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Sexbots are cool, but don’t forget to smack real-life women and “cure the world of the Jew,” Daily Stormer urges

Is this the kind of robot Nazis really want?

By David Futrelle

The alt-right appeals to many of the same sort of guys that flock to the Men’s Rights movement and kindred groups like the pickup community and Men Going Their Own Way — young straight white dudes, infused with aggrieved entitlement, looking to blame someone (or a bunch of someones) for their problems with everything from women to … well, mostly women.

And so it’s not surprising to see the alt-Nazi hub The Daily Stormer getting excited about an article on heralding the imminent arrival of a new sexbot from the makers of the Real Doll that promises to “love you forever.” Expected to cost around $11,000, it comes complete with an allegedly super-sexy “X mode” and what the Metro describes as “an ever-so-slightly creepy Scottish accent.”

On the Daily Stormer, someone calling himself Spartacus responds to the development with a mixture of wariness and enthusiasm, declaring in a post today (archived here) that what the Metro article describes as the prospect of men spending “a lifetime … making love to the lifeless bodies of machines” is more appealing than a lifetime of bedding

brainless, screeching tubs of lard that were already fucked by a hundred other guys, which is what a lot (most?) women are these days, at least in some parts of the world…

“Spartacus” isn’t thrilled with one feature of the new sexbot.

I don’t even understand why she can talk in the first place.

What’s the point of that anyway?

I mean, there’s no point in having a conversation with a real, flesh and blood woman, so what’s the point of having one with a sexbot?

Like oh so many MGTOWs and MRAs, “Spartacus” thinks that affordable sexbots will ultimately render many women superfluous and drive feminism out of business.

When these things are advanced enough to do the other thing women are good for – making sandwiches – I really think feminism will be over for good.

But “Spartacus” wants the world to know that he and his fellow alt-Nazis aren’t the sort of cucky dudes who would be perfectly content to spend the rest of their lives shacked up with their robot girlfriends.

This isn’t good, or at least not when you look at the larger picture.

If we all, or at least most of us, lived in even vaguely normal/un*iked societies, this wouldn’t really be that big of a deal, it might even be a good thing.

If I lived in any part of western Europe, I’d buy one just because feminists hate it, but also because I’d save money in the long term, what with quality hookers being harder and harder to find these days (not to mention no risk of diseases).

But even if any of you reading this buy one, remember – this is not a healthy, normal thing, and it absolutely isn’t a long-term solution to any problem you have.

Those looking for such a solution might start, he suggests, by acquiring real flesh-and-blood (in the face) girlfriends. His advice on how to do this is rather chilling.

The best way to get a woman and keep her is to just act like a real man, first and foremost by smacking her over the mouth when she acts up and doesn’t do as she’s told. …

if you really wanna buy one of these sexbot things, at least make sure you smack it around once in a while, as practice for a normal relationship.

Don’t ever take dating advice from Nazis. Or any kind of advice, really.

“Spartacus,” like the Nazi he is, ends his article by pointing his finger at what he sees as the real problem — not uppity women but the sinister (alleged) cabal that (allegedly) inspires their (allegedly) bad behavior in the first place. One guess as to who he’s referring to.

[T]he only thing that’ll permanently solve most of our problems with women is manning up and curing the world of the Jew – a disease of which feminism is only a symptom.

That’s right, Nazi dudes. If you can’t get a girlfriend, it’s all the fault of those evil cockblocking Jews, following the precepts of the Protocols of the Elders of You Aren’t Getting Any, Nazi Dudes. New technologies may come and go, but Nazis will never give up their favorite scapegoat for everything they don’t like about themselves and the world around them.

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They’re still demonizing Alinsky, and he’s been dead 40 years

Cue T-shirt text in 2050:

“I don’t care if Soros is dead – I still want my payment for Women’s March!”

My Finnish school education covered the Holocaust fairly briefly. It’s something most people would forget if there wasn’t occasional media discussion.

What my education really didn’t help understand is, how fascism happens, why Jews were the main scapegoats and why virulent antisemitism still lingers. Or, what kind of people Jews even are.

Re: Holocaust forgettance: This is what you get when you (a) repeal the Fairness Doctrine and permit crapaganda to flood the media on all platforms, and (b) defund public education and promote “charter” schools, whatever the fuck those are, until real education dies.

See also: Christian home-schooling. (Wasn’t the Austin bomber a Christian homeschool kid? I seem to recall that he was.)

Also, guns guns guns.

In short: If you don’t make teaching real history a priority, and with an emphasis on learning from it so’s not to repeat it, well…this is how you get Nazis.

When I was in high school in Canada 10 years ago, we had, like, 8 different units on WWII. I’m pretty sure that the entirety of grade 11 social studies was about WWII, the holocaust, and maybe a little bit of WWI for background information. (It also included stuff about OUR internment camps for Canadians of Japanese descent, which was important to learn about.)

It got to the point that I yearned to learn something other than early to mid 20th century European history.

Even without that, though, I don’t know how people in the States can’t know about the holocaust. Nazis have been the bad guys of choice for movies, video games, etc. for the last 50+ years. Do people just think that those villains were conjured up out of thin air or something?

@ Ape

Maybe it depends on the teacher? We’re roughly the same age so it’s unlikely that we would have been taught according to different curricula.

My history teacher was pretty thorough with the whole Nazi thing. There’s not that much time to devote to any single aspect of it, but he did make an effort to drive the point home.

I didn’t fully appreciate his awesomeness at the time. He was young, engaging and funny and less out of touch with kids as most teachers, and I did like him for that. But in hindsight he was a fairly obvious crypto-commie or anarchist ie. exactly the sort of person who should be responsible for teaching new generations history. And now that I think of it, his last name is one of those German ones that would be associated with jewishness in North America.

You know, I was having a chat with a dudebro co-worker of mine (big into “free speech”, thought BLM was as bad as fascists, you know the kind) and he asked me “how did you get into [feminism/social justice]?”

I had a pretty simple answer: Elevatorgate. As YouTube came into prominence and the Bush administration was on the decline, the cultural warriors were going all out and people pushing back on it were a novelty that I found refreshing. But once it came to the point where the culture warriors all vanished and some of the non-white non-male YouTube atheists were like “Hmm, maybe we should diversify and make a bid to offer progressive alternatives to the bigotries present in most major religions?”

But nope, that aggrieved white guy demographic thought it was a step too far and that’s when the backlash began. GamerGate and the alt-right have only solidified it.

Or it was da J00s.

Jumping in having skipped some of the comments, for which I apologise, but since you’ve mentioned holocause remembrance and education, I thought I could mention the situation in Israel:

As can be expected, the holocaust is very much remembered (in fact, it was Holocaust Day just yesterday, so stories from the time were everywhere in the media, and you have official state cceremoniesand ceremonies in school and so on), and it takes up a big part of historical education in school (including sending classes to Poland, which is a whole thing I won’t open right now). In many ways, too big a part, especially if it studied without context – which I have seen criticism to indicate is the case (it’s been close to two decades since I’ve been a high schooler myself). So the kids get a lot of the “we were rounded up and murdered” and a lot of the “never again” and a lot of the “this is why we have a country”, but not so much discussion of the historical processes, which can lead to an intensifying of nationalistic sentiment.
At least, that’s the criticism I’ve seen – but that is criticism from the left side of the map, so might have that bias, and like I said I’m not that familiar with what’s actually going on in schools.

Another sad aspect is that, with the slow crumbling of the welfare state in Israel, the actual holocaust survivers often live in dismal conditions, and that is infuriating.


As he always does, by insisting that white men are the only people it’s okay to make fun of and freedom of speech is most important thing because he came from post-Revolution Iran. *shrug* It was an expected response. His big things are Islam (which I can appreciate from the standpoint of having experienced a fundamentalist regime, but using that as an excuse to block Syrian refugees is not cool) and the fact that Count Dankula is was convicted for his stupid pug video (which given the phrase that Dankula repeated, I entirely understand why he was found guilty under Scottish law; as for the law, that’s Scotland’s business).

Plus, he’s one of those obnoxious guys that will explain minutae of random things to you whether you’re interested or not, like he’s trying to prove how intelligent he is to people who don’t care. I’m just glad I only have to interact with him on an infrequent basis.

As someone from Germany: not even teaching it – and they teach us in school about it until you’re begging for something else – prevents nazis.

I’ve never understood it. My family lost so fucking much in the war. Siblings and parents. My mother, born almost 20 years later, woke up screaming in the night because she heard fireworks and thought a war had started, because my grandfather had impressed that on her.
My grandparents house had this odd niche under the cellar stairs. Stairs poured from thick concrete. And I always wondered, until my mom told me it was for when the bombs would drop. My granddaughter built a fucking bomb shelter under the stairs. Just big enough to maybe save his family.
He and I used to eat a weird vanilla-milk soup thing when we visited. It was our thing, something I looked forward to. And then I googled it, a few years after his death. Nutrients. Because his time as a prisoner of war had fucked up his digestive system so badly he couldn’t get them from normal food.
What happened colours my life, even though I was born half a decade later.

And we were the aggressors. The guilty ones, even though my family weren’t nazis. I can’t imagine how it must be for those who were the victims.

How can anyone want to repeat something like that? We’ve all grown up with it, bombarded with statues, with bronze stones in pavements with names and dates, graveyards and walls of pictures of the leveled cities. And not even a decade later, they run around spouting the same stupid shit as if they didn’t learn a thing. As if the logical reaction isn’t “we lost so much and we were the lucky ones. Others lost more and suffered way worse. Let’s not do that ever again.”, but “yeah, let’s go try to kill and hurt and abuse other human beings because its not like everyone lost the last time.”.
I don’t understand how they miss the simple and obvious facts that nobody wins in a war.

Ugh. Sorry for ranting but its just…. I’m so frustrated currently, since we had our nazi-light-party represented with a stand on the farmers market last week (although with protesters right beside them and little interest from residents) and I’m just so pissed that they’re intruding into my neighbourhood. I’m struggling with wanting to take their posters down and writing snarky things on the big ones and my viewpoints on the value of our party system and free speech.

@Zaunfink: As we are fond of yelling every time we go south and approach shouting-distance of the learning-resistant and their protectors: “Ihr habt den Krieg verloren!”.

As I’ve touched on earlier, there’s little better proof that resting on the purported laurels of the past is the fastest way to abandon all learning, the Danish government and most opposition parties are still scrambling to cement the ghetto-status of specific neighbourhoods, screw the borders shut and dehumanize and scapegoat the maybe 5-8% of the danish population who are Muslim. All the while reminding everyone with how the danes saved the jews in ’41. With the liberation-day coming up, I feel the bile rise.

No love for a nation.

Yes, the estimate is that 5 million non-Jewish victims died in the death camps. Hitler tried to exterminate the unfit (mentally & physically disabled) and “inferior races” (Poles, Romany, Slavs, etc). They are remembered in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial.
I wish this were better known, both as a gesture of respect to them and as a reminder that anyone can become the target when fascism is given a free hand.

When the British & American troops liberated the death camps, they had film crews to document what they found. Alfred Hitchcock was part of the crew.
This is a movie that was put together in 1985 using their footage & script. “Holocaust, Memory of the Camps” 1985 Alfred Hitchcock

It’s tough going but, if someone is waving away the truth, Hitchcock (someone whom every film buff knows) is a pretty reliable witness.

If you wanted to be confrontational, you might ask them why they are emulating a group that got their asses kicked in WWII? 1000 year Reich, my ass.
Same question I have for Confederate sympathizers. “Did you know that you guys LOST a war under that Confederate flag? Why are you modeling yourself after a bunch of losers?”
Though it would probably get your teeth punched out……………

@Hypatia’s Daughter:

Yes, but the Confederates were fighting for an ideal. Sure, maybe their leaders were horrible racists (though that’s probably being greatly unfair to them, we’re just misinterpreting them), but the true, real, salt-of-the-earth ones, they were just fighting for their homes and their independence, blahblahblah. So they’re automatically better than the Northern folk, who were… I don’t know, probably only fighting because they were being paid by George Soros.

This post may contain sarcasm.

@Penny Psmith

Thank you for that. Got good friends in Israel, but I wasn’t going to speak on their behalf! 🙂 Do think they have the right idea though – “Never again” is a very good benchmark. Even though it leads to it’s own excesses which need to be watched for unceasingly and curbed immediately.


Even without that, though, I don’t know how people in the States can’t know about the holocaust. Nazis have been the bad guys of choice for movies, video games, etc. for the last 50+ years. Do people just think that those villains were conjured up out of thin air or something?

Seems like many people in various countries have this perception, “Nazis were a grave threat to my nation, so it’s bleedingly obvious why they were the bad guys”.

dust bunny,

Good for you. I had some great teachers in secondary school, including history teacher, but WWII was only covered on primary level.

Thanks to everyone who offered me suggestion!

Re;ww2 history lessons, I’ll be honest I somehow ended up with this notion that the USSR was an axis power so my formal schooling was an utter joke,
everything I know I basically taught myself since whatever special ed program that had me in in public school was just containment and zero actual learning.

@ Hypatia’s daughter

I’m gonna get punched for my big mouth someday anyway.
I do have a friend who’s quite active, both as someone against war and racism and for feminism (he’s terribly cute, too. Recently told me he discovered ironing is the most boring thing ever. Because he realised that even though he wants people to be equal, he’s let his mom do the chores. So he started changing that. If a 18 year old can be that reflective, why can’t others?) and I’ll start by asking if he knows where to start around here.

I’m taking hope in the backlash from the online community and the major newspapers whenever someone says particularly dumb things. Maybe, if we’re really lucky, this is just the last twitch of the monster, like in horror movies.

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