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Trump has the best natural disasters: Today in Tweets

What a crowd!

By David Futrelle

The Trumps go to Texas. And other news.

Let’s go to the Tweets.

In other Hurricane Harvey news:

And now, terrible people being terrible, starting with the guy who said he got stabbed for having a “fashy” haircut. Well, guess what?

And the parade of terrible people continues:

But hey, that’s a pretty sweet deal on the Tasty Pantry Deluxe Bucket! (Jim Bakker sells food supplies for the apocalypse.)

And now, some cute animals, because seriously, we could use some.

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PeeVee the (Perpetually Ignored, Invisible but Noice) Sarcastic
PeeVee the (Perpetually Ignored, Invisible but Noice) Sarcastic
4 years ago


Thanks! My “baby” is 23 now, and she’s doing just fine!

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

I suppose it never occurred to MIL that a girl might grow up to have children without being married or get married but keep her last name and pass that on to her kids. Or that a boy might grow up to not have kids at all.

4 years ago

I hope your MIL has become less of an ass (or at least less vocal about it) in the last 23 years.

4 years ago

One of my co-workers said to me the other day that now I’m married I need to have babies before I get too old. I LOLed.

occasional reader
occasional reader
4 years ago

> Dormousing_it, Nina
Thank you for the informations !

I am sorry for all the bigotery you commenters and your friends have to face concerning having or not having children (and the various operations that are linked to that), and i hope you will be able to have your wills fullfilled ! I would like to imagine it is better here, in France, but alas i am not sure it is. Especially with the outburst of bigotery which become more and more visible due to the rise of internet and social medias.
I am sure you have already a lot of good arguments, but if you think you could have some more (and you do not already have it), you can always remind people who bother you with it that one of the prime reasons of child molestation is that the child is unwanted/unexpected. Well, one problem being the bigoted persons do not pretty care about your opinion or the reality of life, this argument will probably not strike anything in their mind, so…

Sheila Crosby
4 years ago

Up until I was about 22 I was quite, quite sure that I never wanted kids. Then at 24 I was desperate for a baby. Sorry, I know this is really annoying, but it does happen. No to everybody, obviously, but I think it is fairly common.

Nuts to the idea that I man you haven’t even met yet gets a veto on your health decisions.

The good news is that DR Jen Gunter says IUDs are fine for most people before kids, although you might have problems persuading a doctor to fit one. Or in the USA, paying for it up front even though it’s much cheaper in the long run.

4 years ago

^ Surely if women’s minds are so changeable in their twenties, there should be a mass effort to discourage women from having kids in their twenties, right? Because what if they change their minds, and decide they don’t want kids after all? This isn’t like being sterilized, where you can adopt or try IVF or reversal if you decide you want kids. Once you have a baby, you’re stuck as a parent. If women who are 22 can’t know what they really want, surely none of them should be having children, right? And doctors should refuse to assist any young woman who wants to have kids, and try to talk them out of it?

Sorry, the “but you might change your mind!” argument really grinds my gears.

4 years ago

About the article and Melania’s choice of footwear….
….Uh, Dave; I’m afraid you fell for….uh….”Fake News”.

On top of that; I could care less what Melania does or wears and as far as Trump family members go, Melania and Barron get a *meh* from me. If Trump and his clan got canned for Russia, Mel and the boy would likely be the innocent ones who get off-scot free. She’s a trophy and her son’s just a little kid.

Don Jabba Two-Scoops, Complicit-Babe, Beavis & Butthead and the Silent Jewish Flakjacket Boy….on the other hand….definitely striped-pajamas material.

Jury’s out on the other Jabba-Daughter nobody knows or cares about.

Considering Jabba’s ineptitude in merely existing, I’d love to know….WHAT WAS HIS DAD THINKING?! Out of all possible offspring or friends to be his successor, he picks DONALD! Was he too sexist to give it to his daughters? Why not pick his closest peers?

Dad was a bigoted jerk but at least he was a somewhat competent businessman and real-estate guy.

Then again; Donald was not as weird (or ugly) as he is now and I’d imagine his Father figured it would teach young Donald responsibility and stuff. Donald was just another snooty, cocky young rich boy with a drive to succeed….not a giant megalomaniacal orange blob who can barely function. Young Trump was a snake but he was a snake who could act like a human being in public….

….Here’s Young Trump actually acting like a human being!

I see Trump as a real-life example of a “One-Winged Angel”….
….This is when a villain shows off their “True” or “Super-Powered” form. Like Sardo Numspa or The Golden Child transforming from a snooty Charles Dance to a scary flying devil-monster….or Ghostbuster‘s (1984) Gozer going from “Sexy Badass Punk Devil Vampire Chick” to “Goofy Giant Marshmallow Man”.

DONALD TRUMP….comment image
….Handsome snotty Manhattan Real Estate tycoon with mildly-questionable hair….comment image
….NO! HIS TRUE FORM: Giant repulsive orange Hutt-Slug-Pumpkin manchild monster with STUPID hair! WE NEED A DUMP TRUCK FULL OF SALT! STAT!

….Well; You know what happens….however….when bad guys go “One-Winged Angel”….comment imagecomment image

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