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Off topic: Summer Drone Music Dance Party Mix!

You are getting very sleepy
You are getting very sleepy

To me, nothing says “summer” more than DRONE MUSIC. Well, not really, but here are five hours and 15 minutes of drone/ambient music that is as slow as molasses and just as sweet. Tap your feet, very very very very slowly, to these droney hits!

And yes, I do actually listen to this sort of music voluntarily on a regular basis, though I will understand if not even one single person reading this post listens to this mix all the way through, if at all.

But if you do, and if this playlist whets your appetite for sweet, sweet drone, let me know and I can make my full drone playlist public. It’s 46 hours and 59 minutes long. No, really, it’s 46 hours and 59 minutes long. Admittedly I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet.

In any case, feel free to post your own summer music picks, or you favorite ambient/relaxing tracks, in the comments below. Or videos of yourself dancing to my drone mix.

If you don’t have Spotify, here are a couple random songs from the mix that I was able to find on YouTube.


You asked for it! Here’s my BIG Drone playlist:

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I’ve been listening to Mike Oldfield (Omadawn & Tubular Bells, primarily), Lynyrd Skynyrd mix and “Through the Fire and Flame” by Dragonforce for the most part.

I actually like Sheila Chandra’s music. I’ve also been listening to movie soundtracks like “Diner Rouge” from Hannibal, the Inception Soundtrack and Rob Dougan’s orchestral work.

For me Drone music works wonderfully for sleepless nights.

ETA: I do have to admit, when I first read Drone music, I thought of a combination of military drones and that scene from Apocalypse Now.

I’m getting a headstart on my Halloween music…I tend to like darker tunes. Don’t judge me 😄

I am currently on a mix of Architecture in Helsinki (a australian band, I believe), Paris DJ (a french podcast), les Rita Mitsouko (a very good french pop group), Superbus (a less good french pop group, but good to vary), various Touhou OST and Remix (IOSYS <3), and a bunch of random jpop that I stumbled upon in twitter.

I’m not much of a fan of rap, hip hop or metal but I do like Native American/Canadian music, jazz, soul, reggae, blues, etc. I try to listen to all kinds of music.

Thanks for those! Bach, Shonen Knife and Emilie Autumn is a great mix.

Thanks EJ…I also figured the song was fairly appropriate, being feminist and having just enough misandry in it to set off the man-babies


i’ve been a secret reader of this blog for some time but when you’re talking drone…well…i’m a longform drone artist. my tracks are mostly between 20 and 60 minutes long.

have a listen at my bandcamp:

not everything’s drone btw: the recent track based on supernatural ballads is pretty harsh.

and keep fighting mra’s…

If we’re weebing over Shonen Knife, how about something with a bit of funk from Gesu no Kiwami Otome?

Drone music forever! This is the most surprising post I would have expected to see on We Hunted The Mammoth, but I am totally in favor of anyone promoting drone music for mellowing out. Hooray!

Although *neither* is drone -more ambient- my own summer chill-out albums have been:
* House of Dad, Andràs Wilson’s tribute to his father. Surprisingly few beats for house music.

* Jeff Grace’s soundtrack to Meek’s Cutoff Percussive tones and bursts of strings, and surprisingly chilly for a bunch of people isolated in the hot desert. The sound of wanting to stay indoors in the shade.

Awesome! “Unfolding Atlantis” is so relaxing ~.~ Will definitely be checking out some more drone stuff. So much ASMR. For now though, I’ll just be adding this to my “Random” music playlist on YouTube 🙂
Edit: So far (this month) I’ve just been listening to Happy Mondays – Step On and Blur. I have no idea why. I’m on an ultra-British marathon, I think 😀

Reminds me of Liquid Mind, which is the best music and is all over my Pandora channel.

I tend to like glitter rock (70’s version the most), punk, and a smattering of other stuff, including pop. I tend to be open to most types of music, often watching you tube lists of “weirdest music genres” for recommendations. (Pirate metal is fantastic.)

I’ve been on a Postmodern Jukebox kick, since I like things I can sing along to in the car, and some of the Fallout radio music, mostly the snarky stuff.

I hadn’t heard of Liquid Mind before. After checking it out on youtube, I’m now totally relaxed.

Have some Brian Eno:

I keep listening to A Moon Shaped Pool. So good. It’s my new favorite Radiohead album. It has pretty much everything I like in music. It’s more peaceful than their other albums except In Rainbows, which had a similar vibe going on, just more electronica.

The album recording of Dessert Island Disk isn’t in YouTube, go hunt it down yourself elsewhere. It’s just so pleasant, but in a way that isn’t cliche or bland.

This is a cool music video/The Wicker Man tribute.

I’m on a music buying kick, lately. I bought seven CDs (try and take my music from my library, anyone! I’ll just rip it again ha!) And i realise that four of the seven were Canadian. Woop woop!

Have some July Talk, a really interesting contrast in lead singers. (Also one of my current favourites to listen to.)

I love this one song from Coleman Hell so much, 2 Heads. When i listen to it, the way i break up the sentences goes like this:

‘There must be something in the water,
There must be something about your daughter, she said.
Our love ain’t nothing but a monster
Our love ain’t nothing but a monster with two heads.’

With the ‘she said’ on the second line, it makes it a song where a lady is telling someone else about their overwhelming feelings for someone’s daughter, and i am all about songs that have other types of relationships being represented.

I honestly always thought that was how the lyrics went, but they are broken up differently on one of those lyric sites sooo…

I also bought Mother Mother‘s newest album.

While i’m not always sure how i feel about some of the lyrics, the music is good.

Have what i think is my current favourite band, USS.

Questamation album playlist.

I want to see them in concert so bad.

I’ve just been listening to my Pandora stations while I pack my stuff up.

My most recent one is based off of Lacuna Coil, so it’s my Vampire: the Masquerade soundtrack.

My most recent one is based off of Lacuna Coil, so it’s my Vampire: the Masquerade soundtrack.

Well played, Paradoxy. You just made me nostalgic for the late ’90s.

I hope the packing goes well!

I have no idea what this drone stuff even is. I’m glad you guys are having fun though. :p

Personally, I’ve been listening a lot to a fairly new artist called Blakk Man. He’s from Seaview Gardens in Jamaica, and is a childhood friend of Dexta Daps, an dancehall artist who has had major success in recent years. Blakk Man has a unique style and delivery, and his breakthrough track, Nine Night, probably has the most interesting and clever lyrics I’ve heard in Jamaican music since the early days of Ward 21.

Great, great, great stuff.

I guess I’ll treat this as an open thread, too? I went to Six Flags and tried out a bunch of roller coasters. The Joker was the most painful theme park experience of my life. Pure torture all the way through. Cool ride though! Superman was great, and Kingda Ka was spectacular. I also thoroughly enjoyed Nitro. Green Lantern and Skull Mountain were meh. I didn’t get to try El Toro or Batman.

In other news, I had a giant margarita at Dylan’s Candy Bar:

Also, the bugs have eaten my feet. I hope this pic won’t embed (click at own risk):

Randomly, Six Flags happened to have a huge dancehall show on the day that I went there. I wasn’t able to attend, because of time restraints. 🙁 There were some big names, among them Capleton, Luciano (Grammy nominee last year), and Spice. Soca artists Kerwin Dubois and Lyrikal were there too, as well as big time reggae singer Nesbeth (first name Greg), whose wife and long time life partner died in February of this year, followed by the death of his sister a few months later. He had an absolute monster hit song last winter, with My Dream. It’s the kind of song that everyone who’s remotely involved with Jamaican music will have heard a hundred times already, whether they know the artist’s name or not. Nesbeth really deserves more recognition:

There was also a lesser known artist with the ungooglable stage name Voice.

Oops, I rambled about dancehall again. Sorry!

I hope everyone’s having a great August! 🙂

@Imaginary Petal

Ta for that, I enjoyed that post!
That drink looks absolutely toxic though, death by sugar 😉
Have a good summer.

Yes, I’m a week late, but I thought I’d pitch in with my summer music picks. It’s not drone, but I’ve been listening almost exclusively to Sithu Aye, a fella from Glasgow that makes just the most amazing instrumental progressive metal. He’s on Bandcamp and Spotify and you should give him a listen if you like fun, upbeat, crushingly powerful metal music with no lyrics.

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