass on our genes and advance your species, the true alpha male is the male who has the most children. He did the most to advance our species.

Donald Trump has five kids (that we know of). Neither he nor any of his terrible children are doing anything to “advance our species.” (Barron might turn out ok; we don’t know yet.) Indeed, there’s a good case that he’s dramatically increased the risk that our species might destroy itself and much of the world with it through nuclear war and/or unchecked global warming. His ignorant recklessness is one of the main reasons the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Doomsday clock is now set to the truly scary two minutes to midnight.

Up until this point, ItheIthe has mostly just been wrong. But his argument is about to get very, very ugly as well.

Morals are real, because we need them to function as a unit. However, morals do not apply to females, as they are evil and cold-hearted, as well as good for nothing.

ItheIthe went back on that last bit pretty quickly after he remembered where babies come from. But first:

They are biologically inferior to us, and we, as morally, emotionally, and physically superior, are free to do what we please with them, as we would with any other species we dominate, such as cattle or oxen.

It’s a little hard to take someone’s “science” seriously when he thinks women are somehow a different and inferior species from men.

Since females are only good for reproduction, there is morally nothing wrong with raping a female – as long as you don’t pull out – to ensure you do your biological responsibility and pass on your genes.

Well, that’s horrifying, but at least he remembered the basic facts of reproduction (even if he has forgotten about the existence of trans women and infertile people).

This is not only okay to do, it is your biological responsibility. The only exceptions are: 1. A female in a “relationship” because societies function better without adultery, and 2. Virgin females because they are extra valuable for a “relationship”. All other females are in bounds.

I guess traditionalists can feel grateful he’s remembered that whole “virgin/whore” dichotomy.

Once again, females are biologically inferior to males. Males are good at all the physical labor that is required to uphold infrastructure and housing. Women are not. Men have made virtually all the advances in science and technology. Women have not. Men have many productive hobbies and interests. The only thing women do is try to seduce males.

At this point I’m pretty sure he’s never talked to a woman outside of his family, or cracked a book outside of a math textbook or video game guide.

That is proof that being used for reproduction is their only purpose. In third world countries, especially African ones entrenched in wars, rape happens all the time and no one gives a fuck.

There are people in all countries — rich or poor, peaceful or war-torn — with some pretty fucked-up ideas about rape; hell, our shithead president brags about sexual assault. But there is no society on earth in which “no one gives a fuck.”

Society here only pretends to give a fuck because we pretend to be romantically monogamous. But we’re not, the average female has like 30+ partners lifetime and therefore has romantic value.

I think there must be a word missing at the end. Surely he doesn’t think women have any “romantic value,” whatever that means.

More to the point, the average American woman doesn’t have dozens of sexual partners over her lifetime (not that there’s anything wrong with that). As I pointed out only a month ago in a slightly different context, incels and MGTOWs and other misogynistic douchebags tens to wildly overestimate how many partners women have. In fact, according to the CBC,, the median number of (opposite sex) partners that American women between 25 and 44 had over their lifetimes (as of 2011-2015) was 4.2; men had 6.1.

Virtually everything these guys think they know about female sexuality stems from fantasies rooted in misogyny and their own insecurity.

The only thing it is good for is passing on genes. There’s nothing wrong with the rape of these females.

Referring to a woman as “it” — the cherry pit on top of this incel shit sundae.

I’m not saying I’m going to rape a female, I’m just saying there’s nothing wrong with it, since females are unworthy of us.

Says someone whose biggest accomplishment in life is posting 3,993 messages on under a fake name.

I would not only say that rape is acceptable, I’d actually encourage it as your biological and primitive responsibility to rape a female and advance our species, as long as that female fits those brief conditions.

And on this thoroughly reprehensible note, ItheIthe’s wrapped up his latest contribution to the advancement of the human species.

ItheIthe’s argument got a mixed response from his fellow incels. While some commenters hailed it as “high IQ” brilliance, others dismissed it as the “autistic rant” of a cuck with an extremely poor understanding of biology.

“The reason incels exist according to evolutionary biology is simply because they are cucked by Chad due to his outstanding genetics i.e. survival of the fittest according to Darwin,” wrote warriorgenetics, perhaps the harshest critic.

As far as your autistic rant about raping women just LDAR [Lie Down and Rot] bro let your inferior genetics end with you if you can’t out compete Chad in this cuck or be cucked world we live in. 

But others found ItheIthe’s post, well, inspiring.

“If rape was legal it would be definitely better for us,” wrote someone called mentalcel.

Currently chad and high status men are using law against to keep their women … Women are far from making rational decisions … their choice of men is not even good for the society.

“Rape isn’t even a big deal,” wrote armis, “they just get upset because it wasn’t Chad or Tyrone doing the raping.”

“What’s the point of dehumanizing the enemy if you don’t want to abuse them?” asked Atavistic Autist.

I think foids can count themselves lucky if all they get from an incel is rape. That is, unless foids would prefer death to having an incel touch them.

While more than a few of the commenters blanched at the idea of rape, some of them still found ItheIthe’s assessment of women persuasive.

Someone called engineerescortceller declared flat out that he didn’t think rape was “good morally” But at the same time he agreed with ItheIthe that “females”

simply care about Chad and not much more. Men on the other hand (maybe because many are born ugly?) want to fulfill themselves in other ways.

Females are the most egocentric and hateful beings on the planet. Their goal is to get Chad, get babies and pass them. If you get in the way of their plans they’ll try to destroy you and they will wish you death.

I believe that’s what the regular psychologists would call “projection.” Hatred and self-loathing are a terrible mix — and the incel movement is an amplifier of both.

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4 years ago


Again, just like video games I start wondering if porn does mess with people’s minds after all as many claim.

I mean, I imagine any form of media has the potential to mess with someone’s mind. But, in these cases, I’d say it’s just a case of industry culture – they’ve found it’s possible, and even preferable, to include all the worst aspects of the parent culture and make a profit, so they do. I know lots of good, conscientious people working to be exceptions to that rule in both industries.

@epitome of incomprehensibility:

Oh, hell, you’ve just reminded me of a history teacher I had when I was ~13 who tried to foist that “men are polygamous, women are monogamous” line on the class. He was Not A Good Teacher.

4 years ago

I asked my bio teacher, who used to be a pretty successful biologist when he was younger, if evo psych was a valid was to decipher the human mind, and he said something along the lines of “Human’s, no. Maybe flies or something.” It revolves around one aspect of evolution, natural selection. There are so many paths to it. Genetic drift, mutation, culture. When you use a one dimensional approach to a question so broad as “why do humans do the things they do” you’re gonna get a lot of wrong answers. No biologist OR psychologist takes this seriously. It’s too basic right now. As a girl who actually is getting a degree in general science, I think I’m more qualified than this incel to talk about biology. Not only does it make me so sad that there are men out there who hate my sex so much, and think we are so useless that we don’t deserve human decency, it makes me happy that I have the power to make them this angry, and that everything this man wants out of life he will never receive.

3 years ago

Nobody gives a fuck? Lol they burn men alive for raping women in Africa and Kenya and shit. And if they don’t burn him alive and leave his body to rot in a giant pile of garbage until the police come, they’ll drag him out into the streets and everyone will beat the shit out of them. Yes, they give a whole lot of fucks.

3 years ago

Hey Ayanna.

Are you okay?

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