10 pictures of Donald Trump with a tiny smoosh face

Donald Trump shows us his 'o' face
Donald Trump shows us his ‘o’ face

I started making these last night and I kind of couldn’t stop. Donald Trump may cause all sensible Americans to fear for the future of their country, but his face is a gift to anyone who likes playing with Photoshop.

So enjoy these as you recover from The Donald’s terror-riffic speech last night.










As I discovered part of the way through this little, er, project, there’s already an excellent little Tumblr blog devoted to pictures of Donald Trump with a tiny face, the appropriately named Tiny Face Trump. And they’ve got some good ones. But all the ones in this post are We Hunted the Mammoth originals.


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I got popcorn and vodka ready to watch his speech last night. So horrifying I killed the vodka and didn’t touch the popcorn.

I agree that Donald Trump has no business running the US, and I honestly thing his nomination was initially intended as a joke, but that he appeals to a rather dark demographic in America, and needs to loose for that reason almost as much as any other. Also, he does have a funny-looking face. One question: is making fun of his face a form of appearance shaming, or am I over-reading because I just read about the playboy model posting a nude picture of someone at the gym on twitter? Obviously nowhere in the same league, and I doubt Trump has the self-awareness to be affected by any sort of shaming. Any thoughts?

@joekster – I don’t think it’s so much appearance-shaming as what @kupo said: people are “sick of that face” so it’s funny to make it look goofier (and more benign).

He does make some exaggerated expressions that make him easy to caricature, and maybe this is kind of appearance-mocking, but it seems to have less of a “shaming” effect when it’s directed at a man, since women are more often judged specifically for their appearance. I dunno.

In order:

1. Donald Trump as a carnival attraction (throw a little ball into his mouth and win a prize)

2. Donald Trump as Don King

3. Donald Trump as Ted Kennedy

4. Donald Trump as Susan Sontag (wrong color hair, but still). Also, he looks kind of like the elderly-Russian-lady-spy-handler from The Americans

5. Donald Trump as Jerry Falwell (or possibly Steve Hill)

6. Donald Trump as Elvis

7. Donald Trump as Bugs Bunny

8. Donald Trump as an Elvis impersonator

9. Donald Trump as Justin Bieber

10. Donald Trump as Jerry Lewis

Truly a man of many facets…

@epitome: from what I’ve heard, you’re right that shaming doesn’t really affect the privileged group as my as everyone else. I think that’s part of the whole ‘privilege’ thing. Thanks for the response.

This seems a bit appropriate: David, there’s an ad at the top of the page by Taboola that links to an article called “10 celebrities you didn’t know were born with deformities” or something like that. I figured that should be added to the block list.

@Bekabot – shame on you for mentioning Sontag in the same sentence as Trump! Then I looked and thought “oh, yes, I see!” XD XD

@Mish —

enh, I think that since Susan Sontag was a devotee of camp, she would have understood. Thanks for your forbearance (no irony).

Number four looks Newt Gingrichesqe to me.
AltoFronto – those are both terrifying and hilarious.

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