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I’m assembling a post full of anti-Trump resources. Can you help?


So I’m putting together a page (or possibly two) of anti-Trump resources, and I could use your help over the next few days. (No need think about any of this stuff today, obviously!)

I’m looking for a bunch of different things:

Information and graphics to help make the case that Trump’s victory is illegitimate, based on:

Hillary’s big win the popular vote; the ways in which the electoral college effectively overcounts the votes of rural whites and those in swing states and undercounts those of minorities; dirty tricks, from Russian hacking and wikileaks to the machinations of Comey and pro-Trump FBI agents (I’m especially interested in stuff talking about Trump’s connections to the dirty tricksters, as well as his public encouragement and exploitation of leaked emails and the like).

Information on protests and other anti-Trump activism:

Both local and national (and on the internet). Links to help people who want to get involved.

Information and resources to help people deal with Trump-related anxiety, etc. 

Information on Trump’s massive conflicts of interest, and whether or not this could rise to the level of an impeachable offense

Information on his worldwide business dealings. Examples of the conflicts that have already become an issue even though he’s not yet in the White House. The issues raised by his plan to have his kids run his business — despite their continued involvement in the transition and their attendance at meetings with foreign leaders.

Information on Trump’s connections to white supremacists

The possibility that he engaged in “pay to play” for favorable coverage in Breitbart. Connections to far-right parties and activists in Europe. Examples of horrible stuff said and done by his white supremacist supporters. His refusal to clearly and specifically distance himself from these people — in person, on camera.

Trump’s compulsive lying; his vanity; his obsession with revenge; his encouragement of violence at his rallies; his flip-flops, mood swings, erratic behavior; his susceptibility to flattery; his promulgation of fake news and discredited claims

Trump’s racism and misogyny

Trump’s attacks on Muslims and Latinos. His record of discrimination against black tenants. His long history of misogyny. The accusations of sexual assault raised against him.

Historical parallels between Trump and fascist/authoritarian leaders in the past

Information about Trump’s unwillingness to follow traditional norms of presidential behavior and/or do his job

His massive ignorance about this country and the world and unwillingness/inability to learn. His attempts to dodge the press and threats against press freedom. His refusal to attend daily intelligence briefings. His refusal to make his tax returns public.

Trump’s terrible advisors and allies; the Russian connections

Further reading on Trump

Ranging from the terrible things he’s said about women, to his bankruptcies and sleazy business practices, to his embrace of assorted conspiracy theories over the years. I’m generally looking for longer articles here, but short primers on some issues are welcome as well.

Further reading on fascism. authoritarianism, right-wing movements and media

Information about Pence, particularly his anti-LGBT policies

Funny stuff

Recommended publications, writers, podcasters, etc to help make sense of Trump

Anything else you can think of that I’m forgetting


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Donna Carty
Donna Carty
5 years ago

I freely give you my idea which I would like to be done on twitter until he notices. I’ve been doing a series of posts, all of which begin with

The Emperor has no….

The first was

The Emperor has no CROWDS!

As you can imagine, once you start thinking of endings for that, the list can get very long indeed. You can look on my page for examples.

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