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Mr. Smallestpenisever the MGTOW demands: SHOW ME THE EFFORT CHICKENS!

An Effort Chicken hard at work
An Effort Chicken hard at work

There are many things I’m thankful for, on this day after Thanksgiving, one of them being those misogynistic dinglebats who make my job easy by coming to this blog and dropping huge textwalls of WTF-ery in the comments here.

Yesterday, one such fellow, calling himself Smallestpenisever, deposited an amazing, angry, incoherent, and defiantly unproofread rant in the comments to one of my posts on MGTOWs from earlier this week. I only now forced myself to read the whole thing, and it’s really too good not to share with the world.

Mr. Smallestpenis begins by quoting a passage from a commenter here who had taken aim at those “whiny white men” who long to return to some imaginary misogynist golden age in which women were little more than submissive slaves to men.

“’Tiny whiny white men’????,” Mr. Smallestpenis quotes indignantly, and inaccurately, adding the word “tiny” to the quote for no apparent reason — perhaps it reminds him of his smallestpenisever?

How come men never assign feminists to any human race.Only feminist can be so aggressive.

Apparently calling whiny men whiny is such a crime against humanity that feminists have to be read out of the human race.

So when you state men f.. d up relations between women and men so what is your point???They went with naked bodies on the streets protest against women’s oppression?haha.


Every time Mgtow asks a feminist on date “do you consider yourself and independent woman”… she replies “Well,yes”….He replies”then you pair 50% as you want

CHAEKMATE, FEMINESTS! feminists do follow own agenda only when suits you.You claim to be always opressed and not treated equally but when yoh gonto some bars and clubs its always “leadies night drinks half price” or any women’s health related problems have about 8x more support from government then men have.

Owh, yeas, et’s Leadies’ Nieght

Annd tha fealing’s reaight

You want earn same money men earn but you prefer a coffee and shopping every weekend and less hours ag work complaining about “wage gap”.

Er, the wage gap is about women being paid less for the same or comparable work. Feminists aren’t demanding that women be paid more for working less. Even if they do enjoy the apparently intolerable luxuries of coffee and weekends off.

Ok so how many of you are electricians,plumbers,car mechanics,protect own country from terrorists???YOU state tk be equal so go and show the effort chickens.


Still women complain about being depressed and down wben men’s happienes go up.How long will you kidd yourself??

You should probably ask this guy:

Captain Kidd has the answers
Captain Kidd has the answers

Ahh.I forgot its about feelkng factor..”I want to be treated like a princess and control sex life with my man dosing it carefully checking if he took rubbish bags out”. You claim to be independent but when it comes to moveing the house or changing a flatten tire you suddenly ask for men’s help??Haha…

Pretty much every time I have moved I have asked for help from women — and gotten it. And after several truly hellish moves I started hiring movers. Because furniture and boxes of books are heavy and moving is hard.

Using your male friends for tasks when you live as single parent not wanting anything from man?It must be double standard policy(quite popular in 3rd wave).

Being a single parent is tough. I imagine that single mothers ask female friends for favors more often than they ask men, if only because the women are far less likely to be creepy dudes who think that doing a woman a favor entitles them to sex.

Also, though this may come as a shock to Mr. Tinywhinypenis, sometimes people ask single parents for favors.

In fact, people ask other people for favors all the time. And they pay people with specialized skills and/or equipment to do work that they aren’t able to do (or do as well) themselves. Because we live in a society, and that’s how societies work.

Worry not,more and more men are going mgtow and they dk not need babysitting.

Weird, because MGTOWs tend to sound a lot like toddlers having tantrums.

And one more thing at the end.I am healthy,never been adopted not abused kn childchood,

Er, being adopted isn’t some sort of moral failing; neither is being a survivor of abuse.

I do not have problems with errection and I am not sad.

Erectile dysfunction isn’t a moral failing either. And jeez, dude, you’re the one who brought up the whole penis thing.

I don’t know about you being “sad” — also not a moral failing — but you do seem just a tad angry.

I have to mention that otherwise you start making comments by suspecting what could happened to me.Remember Mgtow is not a movent,its way of life.Feminism.became like religion.Feminist always state”everyone should be a feminist”,”If you are not feminist you are against us” Bezzzt thing feminist claim for equality for hoth genders whole name stands for “femine”….Do not tell me that I did not caught you on lie again.

I’m going to let someone else handle the reply to this last mess of text because I’ve reached my limit here, and, hey, there’s nothing wrong with asking other people for the occasional favor.

So come on, effort chickens, help a fella out.

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PeeVee the (Noice) Sarcastic
PeeVee the (Noice) Sarcastic
5 years ago


Why look — you and I and the US Office of Government Ethics and probably some other people are on the same page!

I especially like how they got Trump’s simplistic Twitter style down pat. Great job!

If only I actually believed Trump.

5 years ago

Reading Atom’s entitlement bit pretty literally, it seems as if he’s saying he believes he should be entitled to sex with HB10’s, but understands that he isn’t.

However, that reading is giving a benefit of the doubt which basically all Manospherians prove they don’t deserve, and even still doesn’t actually help anything, because if you get that you aren’t owed anything, it’s shitty to continue on as if you totally are.

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