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The @RoastieTakes Twitter account is involuntarily awesome

Mmmm … beef

By David Futrelle

So Twitter is currently a bit overrun with ironic “hot takes” accounts celebrating the absolute awfullest expressions of opinion on Twitter and off. My favorite at the moment is one called @RoastieTakes, an account run (presumably) by some bitter young incel that is intended to highlight “the worst of the female race.”  (“Roastie,” if you haven’t yet heard, is what incels like to call women, based on the notion that oft-used vaginas end up with labia that look like slices of roast beef.)

But oftentimes what Mr. Roastietakes thinks is the worst is actually sort of the best, as these “Roastie Takes” demonstrate.


FACT CHECK: Ok, sure, so none of this is actually true except for the date. There weren’t a lot of “early suffragettes” hanging out in bathing suits in 1921, a year after women in the US got the right to vote. (The women who had been “early suffragettes” who were still around then were elderly.) And that’s not pizza. These particular gals were actually contestants in a pie-eating contest and most of the women in the pic are watching, not eating. According to Snopes, this falsely labeled pic has been floating around the net for years. Evidently “History to Learn,” an anonymous account that posts lots of random old pics of things ranging from “A Civil Servant with a manually operated traffic signal, Philadelphia, 1922” to “14-year-old Gwen Stefani receiving an autograph from Sting in 1983” doesn’t check its facts very carefully.

But, come on, the idea of women activists launching a campaign to annoy men by donning bathing suits and eating pizza in groups is awesome and if anyone decided to do this for real I would support it completely.

I have concluded that incels not only hate women; they hate joy.

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I like the idea of eating pizza in solidarity, or in a swimsuit. I think Mr. Parasol and I will fetch pizza for supper tonight.

Ellie Taylor’s day sounds like my weekend. Minus the bra.

From these examples, I can’t tell if this is someone trolling incels or an incel who doesn’t understand humor. It could have easily gone either way.

Then Iooked at the account. Mystery solved. 🙁

While “The Conquest of Bread” doesn’t make much mention of Pizza, I am sure it was only to make it more inclusive to the people who didn’t have any experience with pizza back in 1892.

PizzAnarchy should be the platform that’ll finally unite all of humanity in joy and prosperity.

I know these people don’t do biology very well, so I suppose it’s a step up that this one thinks “female” is a “race” rather than a completely different species.

But then it occurred to me that thinking of women as a race makes it less taxing on the poor soul’s brain, as he can just keep on being racist without having to think of extra layers of how to be awful.

Here’s something that will blow your mind, young incel! The human brain is capable of doing more than one thing at once! That’s right! You can be both a racist and a misogynist at the same time! Ain’t that something???

Girl, please. Anthony Hopkins is still a hunk 😛

Also, these @takes accounts are supposed to have some sorta theme. Like, the sex/abortions ones aren’t worthy of a takes account, but I get the idea. Roasties=sloots=laugh at/shame them. But the bra cheese tweet and the bathing suits one are only related if the point isn’t that liberated sexuality is bad, but that anything that women do is b…

oh. nevermind

Yeah, this will *totally* get people on board with the plight of the poor incel.

I think the bathing suits should be donned by women who would be deemed “fat” by the incels…women who are unacceptable in their world, and still wouldn’t have sex with them because they are not nice people.

To do today:

–put on old-fashioned bathing suit, complete with ankle-tie ballerina shoes;
–eat pizza in front of incels;

Okay so the Ellie Taylor one, first of all, is not a “take.” It does not express an opinion or a point of view. Second of all, I can’t even tell what he thinks is offensive. Self-deprecation? Kate Middleton? Cheese??

Out of curiosity, can you still be a “roastie” if you barely even have any labia?

Is it just me, or does the term “roastie” carry yet another layer of Unfortunate Implications in that people of color–regardless of age or sexual history–are likely to have browner-toned genitalia?

@ Jesalin

Actual physical description of one’s labia hardly matters to anyone stupid enough to unironically apply the label. One could be pale as snow, with the smoothest “innie” imaginable (and a sexual history of anywhere from 0-60+ partners), it doesn’t make a difference to an idiot who’s starting from and ending at a position of “woman+sex = bad.”

Your post did prompt me to wonder whether a lesbian labia is a roastie or not.

Apparently the account is serious – it’s retweeting things that are supposedly mock-worthy because they display women’s meanness or “sluttiness”. Thing is, most seem to be a) deliberate jokes (e.g. the Avatar Vagina :D) or b) reasonable observations (e.g. one woman was saying that people with STDs don’t deserve to be shamed just for that).


I think the idea is that there’s a contrast between What A Woman Should Be (propagating the race and still managing to look right) and Ebil Ebil Feminist Who’s So Lazy and Eats Unhealthily And Is Probably Really Fat Becaues Cheese And Lazy Ew.

Of course, it could also be Ebil Wimmyns Are So Hypocritical They Blow Dry Their Hair And Put On Makeup And Also Ebil Wimmyns Are Gross And Fat And Dont Pay Attention To Their Appearance Like My Boner Says They Should, thus managing to condemn both of them at once.

I would totally hang out with a large group of women in our bathing suits and eat pizza. And I wouldn’t even care whether people got annoyed or not.

Apologies to any vegetarians present, but roast beef has always looked extremely appetising to me.

But yes, to those unaware of Incel mythology, the theory is that the human vulva can tell the difference between having sex with 100 different men, and having sex with the same man 100 times, and changes its shape appropriately.

There’s so much entitlement in ‘aggressively wrong and the fault lies with the world in not making everything clear to me’.

And now for some reason I fancy a pizza. Oh the power of the internet.

I started knitting vulva-themed corsages and stuff a year or so ago. Some are themed to storytelling and myths too, like a mermaid one with a shell clitoris and seaweed pubes.

It was after the pussy hat protests when some right wing woman had a huge rant online about how vile and disgusting it was that women “were knitting genitals” – which, if you’ve seen the pink hats with ears rather suggested the ranter had either never seen labia, or had never seen a pussy hat.

So far this year they were in a Nasty Women art exhibition and got auctioned afterwards to raise money for a domestic violence charity, and I’ve been invited to bring some along for use in sex ed for adults with learning difficulties. Got to knit some more.


a mermaid one with a shell clitoris and seaweed pubes.

Huh. I’d have imagined mermaids as being pubeless, for streamlining (and for related reasons, mermen and mermaids would be generally indistinguishable at first glance). I probably overthink these things, though.

I’ve sometimes envisioned biologically plausible mammalian merfolk, who, like whales, would have vulva-like genital grooves in both sexes. Now THAT was an exercise in overthinking.

I will point out for those unfamiliar with her that Ellie Taylor is a British model turned stand-up comedian. This NSFW bit (from the satirical news show “The Mash Report,” in which she plays a news reader) seems appropriate here:

Lumipuna: when I draw mermaids I draw them like that, and with dolphin rather than fish tails. Also fat and bald since that makes more sense. I have a long history of overthinking mermaids.

Don’t forget contracting nostrils up in the forehead, and talking without mouth movement.

Babies are 10 kg at birth and ready to swim, because they don’t need to pass a pelvic opening.

Before fact-checking, at a glance the pizza thing wasn’t all that unbelievable to me because that really is how little it takes to send these particular men into a rage.

I would like to add it was white women who got the vote, native women got the vote in 1930s, Asian women-1940s and black women didn’t get the vote til 1960s.

Anyway I would love to eat pizza or pie or both with those ladies.

when I draw mermaids I draw them like that, and with dolphin rather than fish tails.

I always point out that mermaids are always drawn with mammalian tails, and the scales are simply and example of archaic biological ignorance being interpreted literally by later artists. Merfolk have horizontal flukes, like all aquatic mammals; I’ve never seen a depiction with a vertical tail like a fish has. The ‘half-fish’ descriptor dates from a time when whales and dolphins were described as fish, taxonomy being rather rough in those days.

Roast beef haters?

I guess some men just prefer sausage. No shame. It’s ok to be honest about it.

I think the unifying theme of @roastietakes is shame. The premise appears to be that women should feel shame at all times. The pizza pictures, the staying-at-home-in-a-bra tweets, and so on all address different topics, but they’re all women unashamed of the way they’re handling those topics.

All women in the U.S. were enfranchised by the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment in 1920.
However, many states (the states handle both state & federal voting) set up heavy barriers to prevent minorities from registering and voting.
That was the point of the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s – a legal right that is not supported or is directly hindered through society’s actions, might as well not exist.

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