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Chad Vs. The Hecolopters: Today in Tweets 4/21/18 edition

The Incel Air Force launches its assault on Chad

By David Futrelle

It’s Saturday, and I’m feeling lazy, so I’m going to ignore all the frantic, sloppy tweets coming from Donald Trump’s bedroom at Mar-al-Lago and focus on the important non-Trump news of the day.

Like the Incel Air Force’s air strike against Chad (not the country).

Also, just a couple of days after being celebrated semi-ironically by Jacobin as a Marxist hero of sorts, Kanye West is hailing alt-lite weirdo Candace Owens (remember her from Gamergate days?) as a brilliant thinker.

In other developments:

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My husband reads a lot of Reddit, and, it turned out, was aware of the term ‘Chad’. What he didn’t know was that Chad’s last name is “Thundercock”. I was able to help out. He choked on his iced tea.

I like Chad. I envision Chad as being a nice clean-cut young man with a good attitude about women, and and a tendency to be a bit of a Dudley Do-Right. He shares an apartment with Leroy and Ahmed, and all of them date rather a lot. They take turns to do the dishes.

To dispel the bad mojo from that cursed image:

“o/` This is The Tom Green Show
It’s not the Green Tom Show
This is my favorite show
Because it is my show o/`
It’s The Tom Green Show!”

“I’d just like to say to all the other nominees in the audience, I don’t think that I deserve it any more than the rest of you. I’d like to say that. I don’t think that it would be true, though.”
— Green, accepting his five Razzies for Freddy Got Fingered at the 22nd Golden Raspberry Awards

Awww, that pug in the corner reminds me so much of my pug Marilyn, who passed away two years ago.

She was a very good girl. Miss her to pieces.

@bestofnextdoor is one of the funniest accounts I’ve ever seen. I heartily recommend it.

I was struck by that guy misspelling helicopter twice.

The retweets on that Candace Owens tweet are like a Who’s Who of fucking assholes. Nice of them to catalogue themselves for posterity’ s sake, will save future historians some work

*waves* Still alive!

*sniff* Big Boi has now left to his new home, and adult cats just FLOPPED for a long sleep after he did. Nobody’s biting and chasing their tail, nobody’s looking for a nip to suckle, nobody’s trying to pick a teenage-like kittyfit of dominance fight. Me, a mix of proud kittymom, sad kittymom and someone who is generally glad that I don’t need to look at my feet all of the time and nobody’s messing with my meds when I try to take them…


I’m just trying to figure out what a hecolopter is, never mind how to stop them.

It sounds like some kind of dinosaur to me.

So I’ma just skip the “alt-left” part cos this is one bullshit PRATT I don’t wanna have to deal with at 8am when I’ve had like three hours of sleep.

But uh, “most feared enemy” ? What did I miss ? I had to make sure Owens was indeed who I seemed to remember she was, so I’m pretty sure she ain’t my most feared enemy right now (these days that’d be the hornets flying up from the neighbor’s garden to my window).

I’ve always thought it was the most hilariously ironic thing that Reddit and *chan incels used “Chad” as the name of a paragon of masculinity that gets all the women, while literally every woman I’ve known uses “Chad” as the name of a douchey jackass in a polo shirt who they’d never let get near them in a million years.

Also, hi y’all! I used to post here a lot but I stopped because I had kids.

Been coming back lately though because my twitter account got reported by a troll and they suspended me in like literally fifteen minutes.

I’ve reported guys whose names were things like “JasTheGews1488” and it took like six months to hear back, but apparently me making fun of some shmuck’s terrible attempt at doxxing me is crossing a line.

Anyway, I figured I’d properly say hi in an open thread because I see a bunch of names I recognize from way back when which is a really pleasing thing.


your Chad Thundercock sounds like Ace Rimmer LOL

Oh crap… are Incel and Chad like Rimmer and Ace Rimmer? Oh, god, they are, aren’t they.

‘Hecalopter’ sounds like ‘heffalump’: a word an adult uses when trying unsuccessfully to sound like a child.

Binjabreeeeel! Welcome back! Great to see you here again.

Just when I’d gotten my brain around Alan’s “helico + ptera” tidbit. A hecalopter must be a hundred-bladed craft, then.

You ever see Facebook’s bizarre moderator guidelines that were leaked? They divided everything into protected classes, like religion, gender, and race, and unprotected classes, like age, or location. Fairly good so far. The fucked part comes in when they combined them. In defiance of common sense, not to mention logic, subsets of protected classes were not protected, if the property that defined the subset was not protected!

In other words, toss one unprotected descriptor into a hate rant, and boom, no mods. “I hate white guys” is a strike, cause both race and gender are protected. “Black children are animals” is fine, because age isn’t considered suspect.


Holy crap that’s asinine. This is what comes of engineers not taking enough humanities classes.

Wow I didn’t expect an immediate response in the middle of the night! It’s nice to see that there’s still a bit of a community here. Lots of places on the net feel like they’ve lost that feeling.

Also, hahaha someone brought up the fact that the roots of helicopter are “helico” and “pter”?

I always used that as exhibit A in biology when some pedant tries to tell me apoptosis (I.e., programmed cell death, like when it has cancer or as part of development) should be pronounced “ay-POH-tosis” instead of “ay-POP-tosis” because the root “ptosis” has a silent p.

If it’s ay-poh-tosis then it should be heli-coh-ter” not “heli-cop-ter”.

Two nights ago, I dreamed that someone replaced my cell phone with an incel-phone, which came with an autocorrect feature that forced me to use distressingly.nonstandard.punctuation. I was horrified. It was so.difficult to that I eventually gave up and became a phonecel.

I love when people think algorithms or machine learning will free us of bias, forgetting that algorithms are made by biased humans, and neural nets are trained on data created by biased humans.

Especially with neural nets, because sometimes we can’t know what they’re learning. Like there was one that was designed to generate images. It scraped millions of images off the net and would composite them together to make a novel picture of whatever you asked for, like “a dog”, “a cat”, “a boat”, “a person”.

Except the “cat” pictures were overwhelmingly memes. So when asked to create a picture of a cat, this neural net would put gibberish captions in that meme impact font in the places where a caption should go. Because, it thought, based on the internet, that every picture of a cat should be a meme.


I’m glad I’m not the only one who immediately went to heffalumps. Much like incels they’ve tried to rebrand as sympathetic when we all should be terrified of them and realistically they are shapeshifters only out to steal what isn’t theirs to take.

(I may have watched the original Winnie the Pooh video on obsessive repeat for several years as a child)

Seriously, though, this is likely to make Trump even more angry. People openly point out how Melania always looks miserable in his company, and now this? I hope he doesn’t take it out on her.

Didn’t Google’s image recognition net keep saying black people were gorillas awhile ago? Or the Better Off Ted episode where the notion sensing drinking fountains didn’t pick up the black people in the lab, which apparently has happened IRL

Hecaloptera would be one of those obscure new insect taxonomic orders that get named once in a while.

Add “Making Melania smile” to the long list of things Barack Obama can do that Trump can’t.

I remember you ^_^
I recently came back here too. Yay!

I may have to hand my feminist card in though! This week, as part of my job, I managed to get housing for a man who has been homeless for 5 years. I’ve arranged for lots of clean clothes and food to be delivered to his new place and for some supportive charities to go round to his a couple of times a week to help with budgeting, cooking etc.

I haven’t misandered all week in fact!

NicolaLuna, I hope that if any of us or our loved ones are in that kind of situation one day, we get lucky enough to find someone like you working our case. Thank you.

(but tsk tsk tsk for slacking on your misandering duties, that’s just shocking! 😀 )


IRRC, you have tattoos, right? If so, you are in a state of permanent misandry until you decide to get them renewed. You can keep your feminist card for now. But if you really want to be sure you remain in good standing, just click your heels three times and say “male privilege” three times.

Hell, just being a woman who likes MLP is peak misandry to these morons.

*barely stops self from going on an unrelated rant about how adult men enjoying a show aimed at young girls was the perfect opportunity for them to break out of their toxic gender roles, but nooo*

Off topic… yeah, I do that a lot, I guess I have a short attention span….

Seems the person who (barehanded) disarmed the Waffle House shooter is a black man… That’ll rattle some cages. I guess what it takes to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good person

I managed to get housing for a man who has been homeless for 5 years. I’ve arranged for lots of clean clothes and food to be delivered to his new place and for some supportive charities to go round to his a couple of times a week to help with budgeting, cooking etc.

Bless you NicolaLuna!!


I hope he doesn’t take it out on her.

I don’t know, but I suspect they’re never together except public appearances

Hmmm, I went back and read the Mammoth post on Owens that David references…

That’s why Anita Sarkeesian sent so many gamers into hysterics simply for noting that, yes, a lot of games are really pretty sexist — because by extension, this suggests that the gamers buying and playing these games in record numbers might just be an eensy weensy bit sexist themselves.

No, the ‘gaters’ weren’t taking exception to Sarkeesian suggesting that gamers were sexist, they were taking exception TO THE IDEA THAT THERE WAS SOMETHING WRONG WITH SEXISM

Hecalopter is, literally, the word my sister used to for helicopter when she was very young, initially as an honest mistake and then she kept using it because she liked being cutesy. It crops up as an in-joke in our family to this day.

All of 5 minutes on Twitter and I’ve already seen a false flag theory about the Waffle House shooting. Sigh.

Here’s what I don’t get. The WH, the Senate and the House are all controlled by Republicans. The President controls who gets to head agencies like the FBI, the CIA, the ATF. Republicans are quite beholden to the NRA and are not interested in gun control.

So why would “the government” orchestrate all these mass shootings? To what end? Who are the actors doing this if they aren’t connected to the people in power at all? Seriously. What the fuck is the motive supposed to be for the government here. I’m so confused.

@wwth My best guess, following the conspiracy theory mindset, is that the “globalists” ( read: Jews, Socialists, Muslims, Jews, feminists, Jews, Jews etc) are doing it so that they can regain control of the government? That’s my best guess, anyways.

@Michael Suttkus, II

For my sister, it was spaghetti (pa-sketty). Or so my parents have told us, I was too young to remember it.

@weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee
I’ve long given up trying to make sense of their ramblings. It’s all time cube nonsense to me.

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