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Women: Resource-stealers or tools of the Satanic Jewish elite? A MGTOW debate

Women: Always climbing through your window to steal your resources

So today one regular commenter on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit posted what he must have thought would be an uncontroversial opinion — at least amongst his fellow MGTOWs.

“Feminism is propaganda tool to extract resources from men,” he declared, adding.

Everytime there is strong propaganda against any ‘privilleged’ group – it’s only to steal from them.

He provided three examples of this alleged law in action, one of them involving the alt-right of 20th century Europe:

“In Nazi Germany there was propaganda against the ‘privilled’ [sic] Jews,” he wrote. “Jews were looted.”

A bit of a simplification, sure, but, yes, Hitler presented himself as the savior of decent German workers crushed “under the yoke of Jewish world finance.” And yes, the Nazis confiscated a great deal of Jewish wealth, right down to the gold fillings from murdered Jews’ teeth.

But hold on a minute, demanded another Reddit MGTOW. What if the Jews basically deserved to have their life savings stolen by the Nazis?

“Jews were actively subverting Germany in WWI and afterwards,” declared YourAverageBloke2. “You should read Mein Kampf for the truth.”

Woah. I did Nazi that coming!

YourAverageBloke2 also had some thoughts on feminism he felt compelled to share.

And feminism is more than resource extraction. That’s just a side effect. The main goal of feminism is to create a divide between white men and white women. Thus, lowering white birth rates. Thus, the Satanic Jewish elite (normies call them the Illuminati) eliminates its biggest enemy by a stealth genocide. 

Huh. Because birth rates have fallen dramatically not only in mostly white developed countries but also in developed countries where, you know, the people aren’t generally white — like Japan and South Korea. Are the “Satanic Jewish elite” stealth-genociding Asians, too? If so, they’re doing a terrible job:, because outside of Japan and South Korea and other developed Asian countries, babies are still being born in large numbers; the population of Asia as a whole is expected to be up another billion by midcentury.

“White genocide” is very confusing.

It’s ultimate goal is to rule over a species of low-IQ brown people who are too dumb to question the Jewish aristocracy. It’s obvious to anyone who can see trends.

Another idiot who thinks of himself as part of the elite.

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Paradoxical Intention - Resident Cheeseburger Slut

@Axe: Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel too. I mean, you’re voting for people who are going to, in some capacity, run the country. Have sway over millions and millions of American lives in some form or another.

Like, it’s great you want to break away from a very obviously broken system, but playing holier-than-thou with your vote and millions and millions of lives on the line isn’t the fucking way to do it.

I watched this old interview that Jessica Williams did before she left The Daily Show, and it actually kind of sums all this shit up: She interviewed six people who said they were Bernie supporters but were voting for Trump because they just didn’t want to vote for Hillary.

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

I think if you want to not feel like you have to choose between the Democrats and Republicans because you don’t feel either party represents you, the thing to do is not to cast a protest vote in the presidential election. The thing to do is work for instant runoff or ranked choice voting.

There’s already orgs working on it and some cities, including mine have adopted it

5 years ago

“You should read Mein Kampf for truth.”
No, you should read Mein Kanpf to go to sleep. Not because it’s soothing, but because it’s mindnumbingly boring.

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