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Tiki Nazis march against white genocide, mosquitoes: Today in Tweets Early Edition


NOTE 2: I regret the flippant tone of this post. Last night these guys seemed like clowns and it felt good to watch them getting a thorough mocking. They still are clowns, but unfortunately clowns can do a tremendous amount of damage, as the current inhabitant of the White House reminds us every day.

My newer post on the terrorist attack is here.

By David Futrelle

On Friday night, a couple hundred Nazis and oh-I’m-not-really-a-Nazis marched through the largely empty University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, many of them holding cintronella tiki torches aloft in what appears to have been an attempt to simultaneously fight white genocide and banish mosquitoes.

Of course, given that gender ratio was approximately 90 pasty white dudes per one Lauren Southern wannabe, it’s a safe bet that very few marchers actually “fought white genocide” after the march, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

Anyway, so they marched. And afterwards people dunked on them mercilessly on Twitter. Here are some highlights of both events.

The best part about this video? The Nazis who can’t remember which arm to “sieg heil” with. (The right arm, my dudes.)

This white lady seems nice:

The marchers were quite impressed with themselves:

But Tinkerbell was not exactly correct. Lots of people are laughing.

Nonetheless there were still those who insisted that this Nazi march was not really a Nazi march, I mean, what evidence is there that any of these guys are Nazis?

That said, the Nazis and Friends of Nazis did indeed act like the shitheads they are.

The truly brave souls? The small number of counterprotesters who found themselves surrounded by hundreds of Nazis.

Nazi dorks, fuck off!

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I want to go back to something that happened up thread.


If I smoke for 50 years does that mean that I get to pretend that the lung cancer that results doesn’t exist?


“If I smoked for 50 years, and did it to spite anyone who asked me to stop, even knowing that my smoking is harming others far more than it does me, and even enjoying the fact that others are harmed by my second hand smoke, and then developed Lung Cancer, I don’t think I’d have anyone else to blame but myself.”


Blame blame blame.

I guess the doctors won’t treat my lung cancer, or the lung cancer of my family members. My family shares a genetic background with me after all.

mrex, a closer analogy would be you smoke for 50 years and instead of going to an oncologist you buy a new brand of cigarettes because Phillip Morris promises it will cure your lung cancer. Plus you see going to an oncologist as bad because you don’t think the clinic he works in should get money for work you don’t think is sufficiently difficult.* These people are voting republican because the republicans keep promising to fix the problems with their jobs while insisting that any reduction in fees and taxes or increase in wages for poor people is a handout while the same done for rich people is hard-earned. Plus they have an irrational fear of immigrants and really anyone different than them, and the republicans keep promising to crack down on those scary other people being allowed to live in this country.

*Speaking of this weird mentality that work needs to be hard but only in a specific way to earn a living, you guys wouldn’t believe the dude I saw arguing that PewDiePie doesn’t do *any work at all* because this guy once did some video editing in high school and found it effortless. And when people asked why he didn’t just do professional video editing if it was so natural for him, he argued that he’s not lazy and believes in earning a living honestly. I mean really, why do people think this way?



Yes, the rage against me, the asshole smoker, is 199% real and justified, especially considering the trail of disease and destruction that I leave in my wake. It’s all real, including my (relatively) innocent family’s and children’s lung cancer.

Obviously “but my/my kid’s lung cancer” should NEVER be a hat trick to divert attention away from evil. But the answer isn’t for oncologists to respond with “fuck your fears about terminal lung cancer” to literally every conversation about the practice of buying the new brand of cigarettes over seeing an Oncologist.

How will anything change without a conversation? Protests? Riots? All are meaningless without a conversation.

@Axe @Valentine

Going to get to you guys later.

The analogy fails, cos we’re not oncologists. I’ve never heard a Dem politician say ‘fuck your economic anxiety’. I’d argue they’re too preoccupied with WWC voters right now. This is the point you’re not getting. We’re not the doctor, we’re the pedestrians who hafta breathe the fumes. And tut tutting and tsk tsking at us for giving the finger when fuckers blow rings into the faces of passersby is absolutely the ass move here. Which brings me back to asking why we need to care about them. But you say you’ll get back to me, so I’ll wait…

wwth said

I suspect the push back against shaming Donald Trump’s voters isn’t because people are afraid it won’t work. They’re afraid that it will. I doubt there is anything more terrifying to the status quo than a pissed off and galvanized left.

I used to think that taking the high road and being reasonable were really the only way to go as a progressive because it’s something that persuades me but I, too have learned so much from Axe and Dalilama about how wrong this can be. Actually, all of the regulars have educated me beyond my ability to express.

Yes, the rage against me, the asshole smoker, is 199% real and justified, especially considering the trail of disease and destruction that I leave in my wake. It’s all real, including my (relatively) innocent family’s and children’s lung cancer.

So your stupid analogy doesn’t fucking work, and it’s kupo’s fault for some reason.


White supremacy is why we have to pay out of pocket for health care, that costs us a fortune. It’s why there’s point of use fees for every government service. It’s why we have to own cars to get anywhere, at often ruinous expense. It is, in fact, at the bottom of literally every single shitty economic move this country has ever made,


I often say this in conversation, but I’ve never put it quite so neatly as you’ve done.

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