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Memespreading: Talking to Alt-Right Ponies

The giant Nazi swastika probably should have tipped you off, Susan!
The giant swastika probably should have tipped you off, Susan!

Can ponies be white supremacists? I’m going to assume they can, at least for the sake of today’s Alt-Right Pony meme, a variation on the classic I Wish I Could Talk to Ponies meme.

Here are a couple more I came up with, based on some actual super-catchy Alt-Right slogans, and a template in case any of you want to make your own.



And here’s the blank template:


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David Futrelle,

By the way something really terrifying just happened. I clicked on your link and it told me that I had virus and my hard drive was about to be deleted. Luckily my anti virus software protected me. I don’t know if that was your fault, but seriously you need to check your links very carefully.

Just looking at poor little Susan’s expression in the fourth panel gives me the sads.

I don’t like this meme.

Unrelated to ponies, it looks like Trump is likely to pick Tom Price for Health and Human Safety.


– He’s argued for Obamacare to be completely disassembled,

– He wants to provide only $3 Billion in health services to the states (Paul Ryan, that arch-Democrat, has $25 Billion slated for that. Hundreds of billions is a more realistic estimate of what’s actually required).

– He wants to take apart the HIPAA, which is what prevents hospitals from making your medical records public. So those records can be sold to advertisers.

I’m sure he can find money for regulating abortion services into extinction, though.


HIPAA has already been under attack in the name of “religious freedom,” of course. Like the Arizona birth control bill. But this is the first I’ve ever heard of someone wanting to dismantle it for the sole purpose of effective advertising. The Trump administration just gets better and better.

Too lazy till in the blank but I’d got with “I’m not racist; I’m a race realiest”


It’s like he’s going out of his way to pick the worst possible candidates for each position. I hope the quality of life for Trump supporters deteriorates enough for them to realize they voted for the establishment (the corporate establishment that is).

CriticalDragon, yikes, which link was it? The link in the post to Know Your Meme?

I just can’t even with Nazi ponies, so instead


Applause to whoever plaits your pony’s hair. That is one beautiful thing in an otherwise deeply disturbing thread.

1. As with Pepe, the shitlords have hijacked someone else’s comic strip character for their own rancid purposes. I know these assholes are too stupid and untalented to come up with anything worthwhile on their own, but I’d almost like to see them try.

2. So “cuck” has devolved from an antiquated term with a specific meaning to an all-purpose insult. Lewis Carroll had these guys (you should pardon the expression) pegged: “A word means what I intend it to mean: nothing more, nothing less.”

@ personalpest

‘Cuck’ initially appeared in olde England meaning ‘shit’. It’s where ‘cack-handed’ comes from. Because the internet assholes derive their own version from ‘cuckold’ they have picked the same word by nothing more than coincidence.

There are other archaic rude words from the same time, like ‘cullion’ which meant ‘testicle’ (Erica Jong mentions that one in ‘Fear of Flying’).

Would “alt-Right” ponies even bother to talk intelligibly to anyone who could understand them? My general impression is that they would trample everything and leave piles of horsecrap in their wake.

My final panel would be, “And then they put me in this stupid hat and they keep talking and they won’t shut up and that Roosh guy tried to get me drunk and alone and these are the guys in power, Susan, you gotta help me before it happens to you.”

The person that did them is amazing – these were actually after 4 days of showing, and they were still tight. Mine would have been falling out by halfway through the first day. Her tail was also braided, she looked so fancy. 🙂

In fairness, some ponies (not mine – she’s a doll) are genuinely demons, so maybe this isn’t actually THAT inaccurate?

Exhibit A:

Oops! Sorry, David. It’s just that it’s so hard to tell the difference between satire and reality these days.

However, I stand by my point that no Manospherian is smart enough to create something that non-shitlords would want to use as a meme. That’s why they latched onto the talking pony strip, and stole poor Pepe before that. Their attempts to create watchable original content (The Sarkeesian Effect, The Red Pill, Alt-Right Dogs) have been disastrous failures.

@ Citizen Justin:

Thanks for the info! It’s hilarious that the word “cuck” has become beloved by people who call themselves “shitlords”.

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