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Tila Tequila brings D-list celebrity glamour to Alt-Right conference in DC this weekend

Detail of Tila Tequila's Twitter header
Detail of Tila Tequila’s Twitter header

Tila Tequila is a bisexual former reality TV star of Vietnamese descent whose stage name incorporates the name of an alcoholic beverage made in Mexico. She’s also a Hitler-loving Alt-Right Trump fan who likes to joke about the Holocaust.

And so it’s perhaps less weird than it might seem at first glance that Tila spent the weekend at the annual National Policy Institute conference in Washington DC, a gathering of Alt-Rightists and fellow travelers, where she treated the attendees (and her Twitter followers) to Nazi salutes, anti-Semitic jokes, and an assortment of baffling pronouncements — ranging from an assertion that she’s an “alpha male” to a claim that she “willed Trump into [the] Presidency.”

Let’s take a look at some of Tila’s more, er, colorful Tweets from the convention.

It was a busy weekend for Tila, clearly, but she managed to find time for some anti-Semitic antics that she, at least, seems to have considered utterly hilarious.

She also posed with an assortment of Alt-Right personalities and fellow travelers, including “journalist” and beard-haver Chuck C. Johnson.

She lashed out at her critics:

And somehow managed to claim credit for Brexit and Trump’s electoral college win:

Apparently she’s taking lessons in reality-manipulation from Mike Cernovich and master persuader Scott Adams:

Given how this year has gone so far, I fully expect Donald Trump to name her to a cabinet position. Is there a Secretary of Delusional States?

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Seig heil!

Tila, sweetie, if you want to be taken seriously as one of the Nazis — you know, the scourge of humanity — you’re going to have to learn how to spell. The real Nazis are picky about this stuff.

It’s Sieg Heil.

Plus both words are capitalized for Germanic reasons.

@Handsome Jack, re: triBill

At least I got some GOOD news today involving an inanimate object of a senitent one-eyed triangle who wanted to destroy a dimension with weirdness and mentally abused at least two characters from a cartoon show. And wasn’t a fucking nazi.

I’m pretty sure he holds (held….) all of humanity in equal regard: playthings to manipulate, and nothing more. Still, equality ?

Now I can’t help but wonder about everything Bill was involved in. WWI happened in the GF ‘verse–presumably since they’re calling it that, so did WWII. With Bill’s thumb on the events of humanity, could he have been involved….?

re: TT exploiting her bisexuality?

As a pan individual, I concur. It’s, uh….



….ehh. Reallyreallyreally uncomfortable.

Unrelated news, I downloaded The Battle Cats yesterday! Free little thing for Droid at least. There is some ablelist language at times, but it is an amusing diversion, and there’s even a character (well, a cat) who utilizes they/them pronouns–though they’re always out on expeditions, so don’t expect to see them much.

“A Shot At Love” was one of my earliest introductions to the idea that I didn’t have to be either straight or gay, so I can’t really judge whether it was exploitative or not. I do remember there was this really cute girl and I kind of hoped they would hit it off…

I have myself been accused of being “bi for the male gaze,” and so I’m a bit uncomfortable with that phrase. It always reads to me as a condemnation for not being queer enough. I suppose maybe if I better understood what was meant by it I might agree?

@Dalillama: thank you! That was helpful. And I’ve always hated I Kissed A Girl for exactly the reasons laid out in the piece you’ve linked.

I’m still uncomfortable with having that phrase applied to TT, though, as she’s a self-professed bi woman. It feels to me like if she said “I’m bi y’all!” and we’re saying “no, no you’re not.” This in contrast to Katy Perry, who has never claimed to be multisexual, but is just presenting the idea of kissing girls as a sexy, transgressive thing.

What I particularly hate about Katy Perry’s song is that it totally eclipsed a rather charming song by Jill Sobule also called “I Kissed a Girl”:

Hooray Tiny Applejack! She was always an adventurous pony.

@Jesalin, well. Yeah. I’ve pretty much sworn of comment sections for most websites by now – nothing of value to be had there.

Now I can’t help but wonder about everything Bill was involved in. WWI happened in the GF ‘verse–presumably since they’re calling it that, so did WWII. With Bill’s thumb on the events of humanity, could he have been involved….?

It would explain the Eye of Providence. I’d say any large movement that involved occult stuff or that eye, Bill probably had a hand in. He’d probably get frustrated with them quickly when he figured out they couldn’t help him break into their reality and moved on.

But, I’d say, if Bill had anything to do with the world wars, like the supposed occultism the nazis participated in, I’d say he’d almost screwed the pooch on that one.

@Handsome Jack


Well, he could have wanted to set it up for a reason. Perhaps scaring other nations into a greater level of acceptance, for whatever ends that would accomplish…or making them fear, which would mean more influential people who are desperate to make a deal.

He was trillions of years older than us. I doubt he would have found it that significant in his own game, being what he was.

Also, what’s with the new avi?

@Paradoxical Intention

Yes! Tiny Applejack is keeping me company by the computer, and I’ll snap a pic of her later today, after I’ve woken up properly. She also seems to be of a right scale, so she’s also gonna join me in tabletop games as my paladin’s miniature steed.

re: Alex’s tweet

Okay, first and foremost:

Dip & Mab were raised unreligiously but celebrate all holidays at Mabels insistence


I will admit that Bill actually doing so would be in….terrible taste, for many reasons. But I wouldn’t put that anything past Bill, strictly in theory.

Speaking of Bill, I need string or something. A pendant’s not much use if it’s not attached to something.

I’ll never question TT’s status as bi.

I am however familiar with reality TV being scripted TV, as i have been in contact with people who have been on reality TV shows in various circumstances.

TT was fine with going with the typically biphobic storyline that the producers of the show had devised. That doesn’t make her not bi. That makes her a collaborator.

I will admit that Bill actually doing so would be in….terrible taste, for many reasons. But I wouldn’t put that anything past Bill, strictly in theory.

Hey, I said it would have screwed him over, didn’t say it was past him.

(Also, side note, John DiMaggio is going to be voicing Lobo in Justice League Action, and that makes me so happy. That’s the voice I use in my head while reading.)

@Handsome Jack

You have to remember, Bill probably doesn’t share our priorities in terms of goals. He’s beyond our comprehension entirely.

-is somewhat aware of DC properties in general and thinks she has an idea of who Lobo is-


-she hopes-

@Handsome Jack

I know that the New 52 is kind of A Big Thing, but the details aren’t all known to me.

Perhaps this is for the best.


TT was fine with going with the typically biphobic storyline that the producers of the show had devised. That doesn’t make her not bi. That makes her a collaborator.

This is well put. I definitely wasn’t trying to imply that critisizing a bi person for upholding biphobic tropes = questioning the validity of their orientation. It was just that one turn of phrase that made me a bit uncomfortable, not the criticism in general of how she allowed herself and her sexuality to be presented.

In any event I feel like I’m bending over backwards to defend a Nazi, which is weird and gross and probably not the best use of my time.

What Blackbloc said; I was in a hurry and my phrasing could’ve been more precise. Sorry.

@Handsome “Punkle Stan” Jack
Lobo Classic is Hilarious, and honestly the fights between a happy go lucky punk rocker and the caped crusader are a blast. It’s like seeing the boy your parents tell you to meet vs the one they never wish to see duking it out.

@Victorious Parasol,

I just saw that earlier, too. Half of me thinks “good” and the other half thinks that this will be used by alt-righties as evidence of how transgressive or dangerous or martyred they all are.

My apologies for making you uncomfortable, Viscaria.

D: Ach, no, you never did at all. Wow did I ever do a poor job of expressing myself on this post. You did nothing wrong. Everybody is good.


Oh, probably. But it was still the right thing to do, and it’s not like Twitter has had a great record of that lately.

Nequam – I’ve loved Jill Sobule since I saw her open for Warren Zevon (RIP, Warren) in the 90’s in Ventura. What a show that was for someone* who loves quirky singer/songwriters!

*that is to say, me!!

@ mish & vicky p

Is declaring war by tweet against their terms and conditions? We might even see the official presidential account losing its blue triangle thing.

(I really hope Obama spends his last day in office using the official presidential email address to subscribe to every junk mail provider and scam artist going)

@ vicky p

Well if America’s Facebook status goes from:

In a relationship with Russia


It’s complicated

I for one will be running to the basement.

Ha! Good – I’d heard about Trump’s “suggestion,” and Mr. Parasol and I were snorting at the idea. Glad to hear our scorn is shared.

We have all of these great musicians denouncing Trump publically, with a song, or in concert.

And then you have the nazis with Tila Tequila, an uninfluential nobody who can’t sing her way out of a paper bag. They have Kanye West who is Kanye West, and Ted Nugent.

What shitty bards.

Our bards could kick thier bards asses.

@ Alan Robertshaw

Farage looking favourably on Trump’s suggestion for his future employment ? So he’ll chuck national sovereignty under the bus for personal gain despite basing his career on bleating about it. Surprise, surprise…

November 20, 2016 at 10:44 pm

They’ve thrown a few bones to oppressed groups here and there, but you don’t see very many brown faces in leadership positions at the DNC. You never hear mainstream Dem politicians talk about reparations. You never hear them come out for unions. You never hear them come out for a serious crackdown on redlining. They never, in short, suggest anything that will actually significantly change anything for the better. The difference being that Republicans suggestions always, always, make things worse. And ‘the other side didn’t offer me more treats’ is a lousy fucking excuse to vote fascist.

Perhaps we need to badger the DNC with tons of notes and petitions telling them what we want until their heads explode.

Hu’s On First
November 20, 2016 at 11:03 pm

One thing that’s making me feel a wee bit more hopeful is that the most extreme of the alt-rightists are already starting to turn on Trump now that he’s won the election. (Look at the comment section on this article, for instance).

After all, using alt-right logic, since the Jews run everything, Donald Trump must actually have been their preferred candidate all along, else he wouldn’t have been elected.

They’re definitely going to have a wake-up moment sooner or later. Take Steve Bannon for instance. He deliberately pandered to anti-Semites and the alt-right in order to channel their support into getting Trump elected. But he’s also gone on the record as being pro-Israel. He’s been using the exact same playbook as Netanyahu, who like Putin has a similar strategy of trying to curry favor with European ultranationalist groups (including antisemitic ones), based on a shared opposition to Muslims.

There was also that Wayne Allyn Root editorial describing Trump as the “first Jewish president” in the same sense that Bill Clinton was the first black president. Trump seems to be shaping up to be more like an American version of a Likudnik, than a Nazi. (But that doesn’t mean he’s a good guy).

Once the Nazis realize they’ve been played like a fiddle, boy are they going to feel stupid. (They might even turn on Andrew Anglin and the other vocally pro-Trump Nazi “leaders” as well). Hopefully they’ll slink back into the shadows from whence they came, with their tails between their legs.

I think the best strategy for dealing with the alt-right is exactly that. Tweet the Root piece at them. Link to it on their websites. Highlight the awards (some of them as early as 1983) he’s received from pro-Israel activist groups. Tie him to Netanyahu. Basically, do anything to make them give up on Trump. Concern trolling can be used against them as easily as they used it on Hillary supporters.

Without him (or their belief that he’s really on their side), they will have nothing left. That won’t make Trump himself go away. But at least he won’t be the preferred candidate of the Nazis anymore.

Thank you for that. We need all the hope and good news we can get.

I’m not interested in watching that, but this is in the “about” section:


Note how this is not the only, or even the first, but the 23rd “Bride of Christ” on CashApp (which, in turn, is not the only, or even the largest, donation site; Paypal and Patreon are both much huger).

Kind of undermines any claim to be the actual, one-and-only, next messiah or whatever, hmm? 🙂

So, she’s a bride of Christ now?

I’ll admit, of all the possible futures I could foresee for Ms Tequila, nun was not one of them.

Not just a bride of Christ, the bride of Christ, or so she’s claiming. Someone prophesied in Revelation, no less.

Also, she doesn’t seem to dress much like a nun, if the one image in this thread is anything to go by.

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