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Women shouldn’t inherit property and also are a different species, MGTOW of the Day says

Civilization was doing great until the ladies came along and ruined everything by inheriting shit

Today’s MGTOW of the Day post is actually based on a comment from 11 days ago but don’t get on my case, I never specified what day the “of the day” part of “MGTOW of the Day” means, and also this is my blog and I make the rules.

Anyway, today’s 11-day-old MGTOW of the Day comment touches on history, law, education, and biology, as some dude named Lowmetal argues that it’s all been downhill for civilization ever since women were first allowed to inherit property. Also, women are actually a whole different species than us dudes.

Lowmetal 2 points 11 days ago The problem started when women could inherit property. In ancient Persia a rich men's wife inherited his wealth and guess what she did with it? She founded the world's first university. Braining washing has always been their tactics. Why do we see women as human? A man of a different race merely looks different but we share a similar nature where as a woman of any race has a fundamentally different nature. In many cultures a women walking on the street alone would be treated as lost property.

Damn those not-actually-human ladies and their love of civilization-destroying EDUCATION, something that Lowmetal is clearly not a big fan of.

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@ Axe

Oh great, give us the one with the monsters.

(is that too meta?)

MGTOWs baffle me, the way they characterize their self-imposed misery as a brave lifestyle choice. They’re such clearly deeply unhappy people, but they posture and boast as if their shitty ‘revelation’ about women has made them freer or happier somehow. Just a quick glance at any thread on that subreddit shows how miserable and angry and bitter they are, and I keep finding myself almost feeling sorry for them… but then I read a little more and bounce back to just being disgusted. I’m not sure they can even be helped through sympathy or empathy or anything.

Fran & IgnoreSandra : the gig is up. No human would be able to imitate so perfectly alien imitiating humans imitatings aliens trying and failing at passing for human.

Wait, I think I did a double negation. What does the manual say about human and double negation already ?

That you don’t not blow up if you do it. I think it’s on page 3. Either that or bad science fiction robots. I lost the covers to both manuals, so it’s anybody’s guess.

Oh crap.

*kisses fingertips* perfect amount of meta, I think 😀


I do love when they get racist with it too, completely discounting all the non-white man inventions that allowed the Europeans to start colonizing every bit of land they spotted.

I am indeed a 100% human female woman made entirely of meat. I am a biological entity in every way.

Wait a second… Tentacles? I thought we had a treaty, dammit! This is our pla…
I mean, hello, fellow human. Your meat organs function well, I trust?

I, of course, am a Deep One, a fish-frog-person awaiting the longed-for day when my ocean-dwelling brothers and sisters and their shoggoth servitors rise up from the seas and take this world back from the upper-earth people.


Yes. The plasmic recycler synergizes well with the central processing system. It certainly keeps me expelling air. I think. I don’t know the names of the other meat organs.

I communed with others of my kind the other day. We flopped around on the meat sticks we all carry ourselves on under the cover of human noise, and definitely didn’t join into a giant mass of shared warmth against the poison sky outside.

We consumed a mixture of fermented meat milk, cooked meat, and grains beaten into a paste, then warmed slightly. Far more pleasurable than shroom snakes, didn’t even burn on the ways down.


I CONFESS TO NOTHING! I’m human I tell you! Human! All humans have seventeen tentacles they also eat with! All humans can digest acid but prefer pizzas! Totally, completely, absolutely human. 🙂


No amount of empathy or sympathy will ever be enough for MGTOWs. In my first comment I let WHTM commenters know that I had unknowingly dated a MGTOW. He started off charming and sweet, then ever so slowly started introducing degrading comments about women. The anger and hate increased a little bit day by day wearing the fuck out of me. His constant need to be right about any and every topic. The need to let me know how much stronger and more financially successful he was (which he wasn’t). How he could trade my over the wall ass in for a newer model. BTW I was 35 and he was 47. It pissed him off to no end that I work in construction and I literally pull my own weight with the big boys. It pissed him off that in my lifetime I have read hundreds if not thousands of books on all sort of topics (because my dad raised me to seek knowledge) and that I could dispute any of his idiotic beliefs. It also pissed him off that I am an only child and that I would be the sole beneficiary of a rather large estate. When he found out what I was bound to inherit he flipped, he said what a waste that everything would be left to me, he said that my dad should not leave me anything unless I was a married woman. Before I ended things with him I tried sympathy and empathy. He would always tell me never to feel sorry for him, that it was me that he felt sorry for because I was such a pitiful worthless slut and he could easily find another woman that would be extremely grateful for what he brought to the table. No amount of kindness or caring will change these mgtow men. They love their hate too much.

I’m somewhat surprised at the response to my earlier note about criminality, violence, terrorism, etc. being overwhelmingly a male problem. I’m a lawyer who has done a significant amount of research about criminality, war and terrorism not too far back in my career. The numbers I cite are indeed general, but they are not pulled out of my ass. Please look at the statistics cited in Wikipedia from the Department of Justice:

While I absolutely agree that women start wars, commit crimes and are terrorists, the statistical differences between the genders are substantial and well-documented. Nonetheless, I never hear anyone saying that men are too emotional, out of control, or illogical, etc. because of these statistics. To the contrary, I always hear about how illogical, emotional and out of control women are, all based upon no statistics at all, and only based upon feelings truly pulled out of someone’s ass.

My main point is that if you look at this logically, women have a more reasonable basis to allege that men lack self control and are too emotional to hold the reins of power rather than the alternative. But I never see this argument made, and while I’m glad we don’t stoop to this level because it is nothing more than an unfair form of stereotyping, it still bugs me. Truthfully, I suspect if women had more power in society, or controlled society, statistics would reverse. I believe (perhaps wrongly) that violence in society is a function of perceived power and privilege, not of gender.

Note too that everyone here was very quick to point out how unfair my comments were (regardless of their truthfulness), and several anecdotes were offered as evidence that women could also commit bad acts. This is exactly right. Each person, regardless of gender, stands on their own for their acts. I was just trying to point how ridiculous MRAs and MGTOWs were with their stereotyping, and that if we did it too, we have a way better case.

I also wonder what would happen if we turned the tables on them and began stereotyping them using facts like this. I once worked with a young lawyer who was very sexist. He constantly said things like women were too emotional to be president. He did this at a lunch meeting with about 30 other lawyers. I loudly argued that men were far too emotional to be trusted with power, pointing to statistics on violent crime, abuse of women, terrorism, war, etc. He was shocked and had no answer; he stuttered, turned red and shut up. At least 10 of the people at the lunch came up to me afterwards and we had extensive discussions on power, gender, etc. All of them told me that they had never thought about the issues in this manner.

Anyway, no one like to be stereotyped. And logic really doesn’t work with these guys. But maybe pointing out these ridiculous logical fallacies to others can sometimes provide a different viewpoint to those who don’t spend time thinking about gender issues.

Women alone are treated as “lost property”? I’m *pretty* sure that’s from the “Gor” novels by John Norman.

One other point. This site is a wonderful example of how feminism works. No one uses the site to catalog a list of everything that is allegedly wrong with men, qua men, although a substantial list could be made (as with any group). When I made such a list above for the purpose of showing the absurdity of such an approach without adequate explanation, I was quickly shot down.

This is a defensive site, designed to push back against MRAs and MGTOWs who are on the offensive, harassing, degrading and urging violence on, and contempt for, women. It is a site designed and used to build up women, and combat those who would bring them down. It is not a site to harass and terrorize men.

In contrast, sites for MRAs and MGTOWs are offensive, not defensive. They use their many internet sites to spend virtually all of their time listing everything they claim is wrong with women and attempting to harass and control them. The complaints are endless, conflicting, and based upon nothing but emotions. They aren’t defending men, they are attacking women. No such sites exist for women who want to attack men (or at least I’ve never read one, so they are likely rare and rarely read).

I think this dynamic is significant. Power in society is demonstrated by who has the power to speak. Who can criticize. Whose opinions are gathered and memorialized. MRAs and MGTOWs seem to instinctively understand this. Power over women is the right to constantly control through shaming, criticism, violence, etc. These sites are set up to control and shame women, for men to keep and expand their political power.

Could this dynamic be weakened by turning the tables with a tongue-in-cheek site constantly criticizing men qua men, for what they wear, how they walk, for violent crime, war, etc.? Not as a problem of society, but as men.

Probably counterproductive, but I throw it out for discussion. More gender stereotyping is probably bad in the long run. But it might show the double standard, if done with humor and by pointing out that it is being done for that purpose.

Just a thought.

^ I agree. I once read a book like that, FYI. Don’t remember the title, but it was basically a tongue-in-cheek extended argument for why women are the superior gender instead of men (it was also written quite some time ago when male chauvinism was more the norm). It was kinda funny. I got bored with it though.

Interesting lawyer story.


I’m really sorry you had to go through that. I know what it’s like to try really hard to extend kindness towards someone only to be slapped in the face for it, but I’m fortunate that I haven’t experienced it with a significant other.

Still… I’m probably just sappy, but it’s really hard for me to think that so many people are irredeemable or unfixable. I suppose they can only fix themselves, but I don’t know what it would take for them to realize that they should. They don’t seem to know how miserable they are.

@ TiredTexan

Could this dynamic be weakened by turning the tables with a tongue-in-cheek site constantly criticizing men qua men, for what they wear, how they walk, for violent crime, war, etc.? Not as a problem of society, but as men.

Hmmm, no I don’t think it could. These guys are known for their amazing knack for projection. They already believe women constantly degrade men thanks to feminism, sometimes just by doing something as innocuous as having their own job. If there were such a site giving out the same rhetoric towards men as these guys do towards women, it would only give them some validation in the form of “See?! SEE?!?! There’s your proof that men are the true victims!”

I would really love to be a different species from migtoes. Between them and the shit about Manchester from the incels, I am actually starting to wonder if they are even human.

What TiredTexan said.

TiredTexan, you may be familiar with this book?

Men Are Not Cost-Effective : Male Crime in America Paperback – 1991
by June Stephenson

I haven’t read it but saw the author on a couple of talk shows back in the day.

Some of the male commenters on Amazon lost their shiz over the facts in this book.

The author (like you, a lawyer) proposes a tax on men because they are much, much more likely to commit crime than women are. She made it clear, however, in her interviews (and, I assume, in the book) that she was joking. She’s just trying to make the point that men brag about their alleged superiority, but the evidence suggests that they are not in fact better than women.


Can confirm, women are a different species. It was so weird when I received the card explaining all of it.

Yeah, I got that card too. At first I was shocked — but then a lot of previously mysterious stuff suddenly got a lot less mysterious.


I . . . unknowingly dated a MGTOW. He started off charming and sweet, then ever so slowly started introducing degrading comments about women.

I’m so sorry to hear that. The guy was an emotional batterer.

When he found out what I was bound to inherit he flipped, he said what a waste that everything would be left to me, he said that my dad should not leave me anything unless I was a married woman.

The kind of marriage proposal every girl dreams of. Snort.


I know what it’s like to try really hard to extend kindness towards someone only to be slapped in the face for it.

That’s a shame. I’m glad you haven’t given up on humanity. Sometimes it’s really tempting.

Lowmetal says that “braining washing has always been their tactics.”

MGTOWs, on the other hand, would never attempt braining washing. They wouldn’t hang out on comment boards and harass those who disagree with them. They certainly wouldn’t threaten them. Nor would they go on Twitter and attempt to shut down all tweeters with opposing views. Doxxing? Out of the question.

Nope, those things wouldn’t happen, couldn’t happen.

@ Tired Texan and Brittersweet;

There’s a social media presence that does a very good satirical job, called “Man who has it all”. It simply gender-reverses the sort of everyday sexism that “think pieces” and women’s magazines specialise in.

Can male film critics ever hope to be objective? Or will they always bring their male identity and male agenda to the table?

Today’s debate; should we stop calling books written by men, Dick Lit?

These, and many more gems, taken from the Facebook page . The comments tend to be in the same vein and get pretty savage. There’s also a Twitter and Tumblr account.

@Tired Texan : your book may work for violent crime (albeit violent criminality is underestimated among women, and only in America). But it don’t work for wars (for which the notion of “starter” is very hard ; for example, for the mythical war of Troy, should Paris be deemed responsible ? Helene, because she was willing ? Both ? Agammemnon ? For the WW1, is the Black Hand responsible ? or a governement in particular ? wouldn’t have it happened for other reason if it did not explode here ?), and it don’t work for terrorism, because it’s not like we have anything close to decent statistics on thoses.

It also don’t control for culture and society ; even if thoses figures were true, odds are that they only show that we educate women better, or simply that their social status is in the way, not their mindset. It’s a similar situation to how jews were really against nazi far-right when they were second-class german citizen, but seem to accomodate their own far right decently well now that they are first class citizen of their own country. Context is often key to behavior.

Even with thoses criticism put apart, I find your point repulsive and too prone to be used by misogynists to justify themselves. Saying there is an intrinsic difference between group A and B can alway be used to justify the superiority of group A, no matter what that difference is.

Thanks for that link — the Facebook page is wonderful.

@Ohlmann – TiredTexan made all those points and I think it’s perfectly obvious she was parodying MRA arguments, not stating men are naturally worse people than women.

I have used a version of this when some racist shitbag at a dinner party was justifying restricting Muslim civil liberties because so many terrorists are Muslim. I responded that I disagreed and anyway by that argument we should be restricting men’s liberties because a higher proportion of terrorist are male than Muslim. He of course was incensed at the idea that his rights would be restricted but acted as if I could only propose such a thing because I was a man hater. I replied that I would never want that because I love my husband and my brother and would never wish innocent people be persecuted because of a tenuous correlation, but I thought he was a hypocrite for only caring when it affected him.

I won the argument amongst the wider dinner party guests, although the shitbag never understood more than that I was a feminazi who wanted to lock up men. I thought his defensiveness was because racist hypocrites have to give up their logical skills to hold such stupid views – I think the commentariat here can see the difference between mirroring a stupid argument to show its absurdity and actually making that argument.

Saying there is an intrinsic difference between group A and B can alway be used to justify the superiority of group A, no matter what that difference is.

I understand why a couple of people wished to qualify TiredTexan’s comments (especially Alan, given his area of expertise), but I have to say that this (above) is not what TiredTexan meant, admittedly from my own personal reading. Noting that men commit the majority of murders, for example, is not equivalent to saying that men are inferior, unless you extend it to mean that. I don’t think that was the intention at all.

My comments have indeed stirred the pot and generated discussion, which was my purpose.

Ohlmann, I agree with you, and apologize for not making my first comment more clear. I was trying to use an argument based upon “putting the shoe on the other foot.” Essentially, I was trying to point out how absurd MRAs points were logically, and that if women used the same tactics, we’d actually have more persuasive arguments to back up our prejudices (albeit equally flawed, for the reasons I stated).

Kat, I love the “Men Are Not Cost-Effective” suggestion and am buying the book.

Britter Sweet, the problem is that there is so little consensus on what actually works to build consensus. What actually changes people’s minds over the long term? Parody? Rebellion? Protest? Opinion pieces? Logical arguments? Shaming? Religion? Moral arguments? War? Violence? Terrorism? And, are these factors different for different people?

I am reading a fascinating book about brain plasticity right now, “The Brain That Changes Itself,” that includes several studies regarding how the brain can change throughout a person’s entire life with training and mental exercises. Can such techniques be used to change minds on political issues? Could they be used by others to change minds for the worse?

Wicked Witch – you understood exactly my point. Thanks for the clarification.

Mish, your point about pointing out crime statistics without using them to claim that men are inferior is right. I was trying to say that merely because there are negative characteristics of a group that you can point to doesn’t mean that the group is inferior.

I usually browse here, and don’t comment, but I love the robust intelligence of the commenters here. Leadership really matters, and David’s stewardship keeps this wonderful dynamic going.

Tired Texan

I am reading a fascinating book about brain plasticity right now, “The Brain That Changes Itself,”

It’s a great book, but once you’ve read all of it, you’ll see that he also argues that brain plasticity is Not Your Friend. When you see people who are nasty-sarcastic-insulting “for the lols” and think of it as a hobby are doing themselves a great disservice. In a not-very-long space of time, they can turn themselves into a genuinely nasty person just from acquiring the habits of mind and behaviour of people who always were that way.

Of course, if you go the other way and start every day looking into the mirror and smiling 5 times (one silly trick that I read in a magazine mumble years ago), you can – given enough time and persistence – have a genuinely positive effect on your general, average mood no matter how grumpy you are as a rule when you first get up, or any other time of the day.

This could go on any thread. The Onion nailed it.

Study Finds Not Acting Like Total Fucking Moron Most Attractive Quality In Potential Mate

PITTSBURGH—Saying that no characteristic was a better predictor of success in relationships, a new study released by Carnegie Mellon University’s Department of Psychology on Thursday concluded that not acting like a total fucking moron is the most attractive quality one can find in a potential mate. “Our findings indicate that, far more than physical appearance, wealth, or education level, not being a total dipshit is the single most desirable trait for attracting a romantic partner,” read the study in part, adding that the data demonstrated a robust correlation between behaving like something other than an absolute dumbass and being viewed as a worthy companion. “Nearly all of our experiment’s participants reported stronger feelings of attachment toward persons who did not conduct themselves like they were too goddamn stupid to function even one day in society, ranking them significantly higher than those who seemed incapable of acting like anything but completely nonsensical fuckwits.” Although the study couldn’t definitively determine the reasons behind this phenomenon, it speculated that it might be the result of an evolutionary imperative driving people to not want offspring with shit-for-brains genes.

Tosca, that website is hysterically funny. Thanks for the suggestion.

MildlyMag you scare me, but that sure explains a lot. Listen to Rush Limbaugh and Fox News and you are changing your brain.

In addition to being very amused by this whole thread, I have learned something of inestimable value. It explains so much, if women are a different species! I’m very relieved, actually.

Why do we see women as human?

Lowmetal doesn’t understand the basics of human reproduction. Humans can’t reproduce with other species.

If his mother isn’t human, then neither is his father.

And neither is he.


No, the species reveal party is still going on. Come on in.

I’m a kat.


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