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Men Going Their Own Way stand firm against the misandrist tyranny of loose toilet paper rolls

The empty toilet paper roll of doom
The empty toilet paper roll of doom

With all the terrible things going on in the world today, it’s nice to be reminded that some things remain unchanged even in Trump’s brave new America.

The Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, I am happy to report, remains a small oasis of stability in a rapidly changing world. Reddit’s MGTOWs are the same creepy weirdos they’ve always been.

Today, for example, the regulars in the MGTOW subreddit are waxing indignant about a young woman who had the temerity to take a butt-selfie in her bathroom while carrying a baby in a baby sling. As bathroom butt-selfies go, it’s pretty tame; she’s wearing underwear, and it’s not even particularly scanty. And the baby clearly has no idea what’s going on.

But the MGTOWs manage to work themselves into a frenzy nonetheless. Not so much about her butt or even the baby but about her UNFORGIVABLE FAILURE TO PUT THE TOILET PAPER ROLL IN THE TOILET PAPER DISPENSER.

Campoloco 30 points 12 hours ago Too lazy or stupid to put toilet paper on the the toilet paper dispenser. Just one of the many fucked up things I see. What other bullshit do you see in this pic?

skeletonized 12 points 7 hours ago This is an epidemic I have not yet been to a girl's place and found the spring loaded stick adorned with the roll. THEY EVEN DO IT WITH PAPER TOWEL DISPENSERS IN THE KITCHEN They wont but the roll onto a stick that gives you leverage to rip off a square. They subconsciously wont put the stick (penis) through the cardboard tube (vagina) I'm convinced this is Freudian. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]Tyler_Gatsby 11 points 11 hours ago I don't think women do that anymore- put toilet paper on the dispenser. They'll set it everywhere they can sit it except there. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]PipBoyTInkerer 15 points 11 hours ago BUT MEN SHOULD PUT THE TOILET SEAT DOWN, AMIRITE GRRLS?

PipBoyTInkerer 8 points 11 hours ago Or they put it the wrong fucking way so the shit-tickets dispense behind the roll

I dunno, dudes. It could be that the loose-toilet-paper-roll gals of the world know that if they put rolls in the dispenser, this will happen:


Or this:


Or possibly this:


I mean, it’s cute and all, but these little monsters can rapidly deplete even the most substantial hoard of toilet paper.

Back on Reddit, meanwhile, other MGTOW subreddit regulars are working themselves into a lather over the smudges on butt-selfie-gal’s mirror.

rat-biker 4 points 5 hours ago She's taking the pic into a pretty dirty mirror. Notice smudges center right side. permalinkembedsaveparentreportgive goldreply [–]vanets 1 point 2 hours ago Chad and Tyrone's seed

Chad and Tyrone, that is really very impolite. I expect more from you, Chad and Tyrone!

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LOL, song needs more bi pride flags.

I’m not exactly sure what your intent in posting this was, but it sure was funny. Thanks for giving me a new CW show to watch. The CW’s been stepping it up lately.


Well, you know, I thought I’d post it since peeps are talking about bisexulity in the last page, let them see that bi problems aren’t just their own and, in fact, we got a bi dude here singing about being proud of being bi while addressing the stupid shit bi peeps deal with on TV.

It’s also rare to have a character on TV say they’re bi, let alone have them be middle aged and stuff, so, like, yeah.

Very late, but I just wanted to say thanks, everyone for the discussion of bi stuff. My friends and I used to joke that as bi and vegetarian, we were the ultimate fence-sitters. It made us feel a bit better 😐

Hearts for all the bi peeps! I’m never upset about these sorts of conversations, derailing or not. The conversations on sexuality and gender and orientation and whatnot here have helped me recognize that my asexuality isn’t just me being broken or inferior. So, keep it up!


Ok. 🙂 It was funny. I think because I’ve never seen the show I wasn’t quite sure where the butt of the joke was supposed to be.

And yeah, positive reps of bisexual middle aged men are always good posts. Really want to check out that show now. 🙂

I’m not going to make a long post and reply to everyone since it’s getting to the point where I’d be necroing this post, but I do want to say many, many thanks to all of you for the bi support and thanks to mrex and Dali for the good food for thought and perspective.

And @Dali

And that’s a whole other can of worms, the relationship between sexual desire and romantic inclination.


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