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And Then There Were Five (Days): The Final Countdown Video Fest heads to Argentina

Today, the Final Countdown Video Party takes a trip south of the border — south of the Uruguay border that is, for this amazing clip from the Argentinian show Si lo sabe, cante  (If you know it, sing it).

A truly magnificent vocal performance. And I’m pretty sure that Katy Perry later hired a couple of the dancers and put them in giant shark costumes for her Super Bowl show.

Big thanks to the new commenter who posted the link to this.

Oh yeah, and there are five days left until ELECTION DAY.

Today’s BONUS VIDEO is the greatest stock footage ever.

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5 years ago

Bunch of responses I didn’t see. Thanks, everybody! Just a quick update to say they will cover my meds apparently, I just need to get my doctor to sign a letter saying pretty please. That’ll be hard to arrange and cost me $30 or so, but it’s doable.

@GOSJM, I think what happened is that he has a list of recommendations that accompany any given condition detected by the assessment, and he just throws them all in indiscriminately when the associated condition shows up; thought being that this assessment may be used to justify funding, and so it’s better to include too much than not enough. Still, it was damned infuriating.

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