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Silver Lining: We were spared Trump TV

I don’t want my Trump TV

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So here’s a little silver lining: Remember how, before the election, some people were speculating that Trump’s whole candidacy was really just an attempt to build up an audience so that he could launch Trump TV after he inevitably lost?

Hell, this theory might have even been true. But after Trump’s surprise victory, Trump TV was off the table. At least for now.

The YouTube channel Super Deluxe shows us what might have been:

Actually that looks kind of awesome. Thanks, Super Deluxe!

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Wikipedia is controlled by the international Jews, so we found Metapedia.

Wikipedia is controlled by godless pinko commies, so we found Conservapedia.

Wikipedia is controlled by beta cucks, so we found Kings Wiki.

Wikipedia is controlled by the international godless pinko beta commie cuck (Ess)Jews, so we found Infogalactic.

In better news, Breitbart is controlled by



So, Chuck Tingle has founded

The headlines are all anyone really needs or reads anyway, right?

@ Laugher, Croquembouche

Came to work (yes, my workplace is “still alive and dying”) this AM, fired up CNN to check what The Cheeto broke overnight…. Story about the struggles of the father of one of the Sandy Hook shooting victims with “hoaxers” who believe the shooting is a scam!!!

I am absolutely certain that the Alternate Reality Industry is the reason The Dumpster is going to be president, and I am continually shocked, mystified and disheartened by the extent of the nonsense people (conservatives, mostly E.T.A.: no, not “conservatives”, these people are what ya might call “political fundamentalists”….) will BELIEVE….

Back in my idealistic youth, I used a metaphor to call out this ignorance… I would say; “Yeah, and you believe the Earth is FLAT, too…”

Now, there are LITERALLY hundreds of thousands of people whom the A.R.I. has convinced that, yes, the Earth IS flat, any evidence to the contrary is manufactured….

Really, this is like “Well, we may have been infected with HitlerAIDS, but at least we were spared the Ass Cancer.” with the additional possibility that we might still be given the Ass Cancer.

@ dalillama

Kinda OT, really fucked up:
Some festering wart on humanity is using Louisiana’s ludicrous anti choice laws to sue to force Sofia Vergara to bring two frozen embryos to term

That case is well weird. I’ve just read the petition. What he’s after is not getting Ms Vergera to carry the embryos but an order allowing them to be planted into a surrogate (is that actually possible?) of his choosing.

Interestingly he seems to be undermining his ’embryos are people’ argument as his case is actually put on the grounds that the embryos are property left over from the divorce and that he’s entitled to them (or arguably half of them) as part of the settlement,

I’ll keep an eye on this, it’s quite fascinating.

re: Conservapedia…

I was researching for a ‘blog at work, and I read a Wikipedia article on some subject (can’t remember what) that would be benign to the fasci-osphere. Also saw a google link to the Conservapedia article on the subject, so I checked it, too… an exact duplicate of the Wiki article, right down to the mis-spelled words and the incorrect use of “there”. I’m betting that was a cut-n-paste.

From the entirety of the anti-progress (bowel) movement, I see such an incredible amount of “holding of breath and kicking of feet”, it’s like watching a day-care where the adults have left the building.

However, considering the people The Dumpster-fire is staffing his Reichskommissariat with, I have to amend my metaphor… it’s like a day-care where the children all have loaded weapons….

I know that Conservapedia aims to be comprehensive, but between their much more limited manpower and the fact that they’re only contrarian on a few key subjects, a large portion of their database is just a copy and paste from Wikipedia.

@Laughing Betaboy:
I don’t normally do this, but did you mean “found” or “founded?”

Well, we may be avoiding Trump TV, but the man himself thinks it’s perfectly OK to continue on as Exec Producer of The Apprentice while he’s president.

Much dignified. Very White House.

As for the mystery around the hoax and fake news stuff, Rachel Maddow has a good segment on a post-election survey. Some of this stuff is incredible. You wonder where these people come from. There must be some kind of trump-magnet-attractor-thingummy that drew these particularly gullible folks out of the general population.

As usual she’s a bit long-winded, but it’s worth it for some of the truly staggering opinions the survey found. Whoever knew that opposite world was so opposite.

@Weird Eddie, re: alternate reality

For some reason, when you mentioned that, I thought of ARGs, which I believe are far more compelling than the drivel you referred to. Honestly, I wouldn’t doubt it if one of my relatives happened to be a Flat Earther at this point, among so many other godawful things.

Something I try to keep in mind is that: at this point, when they say “SJW” they mean “Normal human being”. That’s not me being hyperbolic, and I’m pointing at Wikipedia for it.

Wikipedia editors are generally specialists focusing on their fields, trying to be objective and understandable. Once upon a time it was just anyone blathering on about things they knew a bit about, but by now? Every field has a small army of historians, scientists, and specialists working in that field with a large amount of awareness that anyone interested in the topic is going to go to Wikipedia first. There’s a huge incentive to make sure that article is correct, objective, and expansive without being overwhelming.

And that’s why the white supremacists and MRAs aren’t having any of it. “Correct, objective and expansive” doesn’t agree with them. “Correct, objective and expansive” is an assault on their values. Wikipedia is pretty much the best you can get for citizen science, with stochastic non-social error correction, and they think it’s biased against them.

MRAs, white supremacists, assorted assholes, if there were ever a big barrel of bright neon green hints, with a huge flashing neon sign above it saying “TAKE ONE”, this is it. Take the fucking hint, guys, you’re wrong.


Buttbart is freaking brilliant.

Chuck Tingle is a magnificent bastard, the hero we deserve, and the one we need.

Scildfreja…thanks for your post…that is exactly my take on it too. Where I live it is trump tv, radio, billboards, conversation and Trump opinions everywhere all the time and with glee….Deep South. I have spent more time meditating and playing mindless apps than I should but the alternative of interacting with Trump supporters has made me an introvert. 🙁

Did anybody mention yet that, as plausible as Trump TV was, the casting calls that fueled that rumor were pranks played by Robert Smigel for his Triumph the Insult Comic Dog election special on Hulu?
It’s worth watching.

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