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Twitterbanned gay Jew Milo Yiannopoulos still having trouble winning over Internet Nazis

Milo Yiannopoulos: Gay Jewish King of the Nazis?
Milo Yiannopoulos: Gay Jewish King of the Nazis?

Pity poor Milo Yiannopoulos! It turns out that his Twitter ban isn’t the only painful public rejection that Breitbart’s bully “journalist” has been dealing with this convention week.

No, he’s also having more than a little bit of trouble with some of the Internet Nazis he’s been trying so hard to woo.

It turns out that a gay man of Jewish descent who can’t stop talking about how much he loves having sex with black dudes is not universally loved by homophobic racist anti-Semites. I did Nazi that coming! (Oh, wait, I did. Everyone did.)

On Tuesday, Milo hosted a “Gays for Trump” event in a Cleveland hotel not far from the Republican National Convention. It was an odd event in many ways, and not just because it was being hosted by a British man who bears little resemblance to the traditionally buttoned-down Log Cabin Republican, speaking at a podium flanked by huge pictures of shirtless twinks.

No, it was also odd because its guest list included a number of well-known white supremacists and their fellow travellers. Geert Wilders, a far-right Dutch politician whose racist rhetoric sometimes echoes that of Joseph Goebbels, gave a speech; white “nationalists” Richard Spencer and Peter Brimelow were also in attendance, as was professional Islamophobe Pamela Geller and right-wing smear journalist Chuck C. Johnson.

But not everyone on the alt right was happy about the event. Yesterday, the Internet Nazi tabloid the Daily Stormer launched an attack on what it called “the dick-loving kike and self-appointed leader of the Neo-Nazi movement.” (Milo was raised Catholic, but his mother was Jewish.)

Not exactly mincing his words, the Daily Stormer’s Andrew Anglin denounced “homosexualist Jew Milo Yianiannaopopolous” for

co-opting edginess, first infiltrating the #Gamergate movement as a means to anally-violate confused video-gaming teenagers in his homeland of Britain, before infiltrating the Neo-Nazi movement and using it as a vehicle to tour the United States and facilitate gay sex with bi-curious college students.

While Anglin appreciated Milo’s work in “the trolling campaign against the gorilla-like star of the new feminist Ghostbusters film,” he insisted that the “few funny things” Milo has done weren’t enough

to justify his attempt to normalize man-on-man anal sex with Blacks in the Nazi movement [or his] selling “Big Black Cock” t-shirts for women.

Anglin — who’s been openly critical of Milo for some time — couldn’t even bring himself to get worked up about Milo’s suspension from Twitter.

My hope is that Milo just goes away at this point.

I’m really sick of him.

It isn’t cute, it’s just weird.

Probably, on some cosmic level, it is hilarious that large numbers of people are like, “yeah, great, the Nazi movement has a homosexual Jew leader.” I am able to glimpse the cosmic hilarity of this at certain moments, but then I immediately return to the reality situation, which is that I hate this.

Well, hate is what you guys are best at.

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RE: The term “homsexualist”. I came across it a while back because I own the full run of the comic “Cerebus The Aardvark” in trade form and the last couple of books expound some of writer/artist Dave Sim’s more um… eccentric views on women, gays, transgendered folk, comparative religion, science and so on in the appendices. He is obsessed with what he calls the “feminist/homosexualist axis” which amused me so much than when I get on my SJW high horse over something in one of the comics I am blogging about I’ll self deprecate myself as belonging to this nefarious organisation. Anyway, those books were published in the late 90’s/early noughties but it always felt like Sim was using a more archaic term, just because.

Yup, Laurie Penny is a seriously great writer. You can tell because I wasn’t planning on reading the entire article but then whoops! I was at the end of it. I love her dry witticisms such as “Welcome to the scream room. There’s a cheese plate.” Cracked me up.

I especially liked this paragraph.

It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t mean it. It doesn’t matter that he’s secretly quite a sweet, vulnerable person who is gracious to those he considers friends. It doesn’t matter that somewhere in the rhinestone-rimmed hamster wheel of his mind is a conscience. It doesn’t matter because the harm he does is real.

Which, incidentally, that very same day my wife had just been saying about Trump (re: how everyone says that in private he’s a totally different guy).

And I think this is something a lot of dude-bro-dudes or old creepy men don’t get, when I engage them in saying their joke about rape isn’t funny or they shouldn’t say they want someone to die or whatever toxic assvomit they spout, they always say: “It’s just a joke/it’s just an opinion/no one cares/what does it matter?/I’m just one guy.” It matters because they say it in public and normalize that stuff, it’s not ONE instance in a vacuum, it’s a culture that they’ve helped create and are perpetuating. And it should stop.

If memory serve well, the account of events that Assange did is damning enough that this creep could be called a rapist without me having problem with that.

For reasons I guess similar to Virgin Mary, I am not 100% confident that there isn’t quite a bit of manipulation in that story. But it’s almost sure that it’s between “enough of a creep to be called out on that with the rapist epithet” and “god, why don’t we put his ass in prison already ?” ; so I condemn Assange for what happened, because the best case scenario *still* need to call him out on it and ashame him.

I believe Assange’s victims. It saddens me that the rape case against him would probably never have gotten off the ground had it not been that powerful people were looking for a means to punish Assange for his political activities.

Sarkeesian said that in the game of patriarchy, women are not the opposing team: women are the ball. I feel that this is sadly an example of that.

@ violinless

The old argument about people being “different in private” always reminds me of this bit from ‘Red Dwarf’

Future Cat: I think they’re our favourite hosts. If you don’t count the Hitlers.

Kryten: The who?!

Future Rimmer: Providing you avoid talking politics, they’re an absolute hoot.

It really bugs me when Assange does his ‘prisoner of conscience’ act.

He was perfectly happy swanning around in Britain prior to his rapes coming to light; and it’s not like the UK has had any qualms about rendering people to the US.

But as soon as it looks like he might actually face justice for the rapes, all of a sudden he’s concerned about extradition. I don’t buy the co-incidental timing and change of view.

Three of the four charges are now statute barred; and I guarantee that if the last one is ever dropped he’ll suddenly feel it’s ‘safe’ again for him to come out of hiding.

@Cat Mara, thanks for linking to the Laurie Penny article. I love her writing, and this was one of the best. On a somewhat related note, today’s cartoon by the wonderful First Dog on the Moon is all about Trump and truthiness. It even contains the word defenestration which is a personal favourite of mine 🙂

Re Julian Assange – for me, there’s no contradiction in feeling that (a) the sexual assault case details are complicated and difficult to judge in isolation from the US’s fervent desire to put him behind bars; and (b) the women involved told the truth about everything. That’s what I came away with after following it from the beginning.

Just saw EJ (TOO)’s comment, right after I hit ‘submit’. You put it perfectly, lion man 🙂

The thing with Assange is that I can’t really blame him for running away. If I thought that I could be extradited to the US to face the same horrific treatment as Chelsea Manning, I’d be holed up in an embassy too. AND THAT’S WHY YOU DON’T TORTURE PEOPLE! I mean, straight up morals should be a good enough reason, but…

Manning got involved in things she couldn’t possibly have understood. Assange took someone vulnerable and making them his pawn. And rape, can’t forget rape. Wikileaks is generally shitty. My government is generally shittier. Snowden chums up to Putin, cos the US is trampling on civil liberties. Asshole. Greenwald is a terrible journalist and, as it would turn out, a worse person. And for what? Are things really better since ‘Collateral Murder’ dropped?


What kind of evidence is there that Milo’s mother was Jewish?

He could have just invented that so that he can say: Hey I’m Jewish, I can’t be anti-semitic when he is being anti-semitic.

I am not saying he has invented that, but it could be the case.

Whatever the truth, he is just a horrible person and I hope that karma gets him some time soon!

I also read that Roosh was there? I didn’t knew that Roosh is an ally to homosexuality (I thought that the opposite is the case).

These people have no integrity and if there would’t be evil Muslims to hate, they would drink each other’s blood with straws.

Not wanting to play devils advocate, but you really shouldn’t call Assange a rapist when you don’t know for sure if he really is.

Unless Dave asks that I not refer to Assange that way in his comment section, I have no intention of following this advice. My only regret in calling someone a rapist when I am positive he is one is that it derailed this conversation.

IRT the term “Homosexualist”…
I ran across it in a book of Victorian era pornography, when the leading lady came across her boyfriend and his best friend comparing ‘equipment’ sizes. So, it was in use during the 1890’s.

@Virgin Mary
Maybe, especially when we know the nature of rape (rarely ever gets persecuted) and the man in case (known misogynist) we should believe the victim by default. I am not saying he should be thrown in jail without trial, I am saying it’s far more damaging and common for a real victim to be called liar than for non-rapist misogynists be called rapists.

If feminists won’t, who will believe the victims? Even if for nothing more than preventing suicide, we have to.

Not wanting to play devils advocate, but you really shouldn’t call Assange a rapist when you don’t know for sure if he really is.

By that logic, we shouldn’t called Roosh a rapist, OJ Simpson a murderer or Michael Jackson a paedophile. And that’s without getting to the slippery slope thing-that-already-happens* of “What if he was wrongfully convicted? What if every rapist was wrongfully convicted???”

*The store was out of coffee.

This is the judgment from Assange’s challenge to the extradition to Sweden. People can form their own views. I would just make two points however.

Firstly note at paragraph 7, Assange expressly abandons his argument that this was an attempt to get him extradited to the U.S.

Secondly, whilst extradition proceedings are not designed to prove someone is guilty (that’s for the trial), Assange does not dispute the womens’ accounts. His argument is that what he actually did does not amount the crimes alleged.

A lot of the arguments are of a technical nature about how European Arrest Warrants are meant to work; but with regard to the second point his argument is the old “That’s not really ‘rape’ rape” (the court disagreed; and FWIW so do I).

@Alan : thank for being more eloquent than me about how even when trying to look at it on the best possible light, Assange still look bad.

When a man recognize the testimony, but contest that it amounted for a rape, I feel people (who aren’t justice court) can slur him as a rapist if they want.

Re: homosexualist: The cast of Top Gear (mainly Jeremy Clarkson) used the term regularly, so it may be a relatively common insult in some demographics of Britain.

I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone with my comment about Assange, but I do try to be open minded. There is a lot wrong with the official story, and I think it was a bit convenient for him to get accused of rape as it allowed his probable arrest in Sweden and extradition to the USA. If Assange is actually a rapist, for a clever man he is very, very stupid, and has put the nails in his own coffin.


“That’s not really ‘rape’ rape”

If one’s defense begins with the words ‘uhm, technically’, rest assured that they totally did it and their technicality is probably bullshit too

They accuses us of playing identity pilotics because of movements like Black Lives Matter or perhaps suggesting that people are treated differently by society depending on race, sex, gender identity etc. And that should we do something about that.

But their whole idology is identity politics! We reject milo because he says disgusting things. The fact he is Jewish ancestors and is gay means nothing in that context. But to them! Ge can say everything they want and they still reject him just because of the nature of his birth.

It would be funny if it didn’t want me to bang my head against the wall. -_-

My hope is that Milo just goes away at this point. I’m really sick of him.

I just agreed with Nazis about something. I feel sick.


Then I realised I had the wrong Mr Ellis 😃

It often happens; apparently, both men have had to start questioning journalists ringing to arrange interviews with them to make sure the journalist has the “right” Warren Ellis in question for their publication…

(I am a fan of both of them; I defy anyone to listen to Dirty Three’s “The Zither Player” and not have a shit-eating grin of joy on their faces by the end of it…)

@Cat Mara

I defy anyone to listen to Dirty Three’s “The Zither Player” and not have a shit-eating grin of joy on their faces by the end of it

God, yes. Exactly. Jebus, you have excellent taste 😛
The first time I saw them live (many moons ago) the whole audience was transfixed. We’d never heard the like. And at the risk of sounding cheesy, I love seeing Nick Cave when he’s around Warren. But then, I love Nick full stop XD


God, yes. Exactly. Jebus, you have excellent taste 😛

Aw, gee, thanks. (looks at ground, scuffs dirt with shoe)

The first time I saw them live (many moons ago) the whole audience was transfixed.

At the risk of derailing this thread entirely into a Dirty Three lovefest: they do that. Seriously. First time I saw them was supporting the Bad Seeds, mid 90s sometime, I guess between “Let Love In” and “The Boatman’s Call”. This was before Warren had officially joined the band or at least not played on any albums yet as a main member. My friends and I had not head Dirty Three yet; we vaguely knew they were instrumental and were not figuring on it being much fun… and then, it started. A crazy dude and two nondescript-looking guys take to the stage, the first guy starts playing his violin with his back to the audience, stalking the stage like he’s possessed, giving these weird rambling monologues between songs… we’re just going, “what the hell is this?” And then for the last song they play– I think it must have been “Authentic Celestial Music” but I didn’t know it at the time– and it just keeps building and building and building until ping!, ping!, ping!, ping! he breaks his violin strings one after the other, drops the instrument to the ground and walks off stage and everyone is like, “what the hell did we just see/hear?!” One of the best gigs I’ve ever seen… and then Warren Ellis is back on stage 20 minutes playing with the Bad Seeds!

I just don’t get guys like this.

Narcissism only explains so much!

A Jewish, super-femme “Camp Gay” person being an outspoken Pro-Everything-That-Is-Anathema-To-Him-And-His-Demographic.

It boggles my mind!

I can understand the other loudmouths to some degree but this guy….I DON’T GET IT!

It’s like he read Scott Lively’s The Pink Swastika and took it AS FACT!

@Cat Mara, that was uncanny – you just described exactly my memory of my first Dirty Three/Bad Seeds show (even down to the mid-90s time period).
I have refrained from gushing because as you say, no need to derail the thread with unrelated albeit awesome topics 🙂
I was smiling for ages after reading your comment.

@ cat mara

I’m very grateful to you for introducing me to Dirty Three. I’ve been listening to them quite obsessively this morning. It’s not exactly conducive to creating a productive working atmosphere, but it’s just so hypnotic. I love that really raw almost lazy style (I know it’s actually very well done, but maybe you know what I mean, perhaps laid back is the phrase? Dunno, anyway…)

Now though it’s reminded me of some other music a friend used to play a lot years ago. I’ve messaged her to ask what that was. As she’s a big Nick Cage fan* its may we’ll be Dirty Three anyway.

(* to the extent that if he ever goes missing, first place to check would be her basement)

Actually, the foremost proponent of the word “homosexualist” (and also “heterosexualist”) was Gore Vidal. This was largely a matter of grammatical strictness–he held that “homosexual” and “heterosexual” were adjectives, and absolutely should not be used as nouns (he thought the same of “human”).

@ Turan

That Guardian style guide we were chatting about a bit ago takes the same view. It also says gay and lesbian are adjectives and shouldn’t be used as nouns, although it says “gays and lesbians” is acceptable.

It doesn’t go for the ‘ist’ suffix though, it says to use man or woman; which makes sense.

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