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White supremacist allegedly kills two on Portland train; the Daily Stormer “lols”

Jeremy Christian gives a Nazi salute after a recent “Free Speech” rally. From a photo by Doug Brown; click on picture to see source

A white supremacist named Jeremy Christian has been identified as the man who allegedly stabbed three men on a Portland MAX train on Friday, killing two of them.

Witnesses said the killer was shouting racist slurs and harassing several Muslim women on the train and stabbed the men when they tried to intervene. Christian, charged with murder and attempted murder, is now being held without bail.

Even before the killings, Christian was well-known to local activists as a hothead given to threats of violence; he has a criminal record that includes robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges.

He showed up at a recent Portland-area “Free Speech” rally organized by right-wingers draped in an American flag, shouting slurs and carrying a baseball bat, which was thankfully confiscated by police. Not even the rally organizers wanted anything to do with him, and they blocked him from joining their rally.

But none of this has stopped neo-Nazi megablog the Daily Stormer from giving Christian two cheers — and a hearty “lol” — in the wake of the killings. As Daily Stormer publisher Andrew Anglin sees it, Christian was nobly “[c]onfronting the people who are killing [us]” by allegedly harassing the Muslim women on the train.

As for the men who were killed after trying to intervene, Anglin says snidely that

maybe they should have just minded their own business, huh?

The type of person who would white knight for haji women is probably the worst type of person of all.

We are being slaughtered by these people, and it is incredible that this sort of thing doesn’t happen more often.

No time in history have we ever seen any situation like what we have right now: a situation where we are told we have to be kind to and protect an invading army that is slaughtering us on the streets.

I’m not quite sure how women sitting on a train minding their own business are somehow “slaughtering us on the streets,” but Nazi logic doesn’t much resemble the logic the rest of us were taught in school.

I just hope that when he was doing the stabbing he said “THIS IS FOR ARIANA!!!!!!111”

No, I don’t really hope that. But I would lol.

I’m sure he would.

Naturally, many of the Daily Stormer’s commenters are similarly flippant about the murders.

“2 collaborators down and 1 injured, whats not to like,” writes someone called Dax.

“[A]bout the idiot men that “defended” the women, you expected sex retribution?” snorts PugKommander, “but you get a grave retribution. For every white-knight there will be a white trooper.”

Mosin-Nagant compares Christian to racist mass murderer Dylann Roof.

Hmmm…. I like this guy more than Saint Bowlcut. He went all medievel on them and slashed throats. DyRo needs to 1-up this guy and shank more n*ggers in prison lol

cuck_rogers, meanwhile, posts a meme made from Christian’s mugshot, and asks: “When are we getting the charity drive going?”

The alt-right is breeding monsters.

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Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
4 years ago

There’s a blog called Rants of an Incel. It’s quite an achievement in that it manages to be especially nasty even by Incel standards. It’s just picked up on the Portland story. Ironically the coverage is pretty mild compared to the normal fayre.

Honoring heros. White knight nagina’s stabbed dead.

May 30, 2017 rantsofanincel
Lets all rejoice, 3 naginas were stabbed out of self defense in Oregon, two of them are dead because they started a fight trying to defend a woman’s honor. Nagina’s clearly did not know who they were fucking with. I hearby hail Jeremy Joseph Christian, the stabber, a hero.

The women the naginas were white knighting for did not even stick around to help out, SURPRISE!

4 years ago

Another brave young man was killed this weekend by violent, racist thugs this weekend. This one was in WA, not all that far from the Portland, OR attack.

(Before anyone comments on the bias of this newspaper, I picked it because it doesn’t have a paywall. Plenty of reputable news sources are reporting on this incident.)

This is heartbreaking.

4 years ago

There is no doubt about whether it was murder. What else could it possibly be? Like “not guilty by reason of insanity”? That defense doesn’t even fly anymore, especially with a flagrant hate crime. This The-Daily-Stormer-vile-mutant-demon-of-a-repulsive-rotting-putrid-vermin, Andrew Anglin, has me questioning the wisdom of whatever amendment guarantees freedom of speech and the press for the first time in my life. Anyone who hates another based solely on his/her skin color, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc., is dumber than a pine comb.White supremacists’ lives DON’T matter

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